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  1. Your method works great thanks! Only it´s needed not to forget reactivating the automatic functions after restart the engine
  2. Next Bug: After losing the canopy the attempt to repair leads to the following effect while reparing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcpY7WXnfrc&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIszsYaTxz8&feature=youtu.be
  3. Sorry no offense meant! But I haerd this yet 3 times . Very good advise, thanks. Will try it!!
  4. 1) Yes!!!! I know that´s its independend from RRR!!!! But give me an other reason to shut down the engine than in the case of RRR!!! 2) Perhaps I´ll try these options but I think it´s uncomfortable to fly without the assists.
  5. Hi Corvus, please take a look on the thread-titel. Automatic engine start doesn´t work after RRR concerning to G-models.
  6. While Emil- and Kurfürst-Models are working fine, Gustav-models still not running
  7. Next test: Me 109 E7 works without any faults concerning automatic motor-start-process also in RRR-mission!
  8. Ok, you are right! I has to revise my oppinion, sorry!! I just tried it in a QM in which no RRR is possible and - same bug with a Me 190 G6 after landing during a successful mission. So it´s a common bug appearing in all kinds of missions!
  9. Ok, you are right! I just tried it in a QM in which no RRR is possible and - same bug with a Me 190 G6 after landing during a successful mission. So it´s a common bug appearing in all kinds of missions!
  10. Hi Habu, didn´t you see the pictures I have posted. They demonstrates clearly that there is bug due to the strange message!!! I have never seen before the message: First "Egine starts" and than after this "aircraft is in maintaince-area"!! Also undeclarable is that the fuel indicator is on 0% although complete refueling. This is the reason why I estimate that it´s a bug in relationship to the RRR-function. And again: In exact the same mission all worked fine with the Me 109 K-model! So please try it in a RRR-mission!! Thanks!!
  11. No, only G-models (G6, G14) are concerned. K-model works properly! Read my post:
  12. Next bug: After successful repairing and rearming starting the motor of the Me 109 G6 cannot be practised. The automatic start-routine only starts the electrictric devices and than stops! Probably due to fuel-status 0% although complete refueling (see below). The same case with the Me 109 G14. No restart is possible (see pictures attached)! Coutercheck: In the same mission I used a Me 109 K4 and no problems!!!
  13. A first small step in the correct direction!
  14. Hi Jokili, Es ging mir genauso wie Dir! Als Reaktion auf die – wenn auch möglicherweise realistischen – jedoch dennoch gähnend langweiligen Einsatzflüge habe ich mir meine eigenen Missionen gebaut, in denen Du ebenso wie in einer Quick- Mission sofort mitten im Luftkampf bist, nur mit dem Unterschied, dass mehr Flugzeug in der Luft sind (habe aber trotzdem mit einem nicht allzu leistungsstarken AMD-Rechner 40-60 FPS) und man Zwischentanken, Aufmunition und leichtere Reparaturen vornehmen kann (schwere Schäden unterliegen zur Zeit einem bug, der aber voraussichtlich im nächsten Patch repariert wird). Bitte versuche eine dieser superspannenden Missionen, am besten die letzte Mission, die ich heute veröffentlicht habe, wenn Du die Rheinland-Szenerie gebucht hast: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/41234-quick-mission-with-12-enemies-rearming-function-included/?tab=comments#comment-869885 Um den Einsatzflughafen zu erreichen, einfach dem AFN2, den die Kurfürst bekanntlich serienmäßig hat, nachfliegen.
  15. Update: Try this very exciting, hard dogfight-scenery. You fly Me 109 Kurfürst against Mustangs, Thunderbolts and Lightnings in the Rheinland-scenery. If you can make more than 1 x RRR tankstop you are very good!!! Downlaod here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l30qmwy4ysqhram/Remagen_dogfight_Rheinland.zip/file
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