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  1. Yeah i noticed that too. Flew some Ju88 Bomber missions last night and whenever i exit the mission midair, lets say at waypont 3, my plane is listed as "crashed". Maybe it works if we land on the nearest airfield around friendly terrain?
  2. What about the crappy non ffb deadzone? Thats the only reason for me not to use that stick. I purchased mine in near perfect condition 5 years ago and used it only a few times. What a shame.
  3. Maybe it has something to do with, that killing human operated vehicles is more fun. And only a few people have TC anyway. I guess this will get better in the future.
  4. Try disabling the option where the technochat is disabled when starting a game/mission. I had the same issue. After disabling that option everything runs normal again.
  5. It is interesting to see that a hit near or directly behind the engine on those Viermots dosent damage the engine as often as we see it ingame on our bombers and fighters. Of course we cant be sure if engine got damaged or not on these clips but there is no smoke coming of of them like we see it ingame with such hits. Ingame you dont need to shoot at the engine to damage it. Just through shrapnell alone you can damage the engine severly with hits anywhere on the plane. At least post DM patch. Hit the wing of a fighter or bomber and the engine is smoking almost everytime. Even dead six o clock hits can make your engine smoking/damaged. I hadnt enough testing time with the new patch but i couldnt see much change in that regard in my very few testflights. The wings are much harder to break which is a good thing in my opinion but overal i think planes are to robust now but thats only my opinion after very few tests. So this could be just me. I will test a bit more if i can motivate myself to fly. AI is still garbage and that takes all the fun away for me. Still! Edit: I didtn read the whole thread before posting so i didnt see that PE2 video. Holy crap. Im not sure if i still want a B17 in this game.
  6. How about 10-15 mins of WEP for all engines but without recovery, so no one would fly at WEP all the time but still has plenty of WEP in acutal combat? Just as a compromise before we get some better solutions of course.
  7. Another thing is the reusablity/cooldown of the time restrictions. Why do we need to wait more then 60 secs before the timer is replenished in the case of the DB601/5s? Heat can not be the issue because the engine dosent overheat at all. Same with the BMW801s and any other time restircted engine. Compared to heat limited engines you only need to be one second below critical temp before you can go full throttle again till you reach the maximum again. No memory effect/cooldown restriction exept for heat and that is easily fixed.
  8. So that looks promising. Graphics are good enough for me and when the AI will be considered important by the devs, i will throw money at them.
  9. If the devs would promise to overhaul the AI, lets say after BoBp, i would gladly continue to support them. Because they keep their promises and i trust them enough. But as long as they consider the AI not worth the money, i cant enjoy the game. So the future looks dark in the AI department and thats it for me. No matter how good it looks or how believeable the FMs or what else is, without good AI, the SP will never be enjoyable for me. So without making noise and stop supporting, how should we influence the development then? Without talking about the problem again and again, nothing will change. The devs seem to think that the AI is not important enough to invest money. Instead they invest the money into new content which is understandable. But if 90% of the playerbase are SP, i would consider ignoring AI to be a serious risk. It could cost them more money in the longrun. But of course i am not an expert on buisness and such.
  10. Since when do they have a dedicated AI guy? Did i miss something? So why should they mess with the AI then? You support them anyway.
  11. Yeah i edited my post. Thanks for pointing out. I never fly escort because it is boring after a few times. Im glad that your experience is way better then mine. Keep it that way. For me it dosent matter on which map i fly. The missions are allways of the same concept in my version of the game. This is not the exception for me, it is the rule. There is nearly allways a flight of enemy planes circling above the target area. I dont know which game you play but i want it. You misunderstood. What i mean with focus in this context was that sometimes an enemy flight spawns with you as their missiongoal. It dosent matter if they spawn near you or 100km away. They will actively intercept you as if they had an onboard radar just like in modern jets. Where they can track you from 100km distances.
  12. Stop flying these "aircover" missions every round. It is the only missiontype where you not get enemy planes in every mission (not true for Escort). That dosent mean there are no enemys in the sky, they just dont come to your area or they come to late when the mission is already over. Most of the time they spawn in the moment you reach the "Target Area" and fly somewhere. If you wait long enough you might get lucky and they come to your location but most often they do their own thing. Which would be no problem when it not happend in every mission of this missiontype. I started to avoid these missions because its boring and plays out the same everytime for me. Another AI behavior i dont like is when an enemy flight spawns and has you as their mission. No matter what you do, they will allways find you. It will no matter if they start 20km from you or on the ground 100s of kilometers away. They will focus on you till they reach you or got distracted by other friendly flights. They make curse corrections when you try to avoid them and will find you because of onboard radar. Happend more then once to me. Now imagine this in an unescorted ground attack mission where already a flight of enemy planes waiting for you above the target area. This is not fun. If i want to dogfight in every mission i use fighter type missions and not groundattack. In groundattack missions i want to groundattack and not dogfight. What is the logic behind the concept that you have to dogfight in ground attack missions almost everytime? I mean sure, an enemy flight here and then is a good variety but in nearly every damn mission even without any escorts for you? I dont get it.
  13. It seems you did made a mistake with the labeling. It should say größer instead of gröBer. I mean maybe im wrong but größer would make much more sense to me as a german speaking person. Edit: Btw, what is the price of your throttle and would it be possible to mount a TM Cougar Throttle Handle on that thing? Im just asking out of interest for a new throttle and have not decided yet, which one.
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