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  1. Hello folks, got an issue with the P-47. Whenevr I generate a mission, as I play it, the pilot is standing with his arms outstretched in the cockpit instead of sitting in it, same for the IA in my flights. I tried several missions, same bug each time. I don't have this problem with career, offline, coops or dogfights, just with the missions generated by the PWCG.
  2. Hello Gielow, It's the Amarilo font, there you go: https://www.dafont.com/fr/amarillo-usaf.font?sort=alpha
  3. ICDP, thanks a lot for your fabulous template! Do you plan on adding some smoke behind the gun barrels and ejections ports of the .50cals? Quick question regarding the alpha channel. Despite the fuselage and wings being the same shade, I am under the impression that the wings and horizontal stabs are much more reflective than the fuselage, as can be seen on the skin below. Am I the only one under this impression, is there something I am missing? This is a personnal skin depecting a bird of the 388th FS / 365th FG, again using your excellent template.
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