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  1. I went online last night to see if there were any SU-122's in play and I noticed the server has It's lost its Normal Difficulty icon (in the server browser). Also I noticed the bombing assist is disabled. Is it possible that it was turned off by accident? Could you reinstate Normal difficulty presets?
  2. I'd imagine tea time in Moscow. If Jason intends to make the announcement like before then maybe around midday PST?
  3. Don't put it out to sea! A Catalina will fish it out of the drink and it'll be back on carrier ops the same day!
  4. Here's a good example of the FW using a lot of power to get off the deck at 3:58 (Though it is clearly visible in the rest of the video too) (And yes I do know that this FW isn't powered by a BMW) The representation of this effect in IL-2 is really nicely done. It lets me know when the baddies are running their engines harder then I am
  5. Hi, I would like to put myself forward as a tester for the TC module. I already spend a lot of time in this area of the sim and have a background in games design.
  6. Awesome skin Strange! It's great to see some of the British Sherman's getting done. Be nice if in future Tank Crew installments we could see widespread modifications such as stowage bins, side skirts and appliqué armour. I've been working on a bunch of Sherman's from the North-African and Italy theatres. Which run into the lack thereof. I'm always happy to see the community doing the Tank Crew machines some justice.
  7. Hi all. Three players were vote banned from the DED normal server on the Moscow map Monday evening around 18:00 BST. The players banned were Ruthless-Killer, RAYEU and Player-254823. To begin, I'm sorry to hear about the ban, RAYEU. I respect you as a pilot and played no part in having you vote banned from the server. Several pilots had voted to kick you from the server but were unable to make a majority and so the vote did not carry. The vote was then carried around 15 minutes later as the population of the server dropped and you were subsequently kicked as the votes had reached majority. This is entirely incorrect. There has not been a single ban as consequence of Axis winning. Discussed above in this thread, there is a massive imbalance on the DED normal server which has come with the me-262. It's not about victories but simply the game being spoiled by an entirely unrestricted 262. As for Ruthless-Killer I did vote to ban him. No offence or crime has been committed. I must remind you Ruthless, if we are getting into the rules, that there is no actual rule for this server which prohibits the use of the multiplayer vote ban feature. Your ban was bound to happen and was entirely just. Don't claim to be the victim of systemic harassment or persecution from the allies. We are not your food. Your presence is nothing less than toxic. The verbal abuse, gloating and exploitation will not be tolerated. You only exist on the server to lord it over in your 262, gorging yourself on the relatively defenseless allied opposition with impunity. Never contributing to any axis objective or collective goal. Just out there for yourself to reap in the harvest of the hapless allied air opposition. You're totally spot on there Ruthless, the normal server has no numerical restrictions whatsoever or any aircraft missing from either side. It's been like this from the very beginning. A rather peculiar comment coming from an account which is less than nine months old. Especially considering that the DED normal server has been around for over four years. Congratulations Ruthless, why not award yourself a silver cup while you're at it? I'd suggest you go and play some QMB sorties and rack up endless AI planes for little to no retaliation. Surely it must all be the same to you. Or perhaps switch back to your main account and find something more fulfilling to do. I would also like to invite Player-254823 to discuss his feelings on the bans as I did vote to ban him as well. Unfortunately, it appears he has quite conveniently changed his name. Maybe he's changed it to a name which corresponds to the syntax of the other "Player-" names. Anyway, here's the screenshots from when Ruthless and Player-254823 were banned, just in case anyone needs to jog their memories (I'd gotten in touch with 0rsum_Smellz who provided me with the sceenies) The banning of Ruthless-Killer And the banning of Player-254823 Strange to see a player who's never been on the server before shoot down 5 aircraft in the space of 3 minutes. A 262 pilot fighting very much in the manner of Ruthless-Killer. Even stranger still, What The Hell voted to ban Player-254823 too. A pilot who almost always flies Axis. I guess the angry mob of allied pilots story doesn't hold up so well. 🤦‍♀️
  8. I am slowly becoming disinterested with the normal difficulty servers as the abundance of Spitfires is crushing all of the fun I could once have. I am often flying Luftwaffe and having to face aircraft of approaching comparable performance such as the Spitfire. This ruins the fun as I have become accustomed to effortlessly taking down VVS aircraft. I regard it as entirely unfair that my 1945 Uberwaffe aircraft are having to face against 1943 Spitfires. No matter how hard I try to turn with them they just get inside and shoot me down. Enough is enough, there needs to be a stop to the Spitfire horde now!
  9. Hi Spek, I've been using Corel PaintShop Pro for some time now going into the previous decade back when the software was associated with Jasc. Today I'm using it for IL-2 skins and texturing my own models. I'd recommend giving it a go, I get a tonne of use out of it over Photoshop and do almost all of my 2D work in it. It's also compatible with NVIDIA's Photoshop plugins for DDS and normal map conversions.
  10. I'm sure the work in progress shots of the Tempest from DD #219 showed off the Tempest with bomb racks. That or possibly for jettisonable drop tanks. If we are getting bombs then we can at least play Typhoon and attack trains and armoured convoys. Either way, she'll be awesome as a rat catcher spoiling the fun for 262 pilots.
  11. I noticed the gold trimmed wing roundels too! I'd wondered if the machine has a bunch of custom skins or if we're getting some proper Spring 1945 skins
  12. I assume that much like we have in game currently, the BoBP airfields will be intact by default and can be destroyed. Almost all blocks in the GB series (airfield infrastructure included) can be damaged/destroyed. I assume this same design principal is being carried into the BoBP. The buildings which have already been produced for BoBP already are destructible. All the current airfield blocks are destructible too. They can be destroyed by default or destroyed during the mission. What this means is that mission designers can have a broader time scale to work with when creating a mission - Enabling them to set missions before or after the destruction of locations such as cities, settlements, battlefields or airfields. Furthermore, airfields can be destroyed during a mission, disabling it so that aircraft cannot land nor take off from them. (e.g Stalingrad2 on the DED normal server) Lastly, the BoBP map will most likely be as performance intensive as the Kuban map, if not more so. So we should really hope the devs have the time or resources to improve the crater meshes already in game so that they look more convincing.
  13. It would be awesome to see the AI jeeps emerging from gliders in landing zones
  14. Just as a clarification for anyone unaware or who may have missed it! I'm sure that the majority of buildings in the GB series are destructible and BoBP will be no different. This had already been confirmed in the discussion section of dd 202.
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