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  1. In straight and level flight, you should see 1G Heave, representing gravity. You should see 0G if diving with an acceleration of 9.81m/s^2. The G-meter uses the acceleration data from the game, but needs to apply the gravity term on top, which requires using the rotation data to determine which way "down" is in the local reference frame of the plane. It's possible there are some errors here - it's easy to flip signs in the maths terms etc. I've done some rough testing (e.g. checking that a 60 degree bank is 2G), but I'm not enough of an expert on the physics or the manoeuvres to check exhaustively. If you find a case where it looks to be reporting the wrong data, let me know and I can take a look.
  2. Updated version, will dump log data to a file "gmeter.csv" gmeter.zip
  3. I'll try to add csv dumping tonight, which would allow graphing
  4. I knocked up a quick G-meter application using the motion simulator API - to get IL-2 to export the data you need to add this to your startup.cfg: [KEY = motiondevice] addr = "" decimation = 2 enable = true port = 4321 [END] The app separately prints out the "Surge" (forwards/backwards), "Sway" (side to side) and "Heave" (up/down) G-force components. Hopefully this is useful to measure the G-force thresholds. I may have got some of the maths wrong (the API gives acceleration rather than G-force, so you need to add in the gravity component), so it might be worth calibrating the numbers you get. gmeter.zip
  5. I don't see the approach waypoint that far back - is there an option in the advanced settings for it?
  6. I have been looking in to this - the game seems quite finicky about the angle planes need to be at just before reaching the runway. Unfortunately I've been busy recently and haven't managed to finish this off.
  7. And it turns out the Valve Index was back in stock today, so I should have that (with canted screens) next week...
  8. HI Jason, I'd be intererested in helping to test on the VR front - I play exclusively in VR. I currently have Rift CV1, so not one of the newer headsets, although I'm planning to upgrade in the near future. Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately, for taxi paths all you can define is the locations. If you do miss the taxi path altogether, the AI will taxi once you reach the runway. Make a note of the route they took for next time You can spot the takeoff location from the position of the radio mast and the windsock - you want to have them both on your left, with the radio beacon in front of you and the windsock behind you. On paved airfields the taxi paths are usually pretty obvious, for grass airfields I've tended to run them around the perimeter, often just inside the perimeter roads where present. I'm open to putting something in the generated missions to guide the player, if there's anything reasonably historically accurate we can do.
  10. I don't think PWCG currently supports having the mission logs written anywhere other than the data folder.
  11. Are you the #3 in the formation? If you have a mission where there are more than one plane behind you in the formation, do they all taxi slowly, or just the last one? I'll take a look when I get a chance, but I'm away from my gaming computer at the moment. Also, if you run the mission with you on autopilot, do you still see the #4 plane taxiing slowly?
  12. Yes, if the player misses one of the invisible taxi points, I think the next plane in line won't start taxiing until you hit the next point. As you say, when you are going right, currently the taxi path is set up with the first point on your left. I'd like to improve this, but I haven't figured out the generic way to do it so far.
  13. Is the issue that #4 takes a long time to get to the runway, or that they take a long time to get into position for takeoff once they reach the runway? I've seen some of the second behaviour, and have an idea for a fix, but not the first case.
  14. I didn't update the animation fix when I added more planes' pilots - it, and doing the BoBP pilots, are on my to-do list, but I don't have a lot of time right now. The gunner's head disappearing will be because the game considers you close enough to the gunner that it considers it "inside", and ordinarily would not render (this is what makes the pilots disappear normally when you're in that position). The mod makes the "inside" rendering of the people visible but headless - headless is in order to avoid weird rendering artefacts when the camera is inside the head. I don't know how you adjust the radius where the game switches from "inside" to "outside".
  15. There was a similar issue with the Ju52 where it would always deny claims - was caused by the name in PWCG not matching the name appearing in the game logs.
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