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  1. From June 1945 from the the Navy manual on fuzes and projectiles
  2. in a research paper from 1977 for the M505 fuze (a successor to the M75 fuze, also desrcibed as "superquick") I found some data on delay/penetration. The "moddified fuze" is the testsubject for more delay since the normal fuze was deemed insufficient.
  3. Here is everthing I could compile from an old hard drive for the allied 20mm aircraft cannon (Hispano V). M 75 AP-T M 97 HE-I with the new pointed fuze M 96 Incendiary intruduced in June ´44 Cheers
  4. Interesting read. Is there any source material how this delay was archived and how much delay there was? e.g. the germans used an additional delay charge for 20cm-75cm delay after impact. The allied manuels for the PD 253 Mk 1-3 fuze give no hints on any additional delay. they describe the fuze as "instantanious action upon impact on ligh material surface". Same for is succecssor the M75 Fuze and the M97 HE-I round intruduced in June ´44, which gained improved ballistics due to the M75 fuze being pointed and the M97 HE-I round beeing heavier (131g) while losing some of its HE-I filli
  5. I know. But that feels very unsatisfying. So I would like to have the option to use a graphical aid so I can set MAP and RPM precisely to the desired settings as the engine modelling does also precisely measure whether I am running WEP or Combat settings.
  6. Yes, that is what I meant. an optional grafic display for RPM and MAP setting. If I fly using gauges to set these you may end up using WEP instead of Combar power which will desroy you engine if used to long, but that is also linked to the current choice of Engine modelling. E.g.: the Spitfire IXs engine setting for 1h combat is 2850rpm and 12lbs, but if you use gauges to set your engine you might end up using a bit more (depending on the camera angle for example) end you end up running 2860rpm and 12.5lbs which the system will register as using WEP end severly limits your engine li
  7. The late G-6 (no MW-50) weighs 3,196kg carring 78kg armour (additional bulkhead armour behind the fuel tank) The G-14 weighs in at 3,247kg carring 48kg armour but 63kg additional weight for MW-50 -> the MW-50 installation replaces the armour behind the fuel tank. So in sum ~ +50kg for the G-14 over the G-6 without MW-50, for the MW-50 fuel and installation
  8. It would be nice to give us throttle and rpm settings indication as actual MAP and RPMs instead of percentage. I know we have gauges for that but they some times seem to be a bit off. andwith the current engine management modelling where 1% decides if your engine lasts for 30min or just 1 it would be nice to set the engine to the parameters in manuels beeing able to keep the engine in the rpm and MAP limitations statet there. Cheers
  9. 20x82mm Mineshell: 18g HE-I (HA-41 RDX) filling, Delay Charge 20cm-75cm 20x110mm Hispano M97 HE-I: 5.45g Tetryl + 2,27g incendiary; no delay charge, "superquick", "instantanious" fuze action 20x99mm Shvak HE-I: 2.6g HE-filler (RDX?) + 2.8g incendiary; no hints on a delay charge thus far.
  10. Well that depends, the M97s fuze is specially designed to be set off on impact on aircraft skin, and is discribed as "instantanious" and "super quick". Some of the blast will surely be directed forward and the round itsel might enter a few centimeters- the damage of the blast will be a hole in the aircraft skin bent inward. Compare that to the 20.x82mm mine shell with a delay charge for 20cm - 75cm penetration (depending on the delay charge in use)taking advantage of the blast happening in a confined space. You will have a considerable bigger hole and on both sides of the structue and w
  11. Yes. the 20x110mm M95 AP-T propells a 0.29lbs (131.5g) slug at 2,730feet/s (830m/s) ~ 45kJ kinetic energy trice the amount of the 0.50cal M2 AP. The 20x110mm M97 HE-I on the other does not have any AP capabilites as it detonates on impact but since beeing equaly heavy it does of have good fragmentation damage, but average blast damage as it only carries 0.012lbs (5,5g) tetryl and has no delay mechanism to have the round detonate inside, but upon impact to take advantage of the the frag damage against soft targets (airplanes, unarmoured vehicle, personal).
  12. and what won them the war. both the M4 Sherman and the .50cal were able to be put on the field in vast quantaties fast. The American .50 cal was a realiable hard hitting gun, that was availabe, that could be equipped and supplied fast and in vast numbers to ground vehicles and airplanes and could kept running due to the existing logistics which is futher simplefied by concrentrating an just a few models (contrary to the germans). The fines gun or tanks wont do you good, if its not there. (missing fuel, spare parts, ammo...etc). I would always choose a M4 Sherman over a Panther
  13. 🙂 thanks for clearyfing I admit I dont have much knowledge in that regard. But regarding the fairly thin walled 12.7mm round I would say with that backround one could say: good fragmentation potential for the round itself but not much frag damage potential? ( we are still talking about a 45g 12.7mm round compared to a 130g 20x110mm for example). Again I am no expert and if someone has a better knowledge on that subject, I am eager to learn. Cheers
  14. The issue I would see is, that the 12.7mm HE is a fairly thin walled round so except for the fuze, there is not that much fragmentation potential. And again the 13mm HE(I) though thicker walled, only carries 1g of PETN.
  15. just a small tipp and by far no solution is setting convergence to 150m, it helps to get fire and PKs with lesser time on target when engaging at 200m and below but is a bit annoying when engaging ground targets. it would be nice if we could finaly set horizontal and vertical convergence for each gun individually (not sure how hard to implement that would be but the older Il-2 Cliffs of dover series already has that feature ).
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