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  1. I noticed the gold trimmed wing roundels too! I'd wondered if the machine has a bunch of custom skins or if we're getting some proper Spring 1945 skins
  2. I assume that much like we have in game currently, the BoBP airfields will be intact by default and can be destroyed. Almost all blocks in the GB series (airfield infrastructure included) can be damaged/destroyed. I assume this same design principal is being carried into the BoBP. The buildings which have already been produced for BoBP already are destructible. All the current airfield blocks are destructible too. They can be destroyed by default or destroyed during the mission. What this means is that mission designers can have a broader time scale to work with when creating a mission - Enabling them to set missions before or after the destruction of locations such as cities, settlements, battlefields or airfields. Furthermore, airfields can be destroyed during a mission, disabling it so that aircraft cannot land nor take off from them. (e.g Stalingrad2 on the DED normal server) Lastly, the BoBP map will most likely be as performance intensive as the Kuban map, if not more so. So we should really hope the devs have the time or resources to improve the crater meshes already in game so that they look more convincing.
  3. It would be awesome to see the AI jeeps emerging from gliders in landing zones
  4. Just as a clarification for anyone unaware or who may have missed it! I'm sure that the majority of buildings in the GB series are destructible and BoBP will be no different. This had already been confirmed in the discussion section of dd 202.
  5. As far as I understand it, the whole map can utilize tanks and planes anywhere and at the same time. The entire map (The whole 106x106 km) will have increased terrain tessellation (More polygons in the landscape) Within the (19х23 km) blue square shown below, there will be buildings and scenery which is higher detailed, and has a more complex damage modelling. On the map shown in the dev diary, the whole map excluding the blue square will use the standard level of detail/modelling for ground assets and buildings. In all, the whole map will have a higher detail in the landscape, whereas only a fraction of the map will feature the higher detailed buildings.
  6. With Tank Crew there are lots of basic ideas still not being addressed. Firstly, there should be the presence of anti-tank mines (Such as the vastly produced German Tellermine series) This and second line defenses should have much more towed artillery, AT emplacements and self propelled guns significantly more so than is already in game. And lastly, ambushes and dug in tanks should be a fairly common encounter for forces on the attack.
  7. The percentage for the fuel slider was a very important feature. It's fairly a regressive feature to not have it there at all. The push should always be towards having more data presentable, not less.
  8. I'm two thirds of the way done with my British part
  9. I'll be recording for all the British lines. I'll send them in ASAP!
  10. Here's what I know has been said
  11. Will there be any support for having the tanks in the viewer application? And for the tanks to have the same skin directory system as the planes in the sim so that you wouldn't need to overwrite any default skins? It's necessary for tank skinning to be accessible and simplistic in application.
  12. Or even the ambulance variant of the U-2 would be nice
  13. That would be nice. Then maybe we could also get the NF Mosquito Mk XXX, to reenact the role of 410 squadron 2nd TAF on night fighter ops.
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