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  1. Hello and thank you for this awesome tool. I have a question, is it possible to change the cruising speeds for the waypoints?
  2. Generate any campaign mission with the Hs-129 as a wingman yourself and follow the ai leader. The leader will never fly at max continues and flys about 30kph slower then you can go at 1.1 ata 2300 rpm. AI climbs at around 200 kph with a loadout of 2x50kg bombs and a mk 101 at 100%fuel which is way below climb power. And if you are the leader, you will notice that the AI just cant go at max continues power nor at combat power. No other aircraft as far as i remember has the same problem if you are the leader, AI will follow you at combat power if needed, no problem. But i must admit, the AI has improved a bit in the 129 and can go faster then before. If i remember correctly, the ai flew at about 220 kph with the same loadout and can now achieve 250 kph. I just dont understand why the ai refuses to use 1.1 ata 2300 rpm or combat power if needed. Mission speed is set at 300 kph and raising the speed for every waypoint has no effect.
  3. I guess it still is a known issue? I mean will it ever be adressed at some point? Its still frustrating to fly the Hs-129 with bots. Pls fix the 129 AI!
  4. And what would these flaps protect? These are behind the engine and are just tiny slits covered with slim movable metal sheets. Cant imagine any protection from these but who knows.
  5. So what is the conclusion? That the 109 driver is a cheater or that the 109 is unrealistically overpowered or that the Mustang is underpowered? I cant accelerate in any 109 when going vertical and i cant see such thing happend here? To me it seems like the 109 driver did a good job surviving the first two passes and managing his energy better and then climb a bit faster then his opponent in the vertical. The Mustang was slower in the vertical or lost his speed faster so the 109 had more speed but surely didnt accelerate at this stage.
  6. If you want to check the Skill of your squadmates, you can open your last mission in the editor and see the level of your squadmates. On fresh pilots as if you start a new carrer, only the highest rank is Ace but you can have aces blow that rank when you manage to babysit them long enough to get some kills and missions under their belt. But that is an frustrating endavour, especially on the german side.
  7. Blutaar

    AI mods?

    They cant hit a thing at any altitude, no matter the skill level! Just turn and they are of no danger. Even flying straight they often miss big planes like bombers. Its garbage. I would wish for better aim but with a lot of spray so that not all projectiles hit the same damn spot like we had it a few years ago. This would make them somewhat usable as wingman. Im tired of missions where i down 90% of the enemy planes while my wingmates miss at every opportunity even on Ace level. That alone holds me back from playing more. Every update is the same for me, playing a few days after release and then get bored pretty fast.
  8. Next time better take 3 tanks with AI instead of just one with 3 guys. Joking aside, it seems like the AI will never be enjoyable in this game, in the air or on the ground. I dont have Tankcrew and it seems i will never have it. I knew from the beginning that it will be aweful with all seeing hive minded AI. The plane AI still is useless and cant get hits on maneuvering targets, its the exception not the rule that they hit something. Also they always know where you are and never can be surprised. Yeah it happens sometimes that they fly straight but that is bug in my opinion. The AI cant even jump out of heavily damaged planes before they slowly fly into the ground most of the time or RTB if possible. The AI is a mess and needs a serious overhaul, not just some tweaking of decision making processes. Im sick of missions where i am the one with almost all air kills on my side even when taking 7 friendly AIs with me on a mission. Not only that, also the fact that i loose my Aces in the career against novice AI in slower but better turning planes. Its frustrating and i can see the pain with tankcrew. Seems like we are in the same boat i guess.
  9. Im somehow drawn to this so i must share. Enjoy!
  10. That would be a very dumb decision in a flightsim where almost everyone is using a Joystick and at least a twist axis for rudder. Maybe there are guys out there who play with mouse and keyboard but it must be a very small minority if it even exists in IL2. So small that it should be ignored. But im sure that is not the reason for dumbed down torque and brakes. After all this is a flightsimulation game! Imagine racing games of today would dumb down the throttle, bake or wheel responsivenes and max values just to please people who might play these racing games on the keyboard. lol Anyway, i see no problem in keeping the weak brakes option as a button but give us with pedals or brake levers a more realistic braking power. And please give us more realistic torque on top of that. Torque souldnt be dumbed down for a theoretical minority of non joystick users.
  11. MW5 is such a disapointment for me. The best stuff from MWO, the costumization in the mechlab where i spent more time then playing, is gone or at least castrated to a boring point. Locked engines, restricted energy and ballistic hardpoints and no endo-steel or ferro upgrades. The deluxe package also is a joke. Dont buy if you liked MWOs costumization part more then the actual gameplay.
  12. For the HS 129, i didnt check the career in BoK but in Stalingrad its way longer then 80km. The 190 is available as ground attacker only in BoK as far as i remember so i think its the same for the A8. Only the A3 in BoS has a fighter career. I would like to alter the mission type to fighter for it and need to know how. I thought everything career related is server side but you could alter some AI units and give them a Stuka for the anti tank role as a player. So there must be a way to change it.
  13. I would like to have a Fighter career in the FW 190 A8. Is it possible to change the role to fighter instead of ground attacker per mod in the career? Also how to change airfields? I would like to play with the Hs 129 without having to fly 200+ km everytime.
  14. Maybe this isnt necessary. Yesterday i rediscovered a thread about a G940 user made firmware which gets rid of that big non ffb deadzone of the g940 and completely removing the hysteresis of the throttle and other things. Seems worth a try and user feedback is positive. I will definitively try that one out before i do any modding. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=222488 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=240114
  15. I flew the Hs 129 alot in career the last few days and i found out that you can land at the airfield where your escort starts from. But for that to work, you should place the 4th waypoint near the airfield of your escorts. I set the waypoint so that i can still fly towards it but landing at waypoint 2 so never reaching the 4th waypoint. I think it is important not to fly through that waypoint so place it after the airfield. As long as you dont reach it, you can land and keep your plane for the next mission. So to minimize mission time, i spawn in the air at waypoint 2, get my escort, fly towards the target, do my job there and return to where i started from and land there. Hope that helps a bit to ease the pain. Flying 100+ km at 250 kph in the Hs 129 (thanks to the incapable AI) is just to much frustraition for me. Oh and i didnt test it with Fighters btw so i dont know if that works too.
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