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  1. Hi where is the set view for head zoom in and out ? I remember with previous Cliffs of Dover there was... bye
  2. Thank, thank thank, it is a very impressive hard work, if this add-on will be for purchased I'm glad to get my money for you. Thank again.
  3. Great my always favorite plane
  4. Hi this is strange. 1 check your internet conection if work fine if is on the wifi try with a wire conection to your modem. If you run on the pc desktop follow this: 2 try your DDR memory if work properly 3 try your graphic card 4 check your power supply 5 check and turn off all antivirus or similar as AVG and so on....
  5. Thank to all for reply, in DCS hipoxia is modeled in P-51d, F-86 Sabre, F-5 Tiger Northrop, maybe in the Spitfire, and in A-10 Thunderbolt
  6. Hi in the new Thunderbolt P-47 is implemented the hipoxia effect? bye
  7. i have solved with this x86vc_redistx86. also if my pc run on 64bit the game need the x86 version of visual studio https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  8. Also here some time I get black screen or freeze when I start a single mission...whit previous version I never get this problem...
  9. We will have the spitfire MkIX with round tail as option? Bye
  10. Thank I can get 10$ and other 10$ off for RoF... goood
  11. Hi what is the difference between two games? I have the Rof and I can add its to il2? Bye
  12. Production of the LF Mk IXs, frequently referred to as the Spitfire IXB, initially ran in parallel with the Merlin 63 powered Marks. This version first became operational in March 1943 with the Biggin Hill Wing, comprised at the time of 611 and 341 (Free French) Squadrons. This type was by far the most produced of the Spitfire IX variants, with over 4,000 built. The maximum power of the Merlin 66 was 1,720 hp (1,280 kW) at 5,750 ft (1,283 kW at 1,752 m) and the maximum speed of the Spitfire LF IX was 404 mph (650 km/h) at 21,000 feet (6,400 m).[35] The Merlin 66 introduced a new Bendix-Stromberg injection carburettor, which replaced the earlier S.U float carburettor.[32] The H.F IX was powered by the specialised high altitude Merlin 70 and entered service in the Spring of 1944. Serial listings show that the HF Mk IX was produced in relatively limited numbers when they were required, with priority being given to versions rated for low and medium altitudes[nb 6] Maximum power of the Merlin 70 was 1,710 hp (1,280 kW) at 11,000 ft (1,275 kW at 3,353 m): maximum speed of the Spitfire HF.IX was 405 mph (652 km/h) at 25,400 feet (7,700 m) at an all-up weight of 7,320 lb (3,320 kg).[37] The cockpit of a Spitfire IX showing the instrument panel and the Mk II Gyro gunsight. Also introduced in early 1944 was a new Mark II Gyro gunsight. This gunsight calculated the correct angle of deflection to use when leading the target. Its introduction doubled the effectiveness of RAF gunnery and was a major factor in Allied air superiority.[38] The capacity of the main fuel tanks was 48 gal for the upper tank and 37 gal for the lower, for a total internal capacity of 85 gal. Jettisonable "slipper tanks" of 30, 45 or 90 gal could be carried under the centre-section.[39] As an alternative a cylindrical 50 gal drop tank, adapted from those carried by long range Hawker Typhoons, could be carried on the fuselage bomb rack used on most Mk IXs of the Second Tactical Air Force. To further increase the combat radius some late production Mk IXs were fitted with additional internal self-sealing fuel tanks in the rear fuselage: the upper tank carried 41 gal and the lower 34 gal. When both were full this enabled a ferry range of over 1,200 miles (1,900 km), although they made the aircraft unstable in flight and only straight flight and gentle manoeuvres at low altitudes were recommended by the pilot's manual. The pilot was also warned to avoid instrument flying whenever possible.[40][41]
  13. Hi see in weapon control map setting, there are the option for gunsight
  14. Thank The best money spent in my life
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