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  1. Makes sense, and you can always incrementally add conditions to "can a flight be done" once the basics are in place
  2. Would it be possible to generate the ferry flight the day before the front lines move, so the origin airfield isn't yet in enemy territory? I guess this wouldn't work for advancing, so it would have to be just for retreating forces...
  3. I need to regenerate the mod for 4.007, but I've not had time so far
  4. I think if you miss the waypoints and the AI get stuck waiting, then once you hit the runway they'll then start to taxi.
  5. You could try to taxi forward until your #2 starts moving, then pull off the taxi way and let them overtake and see if you can follow. I usually switch to external view and zoom out to plot the route to the runway
  6. Yes, this one is more up-to-date and work with the latest game version. I haven't compared the file sizes - I'll look to see if anything is missing, but I've not seen any issues.
  7. I've seen this happen before - I suspect the waypoints on the way to the target might be low priority rather than medium, but I've not had a chance to investigate
  8. Should work fine with JSGME and remove cleanly. Since the mod alters some textures in graphics/textures/common, you may get a message warning about this if you have any other mods which change files there - this shouldn't cause a problem, but JSGME will then only allow you to remove the mods in a certain order.
  9. I don't think that should be necessary any more
  10. I think so, but I haven't tested every plane, so let me know if any still do.
  11. Yep, should have the new BoBP and updated russian models
  12. I've updated this for the new version and included the new pilot models (should cover FC, but I don't have that so can't test) get it here: https://github.com/Murleen/PilotInCockpitMod/releases/download/v0.2/PilotInCockpit_v0.2.zip - let me know if there are any issues
  13. Not intentional, it's a bug I introduced - I know how to fix it, just haven't had the time so far.
  14. I've always found that once the whole flight have their engines running, the lead plane (ai or player) will request taxi clearance
  15. You need to hit all the way points up to the rendezvous point to get the bombers to fly on.
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