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  1. Upon reading the latest dev diary, Tommy spat out his tea and cackled with excitement. Fantastic news, can't wait to see the Johnny Red campaigns which will get made out of this when the Hurricane is out! Will there be USAF pilots for the Spitfire too? I know we have some default skins for the IX and V in American Mediterranean liveries.
  2. Imagine forming a big wing online, that'd be quite the sight indeed. Though I'm sure it'd be quite an arse to organize. ...Or having two large formations clash and cause a giant furball
  3. Awesome dd!! Old content is constantly being improved upon and tweaked while pushing forwards with plenty of new planes and functionality! How are the pilot models going to work with the addition of the updated Soviet pilots? I know Jason mentioned female soviet pilots too. Would there be any kind of functionality for switching the pilot models? Will the Hurricane be limited to just VVS pilot models? Or would it have a choice between RAF and VVS? As far as I can tell all the newer pilot models use the same rig so it wouldn't require redoing all the animations. This is definitely potential for having some way to switch between VVS, RAF and US pilots in A-20, P-40, P-39, C-47, P-51, Spitfire, etc etc.
  4. I'm interested to hear about these actually. Last information we got on the AAA vehicles was quite some time ago back in mid 2018. "Due to development and gameplay considerations we have decided to create a separate AAA vehicles add-on featuring the GAZ-MM + 72K and Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38. We will prepare them as a separate product to be released later and work to make them a more interesting addition to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles then initially planned."
  5. "403 Sqn Curtiss Tomahawk I in July 1941." "Initially equipped with the Curtiss Tomahawk I, they were replaced with the Supermarine Spitfire after only 29 operational sorties. Through continual replacement and updating, the squadron flew various models, Mk I through Mk XVI, of this very popular aircraft." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/403_Helicopter_Operational_Training_Squadron The P-40 we have in game was never based in the UK and was instead used by the RAF in the North Africa and Asia. (Do correct me if I'm wrong btw) It really depends on how far people wish to stray away from the exact aircraft variants which were present. Personally I'd like to see Kittyhawks and the P-51 B/C standing in for the Tomahawk and the Mustang I
  6. Keep all icons on. The normal difficulty preset ought to be reinstated.
  7. The situation with the pilot physiology is a bit of a weird one. There's not really a perfect method of representing the effects of G-force. Do I think the model is overdone? No. A lot of research has gone into producing what we currently have in game and trust its accuracy. There's this whole toxic thing where you always get the same leading questions. "Are you a pilot?" "Were you there during WW2??" "Where is your proof?" In reality we all experience G-force - When you're on a roller coaster, or simply just making a quick sharp turn in the car. It's a pretty common feeling and we don't really acknowledge it. We CAN feel increases in G's without losing eyesight or having to clench our teeth. This starts to become complicated with IL-2 where our only indications of G effects on the pilot are blacking out or the groaning. In game, the first pilot related indication of pulling G's is when we hear the pilot groan. Pull a little tighter and then you're on the verge of being unconscious. Shouldn't we have more indication of the G's we're pulling? Which brings us to finding a way around the problem. Maybe more sound effects? A G-force indicator in the HUD? Ideally a solution which doesn't break immersion. I wish threads had less trash talking and were instead more constructive.
  8. It's an older code, sir, but still checks out. A pretty old picture but still one of my favorite bits of IL-2 art - Yes those are loaded. Santa ran into Meserschmitts last Christmas 🙄
  9. Tanks are vulnerable even with the bomb assist off. I can't remember anyone complaining about having a bombing assist on normal difficulty. 🤷‍♀️ Pandering to tiger players and switching it off is just going to shove allied tank players out the back door since tigers can't be taken on without air support. I'd like to see the bomb sight switched back on - Tankers are quite resilient anyway, I couldn't spend all that time crawling around on the floor while the real fight is in the air.
  10. Check his Artstation now https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1Wmzv
  11. I went online last night to see if there were any SU-122's in play and I noticed the server has It's lost its Normal Difficulty icon (in the server browser). Also I noticed the bombing assist is disabled. Is it possible that it was turned off by accident? Could you reinstate Normal difficulty presets?
  12. I'd imagine tea time in Moscow. If Jason intends to make the announcement like before then maybe around midday PST?
  13. Don't put it out to sea! A Catalina will fish it out of the drink and it'll be back on carrier ops the same day!
  14. Here's a good example of the FW using a lot of power to get off the deck at 3:58 (Though it is clearly visible in the rest of the video too) (And yes I do know that this FW isn't powered by a BMW) The representation of this effect in IL-2 is really nicely done. It lets me know when the baddies are running their engines harder then I am
  15. Hi, I would like to put myself forward as a tester for the TC module. I already spend a lot of time in this area of the sim and have a background in games design.
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