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    Shot down over Bucharest , bailing out .
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    german aircraft and german bias plz nurf

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  1. [ROAF]Leutnant_Scorp1

    Romanian Air Force Custom Skins

    post your romanian (if you have any xd ) below plz
  2. [ROAF]Leutnant_Scorp1

    Romanian Air Force Custom Skins

    if you have any , post 'em down below , i am really eager to pimp my planes into ultimate romanianism , if that's a word . thanks in advance and see yall in the skies . hopefully on my side
  3. [ROAF]Leutnant_Scorp1

    Bad news from France :( - (Crash)

    becoming a pilot is no easy task , it took them , i imagine , over 12 years , and there it goes , in a heartbeat , now you are the next second all your loved ones are crying . heartbreaking . at least now they are in the skies , their favorite place to be <3 <-- my heart goes to any pilot in the air force or civil planes . you guys got nerves of titanium .