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  1. Got back to this game after a year because I did mostly real life flying (no spins) and War Thunder. The first thing I tried was spins. I wasn't very impressed to be honest. I would certainly like to see a scripted spin behavior. As of now WT is on another planet in this department, and in that department only.
  2. You need to delete the text file where the head position is saved. It's a pain but there's no other option. I don't remember path/file name.
  3. Ok, the answer was in that steam link. I deleted the input folder, remapped and now everything works. Thanks!
  4. Yes the controller numbers were 7 and 11 IIRC.
  5. Hi, I got a new setup since some time (X65F, VKB pedals) and now I wanted to try the 262 so I downloaded the update and started setting up my controllers. The assignment process worked ok, but I couldn't see any movement when I pressed the curve button. And the same when trying to fly. So assignment works but the controls wont work in game. Please help?
  6. I've been playing War Thunder for the past 3 months, but now I will finally configure my new controllers for Il-2.
  7. This must have been covered in this thread, but do you guys think 5K will be good enought for BOS? The price difference is not an issue, but the higher hardware requirements might be. Would you be able to spot well with 5K and read the instruments clearly?
  8. Two biggest improvements for me have been: 1. Trying between about ten different Nvidia drivers and selecting the one that ran things smoothest. 2. Putting my monitor on a custom refresh rate of 55 Hz. I'm using a laptop with an undervolted CPU and an overclocked GPU. I've managed to have it throttling once because of bad airflow, and the result was ridiculous macrostuttering. The microstuttering has absolutely nothing to do with throttling IMO.
  9. With the old DM you could simply spray and pray with rifle cal nose MG's from a high distance, and if you got even a few hits the target would slow about 20 kph. I hated that with a passion and I'm very happy with the new DM in this regard.
  10. I might add that there's nothing wrong with the fact that the planes pull into any given direction, it's just that the direction and force should be dependent of many variables, most importantly airspeed, and there should be a reversal once pass the trimmed indicated airspeed. What happens as it is when you are using FF the simulators control "law" changes, and in flight the plane will fly straight as long as the stick is centered. This is quite correct. But what is missing is the variable stick forces there after. The stick forces only vary according to the airspeed with the same forces on both directions (in planes without the inexplainable pull to the right). Actually it's quite like flying Aces High with "combat trim" engaged, and it could be used as an exploit at least with the Flying Circus planes. They are a lot easier to fly with FF on. I do enjoy this simulator immensely as it is, but it would be nice to have this aspect finished at some point.
  11. I did some more testing. The 109, 190 and Macchi are fine. They all have one one thing in common. No in-flight adjustable trim tabs and an adjustable incidence horizontal stabilizer. By far the most unflyable plane I flew was the duck. It has a ridiculous pull to the right. I just got myself a MS FFB2 for 25 bucks... I might just reserve this thing for the Flying Circus.
  12. The Flying Circus planes I tested, Pfaltz and Dr. 1 are flyable. All the planes I tested with adjustable trim tabs are broken (Pe-2, LaGG-3). Adjusting trim tabs doesn't affect stick forces at all. The planes also want to roll to the right all the time. This cannot be engine torque effect, because the twin engined plane is equally affected as the single engined. The FF probably only exists because the developers thought that there would be too much crying bfrom the few people using FF if they leave it out. The implementation is half baked and I don't expect it to be perfected.
  13. The whole IL-2 is very stutter prone. Their standard answer is always that your system is too old, but that's not it. I bet I would get the same issues in ROF. The Caucasus map was a huge improvement to all kinds of stutter, even though it gives a lower frame rate.
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