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  1. Murleen

    Skins in PWCG

    I think these are all built in to the game.
  2. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Thanks, let me know if you see any issues again. I tried generating a mission from the same airfield with the same wind direction, and the planes appear to be placed correctly without any obstacles, so it's not clear what might be going wrong.
  3. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    PWCG will leave the last three mission files after you submit a report. If you've created a new campaign with the same name as the old one, then it will be keeping the ones from your old campaign, as they're from a later game date than the new campaign. You might want to delete the june missions from your mission directory,
  4. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    The file would be "data/missions/dburne spit 1943-04-01.mission" inside the IL-2 install.
  5. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I'll need the .mission file to analyse this - can you upload that, should be in data/missions/
  6. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I'll take a look
  7. Murleen

    Request: Allow configuration of icons.

    Yep, or set HUD off by default in the game settings, then press I at the start of each mission to turn on icons.
  8. Murleen

    Request: Allow configuration of icons.

    You can have no HUD but with waypoint markers, but I haven't found a way to start in this state - I have HUD turned off by default, so I need to press "I" to enable icons/markers without turning the HUD on.
  9. Murleen

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Hi Jason, I'm interested - I'm British, from South London. I don't have an especially strong accent overall. I don't sound like the caricature RAF pilots you get on TV these days
  10. Murleen

    Rift Bug - "Now Playing" Popup

    Yesterday I had Rift Home pop up over IL-2, and I got back to the game by using a touch controller to select the game icon on the rift dashboard task bar. The icon was just some wiggly lines, but matched what was shown in "now playing"
  11. Murleen

    Splashscreens mod

    Did you use the RoF unGTP.exe? I use unGTP-IL2.exe
  12. Murleen

    PWCG 5.0.2 Released

    I've run a few missions and not seen issues so far - the intercept mission issue seems to be cleared up, but I not sure I've flown enough to say for sure.
  13. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    In my last mission, two different AI pilots were assigned the same plane. From the missionData file: "3000951": { "aircraftType": "bf109f4", "squadronId": 20111051, "pilotSerialNumber": 3000951, "planeSerialNumber": 5001185, "pilotName": "Thomas Habich" }, "3001089": { "aircraftType": "bf109f4", "squadronId": 20111051, "pilotSerialNumber": 3001089, "planeSerialNumber": 5001185, "pilotName": "Kristian Finger" }, Iliya_Tolstoy201809302109509.zip
  14. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    On a LOW_ALT_CAP mission, two opposing flights are created, which spawn directly on top of each other and then crash. On the other hand, it does look like we've created a Bf109Z: Iliya Tolstoy 1942-07-01.zip
  15. OK, did some testing just now and this looks like the culprit - on a mission I had which errors on takeoff, if I change the blank string to "foo", then the error box that pops up contains "foo", and if I set it correctly to the g8t script, the autopilot can take off without error and I can see the train with Shift+F5. I'm just testing a fix now.