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    Vive pro ,toughts after some use.

    I wrote about my experiences with the vive pro earlier in this thread, saying the sweet spot is not that bad. Could be better... though admitting that I couldnt compare it to the Oculus since I haven´t tried that one. But, this... this sounds just plain wrong. You must have a faulty headset. The sweet spot is by no means "tiny" no matter what one compare it to. And it´s not "come from clarity to blurry all the time during game play". Is the Oculus sweet spot much bigger? I don´t know. Perhaps so. But the sweet spot on the Vive Pro is not tiny. I wish it was bigger, but it´s no big deal when I am gaming or flying a simulator. And it´s not ruining the immersion. The overall sharpness just improves the immersion. Anyway, I the Vive Pro is way too expensive. And the sound quality is bad. But the comfort is really, really good. And the clarity, resolution, black levels, contrast and colors are really good!
  2. larsauthen

    Vive pro ,toughts after some use.

    That's understandable I'm not a very technical person so I don't think I dare to do the lensmod.
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    Vive pro ,toughts after some use.

    Hmm. Never used the Oculus so I can't compare. But I love my Vive Pro. The resolution increase and reduction of screen door effect was well worth it for me. Sweet spot? Could be better of course. But really, the first post here surprised me because the sweet spot is not that bad. The sound quality on the other hand is terrible. I removed the head phones that was mounted on it and now use a bluetooth headset instead. Also I think the Vive Pro is very comfortable to wear! I had the original HTC Vive before. Contrast, colors and black levels are also improved.