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  1. Buy a bigger screen, eg 2560x1440 pixels. Then you have plenty of room to tilt without losing image quality when editing videos to Full HD. I like to have aperture settings in replays, so you can adjust depth of field.
  2. Answers to your questions can be found here in this video:
  3. I "found" Skyrim just three weeks ago! 100+ hours for now... Fantastic game and fantastic mods!
  4. Quick comparison between weeks 3 and 4. Much better now!
  5. Confirmed! At least it's not bad as last week.
  6. Thank to devs! Flight Recorder is exellent function. Or is it actually a player, because I already record one short test track in first week and I can watch it now without problems!? Next we need working Free Camera (F11) mode!
  7. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/59-pilots-art/
  8. Thanks! I post this originally to General Discussion (109-manual is still there...), but for some reason moderators moved it in here History-area. I agree - this is wrong place for this!
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    ABS-club* *Anonymous BoSholics
  10. Check this link (taleks post #5) for looping problems, that may help.
  11. One more try and suddenly: [01:50:01] Checking for updates [01:50:02] No changes were made [01:50:03] Update finished successfully
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