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  1. More Blades More Dates. 😁
  2. Try to delete the folder with the date inside the /updates folder. You can also delete the hole /updates folder but if you launch your game via the launcher, you will have to wait a few minutes before the game starts at the first launch after deleting the hole folder.
  3. The grip reminds me on rowing exercises in the gym. You can pull heavy with that style of hand position. It feels very natural that way compared to a stick where you put one hand over the other.
  4. Thats odd. I mostly fly against the P51 with all kinds of planes in QM at Ace level because it is in my opinion the best allied AI plane to lfy against. It has speed, it has maneuverabilty, can pull more Gs and is the most robust plane to fight against. No other fighter is more resilient to damage in my opinion. Never saw hits on the elevator renders them inoperable even with half the elevator shot off. Maybe AI is not affected? I need good long bursts in the center of the plane to shoot it down. Maybe i should aim at the elevator? But even shooting them dead six i had the impression that it i
  5. The A-20 AI behaves exactly the same as the Hs-129 AI and the IL-2 (1943) AI. The Ju-88 AI has no such problems, the AI wingmen can use max continues and combat power between normal waypoints and climbing. Why is it a problem for some AI controlled planes with the engine limits, while it is no problem for other AI controlled planes to use max continues and combat power in normal flight? This makes absolutely no sense to me.
  6. You told me all is fine with the AI holding formation at max continues mode, which i disproved. Maybe its a language barrier on my side? If the leader uses max continues, why would that be a problem with the engine limits for the wingmen? A bit more manifold pressure to keep up here and there would never use up the engine limits by any meaningful amount for the wingmen. Just like how it is no problem for Fighter plane AI wingmen. And why should the AI in generell hold back from using higher power settings when the leader (player) uses higher settings himself?
  7. Below is the track file. I regularly show the power setting and switch to the F2 view to show how far behind the AI falls at max continues mode. At around 1:00 i flew through the waypoint and activated the next one (attack wp). The AI starts to accelrate and comes closer. At around 2:20 the AI is in formation at 1.1ata 2350rpm (max continues) and then i start to increase power to combat mode with the AI keeping up easily. This pretty much shows that the AI cant keep up at max continues mode between normal waypoints and is somehow restricted in using the throttle. Same happens with
  8. Yeah i have to correct myself. The Red waypoint is not the reason for the AI to use full throttle control. In normal career generated missions and PWCG the AI just cant go full max continues nor any higher power setting outside of combat. This seems to be the case for every non fighter AI/Plane. This really needs to be fixed in my opinion. It makes no sense to restrict the AIs power settings and let it fly slower then it has to. Especially when the player is the leader. To quickly reproduce what i mean, just create a Quick Mission with 4xHs-129 or for example 4xIL2s without any gro
  9. Here is the track file: career-3-HeinzVogt-1943.2020-07-10_18-33-44_00.rar In the track you can see what happens when i increased power from 1.0 ata 2350 rpm to 1.1 ata 2350 rpm. The AI just cant keep up and fall behind. The plane is in standard config without any mods and 100% fuel just to see if it has anything to do with the loadout. Wind was at 20m/s from ahead. I did some more testing but this time i used the quick mission builder without any wind in autumn conditions at 500m alt. The AI had no problem to stay in formation and used little bursts of combat power to
  10. I think it is good now how it is. I adjust the waypoints with the mouse and when im satisfied, i switch to the waypoint edit and set the speed. It is easy as walking. What i think would be the tip of the icecake is, when we could synchronize the waypoint speed like we can with the plane loadout. But its not really that important.
  11. 264 kph is not max continues with that loadout. Max continues is about 1.1 ata and 2350 rpm. I checked several different missions in carreer and the one singelplayer mission for the Hs-129. No matter what, AI cant follow me on 1.1 ata and 2300 rpm. And why does the AI climb at 210-220 kph when it could climb much faster? Why does the AI not use combat power in normal flight? For example the 109 AI can follow me at combat power with no problem. I will record my next flight later so you can see what i mean. Thanks for responding. Sorry my mistake, yes i mean the
  12. Hello and thank you for this awesome tool. I have a question, is it possible to change the cruising speeds for the waypoints?
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