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  1. Flying the P-47 and the synced guns bother me a lot. I remember in the old Il-2 it took years and too many topics addressed to devs to desync .50s, so I am quite surprised that we have this "problem" here again. If it's really 5 minutes of work, it should have been implemented long time ago, I hope that devs will do it soon.
  2. In the other thread, Patrick has stated that there is a bug with re-supply, it will be addressed soon.
  3. Thanks a lot Luke, two additional questions - is it just the ground targets or also AI airborne flights ? And does it also affect the number of enemy ground units in the target area or only units not related to the mission?
  4. This just broke my career down, AIs were happily landing, most of them were shot down in the process, while I was alone battling 8 109s, with the expected result - being killed. Some AI "common sense" would be welcome in future updates.
  5. I would also like to know what the frontline activity setting really affects. There are some conflicting reports of what its doing. Some say it affects number of AAA, some that it affect number of generated flights and some that it affects only activity of frontline and the number of units is affected by difficulty settings. Some official word on it would be very welcome, but I could not find any.
  6. Disregard, it has been corrected in the recent 4.003b patch, thanks to devs for a quick fix.
  7. Something is wrong with the new loadout restriction, because when I start a new Tempest Career and start a mission without changing my loadout I cannot fire my guns. However all other Tempests are also unable to fire their guns, in result all members of the flight get shot down or do not attack assigned ground targets (they do not fire guns), so the career is not working. The only solution is to start as commander and re-select loadout for each plane in the flight. I haven't tested other aircraft, but there is something wrong with Tempests, which was not the case in the previous version. At first I thought it is a problem with ongoing career but also starting a new one produces this problem.
  8. I could not choose which one from these hilarious (Viva La Dirt League) guys:
  9. Great work Megalax, would it be possible for you to create a skinpack for the 3rd squadron, just adding the letters JF-A,B,C,D,E,F on top of NV-994 without personal markings?
  10. Well, according to the test, it is weaker than a Mustang, which is not right, however out of 460 planes flying straight over 20 mm FLAK only 28 were downed out of 91 hit. This does not make it a glass plane, maybe something is off in the Mustang and will be tweaked, maybe the DM of P-47 will be tweaked, if testing shows further discrepancy. I am quite curious about the other planes and their results (good job Reasonable). Devs are definitely willing to change things, P-47 DM has already been tweaked in 3.008 and we have a responding tester here:
  11. Well to me, P-47 results do not seem that bad from Unreasonable's testing. As Gambit21 suggested some other aircraft should also be tested to prove if P-51 isn't just too tough. I would suggest testing Il-2, which should be a standard for a though combat attack plane. If the results from P-47 are similar to Il-2 then there might be a problem with P-51 and not necessarily with P-47.
  12. Yes, you are right - sorry, I edited my reply. I just think that there is too much negativity like the map was really totally sub-par Il-2 1946 level, while it is in my opinion still much better than most other products on the market and improvement will certainly be made, but these overly negative comments won't help any further development a single bit.
  13. Yeah and then other vocal overly negative groups will [edited] that they produced [edited] small maps instead of one properly big ... some people can never be satisfied. Rheinland is in my opinion a very solid map, I especially like that it is big in size providing space for a span of battles. Some imperfections can be definitely tolerated and I am sure there will be improvements. There is not much constructive criticism in the thread.
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