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  1. Just 10 Minutes ago: Freeze again - just some seconds after repair-begin. That kills great mission! Configuration: FW 190 A5 + Opel Blitz as service vehicle.
  2. Hi Gambit, Could you check this: Had several freezes while repairing - last today after switching in the external view! IL2 had to shut down by task manager!
  3. Hi Community, anyone who knows how to impletement a function in mission building to activate the Radio Bearing Indicator for the FW 190 A5 (i.e. and other German planes, see Chuck´s guide page 211)? It´s necessary to navigate to home field (in Quick Missions it works).
  4. Now I´m able to pronounce the first R/R/R-Quick-Missions for the Kuban-scenery (soon for Bodenplatte). This is only possible with Never-Ending-R/R/R-Missions :
  5. One remark: First I thought I had a bug cause the sim freezes while repairing. This is the solution: KI-Autopilot has the keystroke "A". If you press RCtl + A it may be that the Autopilot activates and nothing works furthermore. So deactivate the f...ckig unrealistic AP. Update: After all it´s a bug - Mission freeze while repairing!! Can only solved by closing IL2 via task manager 😞
  6. @=KG76=flyus747 Thanks for this great tutorial! One question: I have configured an airfield as service area cause it´s possible to set the RRR-function in the airfield´s properties - but doesn´t work. Do you have experiences with airfields as servise areas?
  7. This is the greatest step since many month. Absolute amazing work. I live in South-West-Germany and can say: The new Rhineland-map is fantastic realistic. So much thanks to the developer-team! You made an awesome job!
  8. Awesome views! Great job, thanks to the developers!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah, would be great. 5 Minutes is aceptable also for unpatient virtual pilots like me! Thanks for the info!
  10. I also would prefer R/R/R-function like this great function is available in IL2-1946-Mods. I love such amazing endless missions after serveral rearming-procedures! The reason is that first it´s absolutely realistic (i.e at 1.9.1942 Marseilles shot down 17 fighters in 3 missions at one day!) and second this is a game and not a trainingssimulator for real life pilots. Therefore the developer has to consider the wishes of the community and I think it would be only a little work to implement the R/R/R-function like in the old IL2-mods. Everybody is free in using such a function - so I cannot understand this persistent refusing of the developer to implement this realistic function.
  11. Update: Due of many changes the producer of this sim has implemented the missions don´t work any more. So I had to update the missions to the new BoK-Version. Feel free to download the new Big Pack.7z from the link above. Installation: Insert here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions and Replace all old Quick Missions by this new ones. In addition to it you get to new Quick missions containing Gustav 14 and Macchi 202-Missions. Have fun!
  12. Hi Jaegermeister, thanks for solution of the problem and thanks to the thread-author.I just used the binary-tool-method and it takes one minute for about 20-30 missions. Finally it worked fine!
  13. Hi Giftzahn, thanks for the enrichment of this thread and the improvement of the missions!
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