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  1. I've set it up using a proximity MCU activated after takeoff, to trigger the cover based on getting close to the bombers. It's worked in the testing I've done, but I've not tested enough different scenarios to check that there aren't corner cases (e.g. as you point out if the bombers start over your airfield, the cover might trigger as soon as you take off)
  2. Are you flying icons off? If you miss any of the waypoints on the way to the rendezvous, then you'll get that behaviour. I have an update for this in my dev branch, when I get some time I'll submit it to @PatrickAWlson for review.
  3. Thanks for looking! Yep, I'm sure that the flight country is set correctly - I get the "request taxi to runway" message from the flight, but then no movement. I'll take a look at your mission when I get a chance and see what might be different.
  4. Murleen

    Cold starts

    I'll take a look. What was the takeoff direction?
  5. Hi all, I've been working on the cold start option for PWCG, which in most cases works, but I've come across one airfield where the planes refuse to budge after getting permission to taxi. There's probably something wrong in how I've set up the taxi paths, but I can't for the life of me figure it out - can anyone else take a look and give any pointers? The airfield is Klin. Thanks! taxi test 1941-11-13.zip
  6. You can fly transport missions in the JU52 with TG2. I didn't think we did have any recon planes?
  7. If you're able to reproduce this, a mission file and/or track would be useful. I've seen some issues when I'm the flight leader for Spitfires, where my wingman will taxi into the back of me, and some issues with Yak-1b's taxing faster than Yak-1's, and similarly crashing. The AI seems to go quite quickly on long straight stretches of taxiway, and some planes are faster than others. I'll see if I can do anything to work around this, but I think it's really a game bug.
  8. Murleen

    Cold starts

    When you don't get the 110 kills, do you see the kills awarded to other planes in the PWCG AAR, and are they listed as killed in the in-game after mission map? I've seen some occasions where I've taken out one engine on a plane, and it's then crashed before making it back to an airfield, so the game counts it as "ditched" rather than killed. If this is the case, it might be possible to count forced landings as "kills" in PWCG - if we did, would it only be forced landings on unfriendly soil?
  9. Murleen

    Cold starts

    I've seen this before, I don't think it's actually related to the cold start option. I think there's a bug somewhere which can cause your pilot to be placed in the mission twice - if you start the mission and then cycle through camera views of friendly planes, you should come across a second you sitting in the parking area. Because it's sporadic, I've not had much luck tracking it down so far.
  10. I'll take a look at the taxiing issue. What's the squadron/date?
  11. I've found that if the planes take a long time to arrange on the runway (assuming they didn't skip any taxi points), it tends to indicate there's either too large an angle or not enough distance from the last taxi point to the takeoff point.
  12. I suspect this is caused because you're not using English for the BoX UI - PWCG only generates the English localisation text file
  13. Try changing "Line Type" to "Position 1" - I think this is the type used in career mode briefings.
  14. I think last time I tried, I found that the stripes don't show up in the pre-mission briefing map screen, but do once you actually start the mission.
  15. Well, the cold start changes seem to merge cleanly into the PWCG6 branch - I'll test to make sure it works properly
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