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  1. All of the flyables WILL fly at 10K meters. I have never gone from takeoff up to 10k meters. Just for shitz and 🤪grins I got the 262 up to almost 37k feet last night before those Jumo engines said ""SCREW THIS !😡"". Never got a restart.
  2. Would it be possible to add a "Very Hi Altitude" altitude category that could be used to set bombers at 25-30K? I REALIZE this assumes a B-25, A-20B or JU88/HE111 can even get that high - real life or in the sim? Reason I am asking is while we dont have B-17s or 24s to SIM Luftwaffe v USAAF bombers at high altitude. Next best thing would be to push up the new large formations of A20Bs and B25s up into that regime of flight. This would give some immersion into the difficulties of engaging bombers in that thin air environment. Thought this might be cool but again it assumes - a.) the game /sim allows that to be modded and b.) the aircraft will go that high - be they bomber or fight. I know I have had K4s and D9s up into the lower part of those altitudes...but................. Again if this has already been asked or isnt possible I apologize for the waste of space here. Cheers & Thanks !!1 Misty
  3. Copy Bazzer, Great info thanks for sharing !!! Last night I went into Quick Mission> Realism> and in last list to the right - I checked ALL options EXCEPT Cruise Control. After doing so I put Technical Messages on and HUD on for info gathering purposes - I DID get the jug up to 20K and even all the way up to 30K . Got indications of power settings beyond "Continuous Power" as well as indication of supercharger being activated. It basically flies as advertised in the vid I shared and in US Army Air Corps Tech Order pubs on the aircraft ( 47D to be specific WITH paddle prop) . Of course I hope the dainty damage modeling will be addressed. Of all the fighter aircraft in IL-2 BOS - the Jug was without doubt supposed to be - on of the toughest - but right now it is far from it. Cheers !! 🥂
  4. P-47 Climb rate After watching this video - load the P-47 with 100% fuel and ammo only ( no bombs or rockets) Take off and try to get to 20 thousand. It's MAX service ceiling was supposed to be a bit over 40K - but lets not worry about that. If You make it to 20K feet - tell us how long it took you and if you did................. try 30K which was its optimal performance altitude. The performance parameters of the 47 in the sim need very very serious work. It's dainty porcelain damage model is for another topic.
  5. TUGBOAT was featured in the Empire of the Sun flick as I recall.
  6. Jules my man !! These are simply TiTTies Bro !!!! Misty Request/artistic suggestion Brig Gen Robin Olds SCAT III - With/without invasion stripes http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/110329-quot-Scat-III-quot-P-38L https://www.flickr.com/photos/kurtsj00/20571672222/ http://www.crazyhorseap.be/Mustangs/Aces/Robin%20Olds/RobinOlds1.htm https://www.hattons.co.uk/19418/corgi_collectables_us36603_p_38j_lightning_captain_robin_olds_434th_fighter_sqdn_479th_fighter_group_suffol/stockdetail.aspx
  8. one skin only in file at link with insignia on both wings but whatever
  9. Julian, Anywhere I can find this EXCELLENT skin ?? I have searched the entire thread and can not find it ? Misty06 Title says this is an A6 but it is in an A5 thread. Is it an A5 ? Thanks ! Cheers !! Misty
  10. BINGO ! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jz7bpb4pcdajrur/AAAkDZfL6LKWfK-iB9GkYk3ta?dl=0
  11. Leaf - hell yes - I definitely want them !!! It is rare to find skins with the subdued white outline crosses. Also like the colors, patterns and prop hub/spinners. I have no idea if they are from real squadrons or not but they are quite plausible as late war skins. I will take the old 2K skins if you can post them. I am sure others would like to have them as well. THANKS !!! Misty06 These to Bro !!! 🤪 Thanks ! Misty06
  12. Does anyone know where these skins can be obtained from ? Not sure if they are 4K or not. Some of them are quite unique. Cheers !! Misty06
  13. Does anyone know where these skins can now be obtained? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/14118-leafs-lush-skin-pack-to-keep-your-plane-radiant-and-moisturised/ Cheers ! Misty06
  14. Does anyone know where these skins can be downloaded? Links above not working or resolving to spam apps download links. Leaf doesn't accept messages. Thanks !! Misty06
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