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  1. Great news, always enjoyed the Campaign Generator since Rise of Flight days! Cheers
  2. From the previous post - when the game loads into mission/campaign/quick mission the error only occurs after pressing the trackir un-pause (as distinct from the pause key in game I hope this helps to explain, and helps anyone else with similar issue's - I just don't know how to solve at this stage. Cheers, Gravy1
  3. Hi, Have a bit of a head scratcher... When I load any mission what I get after unpausing the "Start pause" - more often than not anyway - is a second or less of active game where it appears to be running fine - the prop is spinning, all seems right. Then it's all frozen in place... the only option is the escape menu, I click finish mission no luck, restart mission nothing either. The crash I have never seems to generate a crash dump file (.dmp file) in the appdata/local/crash dumps Despite having enabled these files to appear if the game crashes. I see a "launcher.exe.backup.12716.dmp" but backup I suppose suggests something else. I run the game in in - --1920x1080 Fullscreen Res No 4k preferred textures. Autoscaled interface (Same in launcher as it is for in game settings - For Rs, 4k, and auto scale) Shadows -medium. mirrors - simple. Distant landscape detail - normal Horizon draw distant - 150km Landscape filter - off grass -normal clouds -medium target FPS -60 Dynamic resolution factor - full AA - 2 HDR - enabled Trackir 4 (No VR headset, don't own one) Online purchase of game (non-steam version) I turned down the resolution only when this problem first happened, fiddled around with graphics settings a little but didn't touch anything major just reduced AA, SSAO set to off, shadows to medium and distance landscape reduced - however this has happened ever since I purchased the aforementioned rig, game ran fine on the other computer. I am running the following rig O/S - Win 10 x64 Home edtion Intel Core i7-7700K CPU - 4.20GHz, Quad Core GTX 1080 Samsung SSD 960 EVO Hard drive 250GB 16 GB RAM As mentioned no crash dump file appears I have enabled .dmp files to appear if a crash occurs, nothing at all has appeared in the crash dump folder. I've tried to provide as much info as I can think of - of course without a .dmp it's a bit tricky Cheers, Gravy1
  4. Hi O_Smiladon, I'd like to know about oceanic, I'm aussie time zone of course. May I PM you and find out about this?
  5. Title say's most of what I'm looking for. Would like to either join a squadron or fly with someone who has some experience, either or both. I live in Australia, haven't flown much online, have flown for about a year -Australasian time zone is essential, timezone is important of course. Also fly other sims as well. If somebody could point me in the right direction for aussie time zones for online squadrons, that would be great. Cheers
  6. Well yeah that's right I use rudder pedals myself and I still can't keep the plane straight on taxi
  7. I find the problem is when I'm taxiing, The plane literally goes in circles on the ground when I input rudder, any suggestions I can't seem to texi at all!
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