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  1. Ok! Same bug with other models, i.e. Fokker D7F...
  2. Hi Niirana, tried to start/stop second engine but repair-function didn´t work!
  3. Next RRR-Bug: Pfalz DIII Repair-function interrupts - no complete repairing possible. Rearming and refueling however works perfect.
  4. @ Jim: Sorry, I didn´t mean "citysmoke" but "cityfire". @ Sketch: Sorry, I stacked to smokes on top of each other - but no better result: The interruption continues. The only result is that the smoke-effect is stronger (closer smoke!). What do you think about this: I´ll try to stack to effects time-displaced on the top of each other?
  5. Hi JIm, thanks. Now it´s principally working. Citysmoke works, but after 10 seconds I have a delay. The smoke effect interrupts for 1 second and than restarts for 10 seconds and so again and again. Cityfire works longer - estimated for 5 minutes - than interrupts for 1-2 seconds and than restarts. Any solution available for this problem? thanks again! H.D.
  6. Strange! Very complicate! Nevertheless thanks Sketch! I only need a routine to start a smoke effects that works during the whole missions (real city- and forest fires don´t disappaer after 2 minutes!). Some source available to download the effect substainer?
  7. Anyone who can help: Tried to place some smoke effects in my mission (Rheinland) by using exactly the methode from the IL-2 BATTLE OF STALINGRAD MISSION BUILDING GUIDE (see picture below; source: IL-2 BATTLE OF STALINGRAD MISSION BUILDING GUIDE, chapter 3.8, pg. 51). I can do what I want, no smoke apaers in the processed mission. See mission my files below. Rheinland.zip
  8. Your method works great thanks! Only it´s needed not to forget reactivating the automatic functions after restart the engine
  9. Next Bug: After losing the canopy the attempt to repair leads to the following effect while reparing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcpY7WXnfrc&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIszsYaTxz8&feature=youtu.be
  10. Sorry no offense meant! But I haerd this yet 3 times . Very good advise, thanks. Will try it!!
  11. 1) Yes!!!! I know that´s its independend from RRR!!!! But give me an other reason to shut down the engine than in the case of RRR!!! 2) Perhaps I´ll try these options but I think it´s uncomfortable to fly without the assists.
  12. Hi Corvus, please take a look on the thread-titel. Automatic engine start doesn´t work after RRR concerning to G-models.
  13. While Emil- and Kurfürst-Models are working fine, Gustav-models still not running
  14. Next test: Me 109 E7 works without any faults concerning automatic motor-start-process also in RRR-mission!
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