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  1. Hey, Jason, thanks for all you do for this great sim and the community you've created. I feel I'm left behind & out in the cold. I can not get the sim to launch. Every time I push "PLAY", after a few seconds the software reverts back to the original "PLAY" scrren. This has gone on for all of 4.006. I've been going back and forth with Support, but we haven't been able to find the fix. Today I went back to see if something had changed, and lo and behold, there is now a 4.007! So, I gave it another go, and...it went back to "PLAY". Again. BTW, I've run across a couple of other pilots who said they have encountered this same problem. If there is anything you could do to help it would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig Furlong PS I'd give anything for a fire in the cockpit!
  2. Hey, Raven, thanks for the help on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES. I ran it and discovered it WAS missing a file and the program said it would RE-AQUIRE the missing file. So, I ran it again, and the program then said on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES that it now had all the files. So, I hit the PLAY button...and after about 5 seconds with the program "trying" to start-up...it again bounced back to the PLAY buttion. I then tried it a second time...and it failed again. I wondering. What if I uninstalled the program in Steam, and then downloaded it again? Maybe then it would boot? What to do you think, Raven? (Also, I don't know where in Steam I can download this update.) Thanks again, my friend... No, I don't know where to lodge the ticket... Would you please let me know how I can get in touch with Support? Thank you, Red!
  3. I have basically the same problem...I CAN'T GET STEAM TO WORK!...it keeps going back to the PLAY position after about 5 seconds. So no, I can't fly either. This shouldn't be that difficult to fix...but it apparently is, isn't it?
  4. I don't know how to verify integrity of the game files. The only things I've done is try to log onto Steam as normal, but Steam keeps reverting back to the Play button (just keeps going circular...), and got rid of all ReShade files (didn't help). Now I am just stuck waiting for some kind of magic fix from Steam of the devs. Sure miss flying... Never had a problem yet with my firewall...
  5. Hey, Fellow Pilots, First thing: We love this sim! It is the best of them all...bar none! Many thanks to all the devs and with Jason at the till! The IL-2 community is the cat's meow! My story is: I can't fly now (bummer, dudes). When I go on to Steam and start the Play, within moments I get bounced back to the starting point...to start the play (again)! Ouch! Simple problem, but way out of my wheelhouse! All I can do is wait on the sidelines until something or someone comes to me rescue...arrgh, mateys! Sure do miss this sim and its beautiful scenery...and its guns too! But I'm not worried. My bet is on Jason, the devs, this community. We be the ones who keep us keepen on! But I really need to get back in the air: I've got my Yak-9 waiting for me...and I gots to climb into my Hawker Hurricane ASAP! Thanks, guys, you've cheered me up...keep looking up!
  6. Whoa! Wasn't sure she'd make it! Crimeanently, lost most of her rudder, left-elevator...and she still made it back! Thanks--excellent vid! Enjoyed it a bunch!
  7. Great job! Lots of beautiful camera and action scenes!
  8. I sure would like to know the one for "TAW" Thanks
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