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  1. He said the same about the I-16 in comparison to the Fw 190. I think a lot of things were lost in translation, especially with phrases like "equal terms."
  2. And there are plenty videos showing planes disappear out of view at those ranges. Depends on the aspect angle. Anyway, this'll be a dead discussion once DCS 2 is released. If everything was fine right now, they wouldn't be introducing the model visibility setting.
  3. You need to request a dserver account, the info is in one of the two last developer updates.
  4. If you wanted many people see this topic, it would've been better to have it in general. But it shouldn't matter now.
  5. I think it would be a good idea, to entice those (many) players who aren't completely enthusiastic about buying a full-price BoM.
  6. Don't forget to add wing sweep, move the wing forward/cockpit back, elongate the nose, lower cockpit position, move and elongate the horizontal stab, change the tailshape to sweep upwards...
  7. Unless they tweaked the damage model lately, judging by the 12.7mm in the LaGG and Pe-2: 6x .50 will be killer in this game. Removing the wing guns should a loadout option as well.
  8. Check this out, dynamic campaign, tracks stats. You play as a MiG-21 regiment protecting Tblisi infrastructure from NATO air attacks. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=136618
  9. When you start learning, it's as complex as you want it to be. If you want to skip the cold start (for now) and go straight to radar management, you can do that. Or you can make a cold start checklist, verify it, and practice landings. It's up to you. And if you use the in-game F10 map, you can ignore the navigation aids. They're easy to use, though. The tutorials and manual are all well laid out. Making notes will help if you have many days of downtime between your flight sessions.
  10. Mustang variants are free to try for anyone with current alpha access. The ship dynamics in this game are much more involved than in Elite imho. When SC said they were going to model every maneuver thruster, its power and swivel speed & directional limits, I thought it was marketing BS. But they actually followed through. For instance the Mustang doesn't have side-pointing thrusters, it uses differential thrusting with the forward & rear thrusters to yaw your ship around. It has weak downward-pointing thrusters and very strong upward thrusters. So if you're flying towards an asteroid and just yaw to point the Mustang to one side, your crosshair will point to the side but you'll still be flying towards the asteroid. (There's a flight path HUD marker similar to contemporary western jets). So you have to roll the ship around so the down- or upward (ideally the latter) thrusters can get to work, or flip the ship around to use your main thrusters. The 300i on the other hand has side thrusters, but the maneuver thrusters are much weaker than the main thrusters, so you may still want to flip the ship around and make the main thrusters push you in your desired direction. The flight control system is deliberately imperfect and in the Mustang you really notice your thrusters kicking the ship around when trying to stabilize it on your desired flight path. SC still has artificially low ship speeds (way lower than speeds in I-War), but this is to avoid multiplayer lag madness. Interestingly, ED and SC devs have quoted 500m/s as the maximum in-game speed you can have with today's technology and network infrastructure.
  11. To be fair, I can't tell a thousand dollar handbag from a fifty dollar handbag...
  12. Very poor thread for new players to read, lots of conflicting information. Mods should select PA-Snivs post as "best answer" so it shows up at the top of the thread.
  13. Nice thread To the new Gotha V owners: use your ailerons to steer on the ground!
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