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  1. Good point, mate. But I don't know about Korea war part, however to answer you question about the "puppet state", I have talked to many of my Chinese friends. as far as I know they won't choose the Japanese puppet state, and they will all choose the Soviet side to liberate the Northeast China from the Japanese occupation. CCP has similar view on the issue as well. Otherwise, IL-2:1946 would have been censored long ago since it had battle of Manchuria. But yet, IL-2:1946 was accepted by the minister of Sport in China as one of the 3 official flight simulations sport program. Chinese treat the Soviet assault on Manchuria as much as their own battle. In fact according to my study, Chinese takes pride on their "Northeast anti-japanese united Army" which was led by CCP. This unit closely cooperated with the Soviet during the battle. Also during the Soviet assault on Manchuria there was a Soviet equipped Chinese Unit with Soviet Volunteers led by CCP known as the Dongning Special Force (东宁特遣队). They got their name because their effort led to the destruction of japanese Dongning fortification network in Dongning.
  2. With respect? "people in Manchuria would love it"? I am fairly certain he said "friends in China love it". Why are you deliberately misquote him by separating Manchuria from China? Are you deliberately trying to trigger a fight. What are you trying to pull exactly? Yet you even have indecency to claim "with respect"? How laughable! What do you mean by "do a poll" exactly? You know this forum is an English forum and the only people who would come and vote are from the english communities. So how can a poll represent the market? http://bbs.dof.cn/index.php?showforum=137 Take a look at some of the Chinese website and you understand how big of a market China is. I say, Manchuria would be a big success. I would love to see Manchuria battle in the game. Even though I still prefer Berlin first.
  3. I purchase the modules I like. Why? Is that a crime?
  4. Manchuria would be fun. I'd pay $70 for it. Who's wallets are you talking about? I doubt you can hear anybody else's wallets sound unless you are tailing to steal it. lol [edited]
  5. I haven't been in the game for a while due to the real life issues. But now I am free and back. And awe~!! So many new things have been added into the game. Looks like I have to save up more money now to get all of them. The newest addition to the game is the battle on the western border of the Germany. Now we can experience Battle of Bulge in game. This is beyond great. Please tell me that the next map is Berlin itself. Since the we have got all the later war planes in the US, UK and German inventories (even the Me-262 is in the game now), we need the late war Soviet planes as well. Yak-3, La-7, Tu-2, IL-10 etc, and Ta-152, one of the most beautiful plane in ww2 from the German side as well. And there is He-162 as well. Please give us Berlin next please, please, please. Thanks for any considerations :)
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