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  1. Once again thank you so much this is really a game changer! The only problem though is having to use this steamvr crap and not open composite. I have stuttering and glitch issues here and there that don’t happen on open composite but it’s worth it for my neck and ease of view. I hope there is a similar software to use in the future with open composite 🙏 but thank you so much J2 I appreciate this
  2. ok thank you that would make sense because Nothing would pop up when I went to run Thank you I enabled back to steam vr and my god this is a game changer. Wish I could use on open composite because my performance seems better bypassing steam vr but this is worth it alone! My necks been very sore these last two weeks. Thanks again and cheers !
  3. I just click the exe and nothing comes up? What am I doing wrong ?
  4. Hello, when I click to launch nothing happens still. I’ve allowed windows defender access but still nothing ? Is it because I don’t use steam vr and use open composite? thanks!
  5. Hello, Has anyone made a skin with a grim reaper insignia ? I have no idea or skill set to make my own skins but was wondering if anyone could make a custom skin for me? Thanks if possible in advance !🙏 Cheers Bunny
  6. It was my first and my god it was glorious seeing so many on the server man I wish it was every night !
  7. The game sound in the oculus headset sucks so bad the ear buds sound so much better I’ll use the oculus just in case though so chat won’t be an issue. Hoping on the server now !
  8. Hey all. I’ll be on the Sunday event in my Se5 let me know if anyone wants to flying together or needs an escort and whether to discord or teamspeak. I’ll be on the server throughout the day practicing too. Since being on this oculus I can’t fit my regular headset on so using small Apple ear buds and can talk but may need to fine tune my voice so that I can be heard well. If anyone is flying before the event and can do some in game chat testing with me that would be great thanks and Can’t wait ! Cheers Bunny
  9. Excellent. Look forward and see you then!
  10. Thanks yeah I’ll have to read further on that thread. Sorry to post on the wrong one. Man this game is glorious I wish more activity was on the mp server ! But even when there is just 3 or 4 it’s great 😃
  11. Hello all, Firstly my god this game is glorious and after getting a new rig and the oculus rift S it has been an experience I’ve dreamed of for 20 years lol. I was wondering if I could ask some questions to any other oculus rift pilots for advice? 1. I have a brand new rig that has been working wonderfully but just want to make sure I’m optimizing the most for VR. Anyone who knows the best graphics settings or any other things that can maximize my experience would be great. I’ve searched online but most info is 6 months to a year old so just wanted to see what I can do
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