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  1. I suppose that Velikie Luki map is the main reason for such big update.
  2. This is nice example, but I would like to comment blurring. This game has simple car instruments. There is only speed and gear. I'm not sure how this would work for flight sim since we must be able to see instruments clearly. So, we should implement the way of sharpening on instruments and on far objects while looking outside. Most natural implementation would be to track eye pupil and sharp on first object in the line of sight. Is it achievable with Oculus? The alternative approach could be to sharpen on distance defined by the object in the center of view. That could work with TrackIR but I'm not sure how annoying it could be.
  3. I really appreciate community help. But I think that the time has come to release official manuals, at least for planes. Does anybody knows when we will get them and are they in plan for near future? I'm not ungrateful but I think they should give us manuals as the game is already lunched. Am I wrong? My apology if I miss something.
  4. Hi Boomerang, thanks for great screen shots! Looks amazing! Devs, thanks for updates! So many features, but so little time to fly. Can't wait to try it out.
  5. I love my Hog, but I must add one more cons on his side. Reason why it is not out of the box solution is that it has grease/stickiness issue. So, eventually most of faithful Warthog owners ends up disassembling joystick with their hands immersed in smelly red grease. I didn't try other high end joysticks but this is my experience with Warthog. Warthog design is good for enthusiasts who wants high customization possibilities. Out there exists many 'how to' mods tutorials available. Moreover this is not joystick you would like to keep on the desk while flying. Because of his height it is not comfortable position, after prolonged use you may feel pain in you arm and neck. So, although Warthog fan, I would like to advise you not to buy Warthog if you would like to go for 'out of the box' solution. Btw. as Sokol1 said, you could buy Crosswind pedals for price difference. They are very very good.
  6. I have intention to screw my Hog into the chair. Does somebody have suggestion about suitable extension length? I thought that 10 cm would be optimal length. Am I right? Btw, I sent PM also.
  7. Hi, guys! I bought Standard edition because I had really tough month (bought TM Warthog also;) ). Now I see that many of you has decided to go on Premium. Is Premium Edition really better that much or you wanted to generously support development?
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