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  1. If you go into the"File" menu and select "Import from file" (or something similar, not at pc right now), then navigate to the game's "data/templates" folder, there are preset groups to import for each map. Importing those groups leaves then in the correct positions.
  2. A preliminary test version of our first Rheinland mission is now in rotation. This still needs some work (I have a few things in mind), but I thought I'd let it run. It will currently run twice in each rotation of the missions. EDIT: I should also add that allied ground assets are also currenly Russian units on "Venlo". This is partly for balance, and for the fact that the newer US ground assets are not counting as kills within the game client (though they do seem to be producing server logs, so they would count on the stats page).
  3. I noticed one of the hotfixes corrected an issue where the b25 wasn't counting as killed in the game client. However, I've noticed that some of the new ground assets don't count either. I haven't looked at everything, but I've encountered the issue with the m16, the gmc-cckw and the m1a1gun-aa. Strangely enough, they do produce entries in server logs when testing, so would be picked up by vaal's stats, just not within the game client.
  4. I've been doing some testing on this today, and as far as I can tell, objects that will RRR, do so without the boxes checked as long as the plane/tank is entirely within the maintenence radius, so you don't seem to be able to use Rearm and Refuel without repair, and the only way to switch them all off completely is to amend any object that will RRR friendlies so that the radius is too small to work. Or remove all such objects.
  5. Ah, I was suggesting upping those on the machine running the server rather than the one connecting. Not sure if that will help.
  6. I don't know how the listen server (in game) use multiple cores, but dserver doesn't. I've noticed a lot a servers have this problem, with connecting, and I don't know if this works for listen servers, but I had this with dserver at first, but that lets you set bandwidth up and down speed limits. I found that the default upload speed was higher than my internet connection could handle, and lowering that worked. I'm not 100% certain how this works in listen servers, but if you check your "startup.cfg" file in the game's "data" folder and scroll down to this bit: [KEY = network] available_ip = "" client_download_traflimit = 1000 client_ip = "" client_upload_traflimit = 1000 downloader_port = 28100 server_download_traflimit = 1000 server_upload_traflimit = 1000 tcp_port = 28000 udp_port = 28000 [END] It's possible that amending the server traffic limits here might help. Those figures are from my config file, and if those are the defaults, they seem rather low, so it's possible getting in just takes a hell of a long time. Particularly as the listen server uses the larger ".mission" file rather than the smaller binary that's used by listen servers. You could try upping those to something closer to your bandwidth. (I'm presuming they are in kb/s like on dserver). IP address can be added in the "multiplayer" section of the game client's settings, but not sure if that's needed. Also, you're going to want to add the port 28100 to TCP as well as 28000.
  7. Just to let everyone know, there seems to have been a bug introduced with yesterday's patch where certain missions show no bases at all on joining. It only seems to affect missions where all bases are able to be captured, and there is a workaround. If you select any of the four options along the bottom ("server info", "statistics", "become a gunner" or "spectate") then close the dialogue, then the bases do appear.
  8. Agreed, but I was just putting into context the situation as for when the comment was made. There was a lot of anger over the 262 in particular, and pointing out that locking mods can isn't as easy as just unchecking what you want to remove. Instead, you have to lock everything, and choose what is allowed instead. It's a bit of a mission builder/dserver deficiency really, because it should be possible to do it both ways. The number of points awarded in game is not set by mission builders or server owners, but by the devs (buit into the game client). It used to be 200 points in game, right up until the pz.iv was added, I think. I'm not 100% certain when it changed, only that it did, and not too long ago. EDIT: also, the amended DED missions were only originally placeholders because mission building takes a lot of time, and we wanted somewhere people could play during the issues on DED. They aren't just rehashes, they ARE the actual DED missions, but with some things changed. The mission you mentioned (not actually mine), but was a month in the making, and still needs some tweaking to lighten the load. Once that's done, it's likely to end up on DED as well. There is also a second new map in rotation here now, and more are in the works.
  9. You might note that comment was made two months ago. At that time, allies had nothing with engines that late (the 1944 engine for the mk.ix has only just arrived with the new update, and we didn't even know it would arrive at the time). Even if going for historical accuracy, it would not have been unreasonable to lock that modification (and it is a modification in the game client, hence the terminology being used) where the 262 was available.
  10. Installing the game is probably easiest. Mission editor needs access to many of the game files. What is the resolution on the monitor of your desktop? I only ask, because I've never had any luck with monitors that have a vertical resolution of under 900. Anything under that and the properties dialogue appears out of view, and can't be moved.
  11. Is it a problem since the update? I've had some running longer than that in testing, but I haven't tried since the update. Don't add in a mission end timer, and make sure the server running it has the correct duration you want (possibly unlimited, if you want it to run until an objective is completed).
  12. I don't normally have the server running concurrently with DED -Normal, but I decided to keep it up a while giving people chance to play the new planes online. The current version of Lapino running has most Allied and Axis planes on both sides. That is only temporary (while mania around the new planes wears off a little), and will put back to normal in no more than a week's time.
  13. I haven't had a chance to check new map in mission editor yet, but on the groups, is the one that you want to select inside another group? If it is you'll have to find the top level group and get into it from there. You can have groups within groups within groups etc. And then you can only select the highest order one. A good way to find it would be too note the number of the group and look for where that range of numbers would be in the mission tree in the left hand side, then try to find out from there.
  14. You could potentially add a vehicle in the mission as a "spotter" and give it a radius that encompasses the entire map. (I'm not entirely sure if there's a maximum spotting distance as I haven't actually tried this).
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