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  1. There are many new interesting places that were not in the previous version of the winter map...
  2. This is an Armored Train Look above in the screenshots. This is a new destructible static object. Consists of a armored locomotive and 4 armored cars.
  3. Hi pilots! There are a lot of changes in the map for both season: new RW stations and Airfields. Many cities and villages have been completely rebuilt. Added farms, windmills, factories, etc. Еven some kind of small "Easter Eggs" added Please use the new objects templates for creating new and replace it in yours old missions. ...game folder...\data\Template\Vluki_ALL_su.Group - for summer VL map ...game folder...\data\Template\Vluki_ALL_wi.Group - for winter VL map
  4. Thank you, guys! There is still a lot of interesting things ahead!!! 😎
  5. The guys are working on the map for about six months. Current progress - about half of the planning work. So it is not until the spring, I think. Given that I switch to the main objectives of the company and already can not pay much attention to the Odessa-map. But I'll still be in control of the development of this map and to continue to help the guys as much as possible.
  6. Hi all We continue to work on texturing and "creative search" for new textures, repainting the old ones, etc. At this time, a couple of pics of combination of agricultural fields and settlements: PS. It's still very WiP (many of the textures do not yet exist or are still under construction)
  7. Very early stage of modeling of the Odessa-city using new unique 3D-blocks: PS very-very WIP
  8. ChTZ S-65 "Stalinets"... Or samething like this South of Ukraine - a endless lands of agriculture: PS. This is modern Odessa on photo. Late spring.
  9. Texturing stage... Handwork. Not fast... Very not fast stage
  10. Easy, comrades. This is not an official project of the company. This is one of the comunity projects (like VL-map). And it is not a Murmansk-map. Perhaps, when the most of the preparatory work is completed, the creators of this map will make same kind of presentation of it. I've been involved in this work more as a assistant.
  11. https://gaming.youtube.com/c/opergamergoblin/live - live stream Il-2 BoM (betta)
  12. Stream whith =FB=VikS and Han (russian language). From 1h 17min BoM-map, Moscow and Ju-88: https://youtu.be/gKopa2-w2zE?t=4636
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