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  1. Murleen

    PWCG Work In Progress

    The updates for 4.0 sound cool - it should add more incentive to bring your plane and wingmen back intact! Do you plan at any point to track/name gunners as well? I always think it's a bit sad when you see the full crew bailing out of a plane, and think "no-one cares about you"
  2. Murleen

    Mission report ATypes

    Hi Leon, The best reference I've found is the code here: https://bitbucket.org/johdex/plog/src/976c76a90c6c6c4767a7e4113f404319d087e797/ploggy/LogEntry.cs?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default There are some quirks I've found in the logs. AType 12 for example doesn't necessarily seem to indicate when the object is activated/spawned, sometimes it's generated just before another event which needs to refer to that object (and sometimes just after). AType 3 seems not to indicate complete destruction, but more "being out of the fight" - so if you lose your engine, you'll be marked as "killed" by AType 3 at the point the engine starts to fail, but if you then glide down and ditch safely, an AType 6 will be generated. AType 6 seems to generally indicate returning to ground rather than specifically landing, so crashing would generate this as well.
  3. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Thanks, I'll PM you the files ... or at least I would, but you don't seem to be able to attach files to messages. Attached here, Murleen.zip is the one where I was shot at the end of the mission (time 42048). Ivanov.zip is the other one I mentioned - I get injured at 12681 and 12940, my squadmate is killed at 48759. Murleen.zip Ivanov.zip
  4. Murleen

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvement: Logging Explanation of proposals: In the current text log files, there's the AType:18 event to indicate when a pilot or gunner has bailed out, but there's no obvious link to the parachute object (which only seems to be logged if it gets destroyed). It would be old if the AType:18 event includes a field for the ID of the generated parachute. Benefits: More accurate results from log files
  5. Murleen

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Something I've noticed in a few missions recently is that injuries/deaths reported in PWCG don't seem to match up with those in game. I had a mission where I was just landing when I got strafed and PKed, but the AAR said I was not injured. Today I collided with a Ju88 and got an "I'm wounded" on the radio, and had the blood effects onscreen, and one of my wingmen got PKed in flight, but again the AAR said that neither of us was injured.
  6. Murleen


    Thanks Patrick! If you open up the mission files and look for Plane entries - it seems that for PWCG missions, the player's flight is toward the top of the file. Plane { Script = "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\mig3s24.txt"; Model = "graphics\planes\mig3s24\mig3s24.mgm"; Desc = ""; Name = "Lt Arkady Fedorovich Kovacevich"; Index = 200507; LinkTrId = 200503; XPos = 20016.00; YPos = 0.00; ZPos = 148052.15; XOri = 0.00; YOri = 321.00; ZOri = 0.00; Country = 101; Skin = ""; AILevel = 4; CoopStart = 0; NumberInFormation = 0; Vulnerable = 1; Engageable = 1; LimitAmmo = 1; StartInAir = 1; Time = 60; DamageReport = 50; DamageThreshold = 1; PayloadId = 0; AiRTBDecision = 1; DeleteAfterDeath = 1; Fuel = 1.0; Callsign = 0; Callnum = 0; WMMask = 1; } The "Callsign" and "Callnum" fields control the plane's radio callsign. Callsign is the first part (e.g. "Stork", "Hawk"), and is a number - there's a list of what the numbers mean in data/GUI/DefaultCallsigns.eng. Callnum is the number of the plane - so Callsign=1, Callnum=1 gives "Stork 1", Callsign=12, Callnum=5 gives "Eagle 5", etc. I haven't figured out which entries need updating to give your home airfield a callsign.
  7. Hi all, Having just flown a PWCG mission with text logging turned off (and preferring to spend hours coding rather than 45min reflying the mission...), I've just created a little utility which can parse the .mlg files in the data/FlightLogs directory and generate the equivalent text missionReport files, which other tools can then read. Get it here: https://github.com/Murleen/mlg2txt/archive/v1.0.zip The script is written in Python, so you'll need to download and install a Python 3.x version from https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/. To run, use py mlg2txt.py <paths to mlg files> By default, a single txt file will be generated for each mlg file. The actual game will generate the files in chunks as the mission progresses. Adding the --split option will replicate the game's behaviour and generate multiple txt files. The --output option can be used to specify where to put the generated files. If not provided, they will be written to the current directory. One thing to note about the mlg file generation in the game is that they appear to be written when the mission is finished. This means that if the game crashes, no binary log is provided (while the text logs, as they're written in chunks, will be present).
  8. Murleen


    Hi, I'm fairly new to IL-2, and have recently been trying out PWCG alongside the built-in career mode. I'm enjoying it a lot, but one thing I've noticed is that the generated missions don't give any of the aircraft callsigns, which can lead to some odd radio chatter, e.g. "This is requesting landing clearance". I've taken to editing the mission file to give my flight callsigns, so that the radio comms are a bit less confusing, in particular I can tell which radio messages are from me! Would it be possible to update PWCG to allocate callsigns to flights? As an advanced "wish" on top of this, it would be good if the mission briefing listed your callsign and the callsigns of e.g. flights you're escorting/being escorted by, and potentially even if the intelligence screen listed the callsigns used by other friendly squadrons, so you can vaguely who else you come across.