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  1. Adding those lines to the skin definition should work - have you unassigned and reassigned the skin to pilots after changing the JSON?
  2. There have been a number of cases where we see AI planes refusing to start engines, or requesting taxi permission but then never moving, when using the "cold start" option. This is airfield-dependent, so the workaround for this option is to switch back to runway start until your squadron next moves airfields. However, for any future analysis of this issue it could be useful to have a set of the failing cases (might help finding the common features of the taxi path definitions which don't work). So, can I ask if you hit this issue that you add a post to this thread, identifying the airfield you
  3. Yeah - it might be that there's something wrong with the way I set up the taxi paths, but without a clear set of rules of "what not to do", it's not really feasible to check and fix several hundred airfields. If you manage to figure out what's wrong, I can update the taxi path definitions, the challenge has always been it's not obvious why the planes refuse to start... I created this thread to try and capture the issues we see - this might help to fix it in the future.
  4. The game has some quirks where sometimes cold start just doesn't work, and both @PatrickAWlson and I have tried to look into it and not figured out what triggers the problem. It tends to be tied to specific airfields - has this started failing after the update on an airfield which worked before, or has your squadron moved recently?
  5. What this mod does is add a model used in the "disappearing zone" which has a transparent head (so you don't see bits of the inside of the pilot head). For those planes with animated pilot models (usually those with gunners in the same compartment), you'll then see the pilot's hands move with the controls.
  6. Yeah, if you replace the textures in the mod with fully transparent ones you should get invisible pilots who cast shadows
  7. Tricky - there aren't any tools to edit the animation data. You could try swapping in the keyframe files from a different plane type if you can find one which is animated and has a close enough seating position. I don't see this - try removing and reinstalling the mod I'll take a look at some point
  8. Operation Bodenplatte? Airfield attack missions for Luftwaffe, scrambles for Allies
  9. The B-25s were used by the RAF, so probably used the Mark XIV.
  10. I use this - basically you put your head where the virtual head ought to be (if using the pilot in cockpit mod, I line up with the pilot's shoulders), then press F10. You might need to recentre the VR view at an offset to be able to get your real head in the right place, then recentre back once done.
  11. By default the text logs are in the data directory - the one containing the flightlogs directory.
  12. mlg files are binary versions of the mission logs - you need the txt files (this needs the appropriate setting in the Dserver's startup.cfg)
  13. I recommend using JSGME to install/remove mods. Otherwise, you should be able to install the new version over the top.
  14. I added the early USAAF pilot models, and will have picked up any other pilot changes made by 1CGS since the previous version.
  15. I've made an update to work with 4.505, and as a bonus the navigator now has a flare pistol.
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