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  1. Hey, Fellow Pilots, First thing: We love this sim! It is the best of them all...bar none! Many thanks to all the devs and with Jason at the till! The IL-2 community is the cat's meow! My story is: I can't fly now (bummer, dudes). When I go on to Steam and start the Play, within moments I get bounced back to the starting point...to start the play (again)! Ouch! Simple problem, but way out of my wheelhouse! All I can do is wait on the sidelines until something or someone comes to me rescue...arrgh, mateys! Sure do miss this sim and its beautiful scenery...and its guns too! But I'm not worried. My bet is on Jason, the devs, this community. We be the ones who keep us keepen on! But I really need to get back in the air: I've got my Yak-9 waiting for me...and I gots to climb into my Hawker Hurricane ASAP! Thanks, guys, you've cheered me up...keep looking up!
  2. Whoa! Wasn't sure she'd make it! Crimeanently, lost most of her rudder, left-elevator...and she still made it back! Thanks--excellent vid! Enjoyed it a bunch!
  3. Great job! Lots of beautiful camera and action scenes!
  4. I sure would like to know the one for "TAW" Thanks
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