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  1. Thank a lot I have done, bye my friend
  2. Hi to all I have purchased this morning...
  3. Hi where is the set view for head zoom in and out ? I remember with previous Cliffs of Dover there was... bye
  4. Thank, thank thank, it is a very impressive hard work, if this add-on will be for purchased I'm glad to get my money for you. Thank again.
  5. Hi this is strange. 1 check your internet conection if work fine if is on the wifi try with a wire conection to your modem. If you run on the pc desktop follow this: 2 try your DDR memory if work properly 3 try your graphic card 4 check your power supply 5 check and turn off all antivirus or similar as AVG and so on....
  6. Thank to all for reply, in DCS hipoxia is modeled in P-51d, F-86 Sabre, F-5 Tiger Northrop, maybe in the Spitfire, and in A-10 Thunderbolt
  7. Hi in the new Thunderbolt P-47 is implemented the hipoxia effect? bye
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