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  1. I think there are some subtle bugs in the game around airfields and taxi paths which I've managed to stimulate in PWCG - I've seen planes not start, or start but not taxi, or taxi but not take off. I've never really figured out what causes it, but if you can post failing missions I can take look and see if a pattern forms.
  2. I think by default the speed is set to the player plane's cruising speed, but you can override this by putting e.g. <routespeed>300</routespeed> in the description for the icon.
  3. If you see this on the current beta, it's worth clicking "Report Error" on the campaign main screen and posting the resulting zip file on this thread.
  4. That sounds unlikely to be related to PWCG - do any other coop missions work for you?
  5. Yes, if you can attach a mission that's help, thanks For the AA, I noticed that the attack area MCUs for AA are placed at coordinates 0,0 rather than over the AA, which could explain them not firing.
  6. In the current PWCG beta, if the mission target is far from the home airfield, buildings at the airfield won't be generated. There's a fix for this checked in which will be in the next release.
  7. Amusingly one of my campaigns has a 2nd Lt Patrick Wilson in one of the squadrons, who nearly became the victim of a friendly fire incident as I misidentified them as Luftwaffe...
  8. You could perhaps do it with "Objective" MCUs - these get logged when they succeed or fail, so if you had a secondary objective for "Bombers bombed their target", you could see that happen or not in the log.
  9. Yes, ju52 missions (player or ai) don't work right now.
  10. I think this might be related to the NullPointerException issue on payloads - it could be any mission with a Ju52 flight fails to generate.
  11. This is generally an issue if the taxi path turns right from the parking area, as the leader has further to go than the others. I'll have a look, but it could take a while to solve.
  12. Can you use regular zip for the mission file? The game seems to have some odd behaviours with different relative locations of airfield, runway and taxi paths.
  13. I think there's basically a bitmap that defines water, and one for trees. The format isn't immediately obvious, but I think there were some tools to generate these floating around for RoF - @LizLemon might know.
  14. I saw this a few times, and it looked like it was a transport mission, so presumably the Ju-52 squadron causing it - haven't had time to try debugging.
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