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  1. I'm trying to do some testing on this in a test directory to see if there's any way to help, but running into trouble. Have you lost your actual mission log text files? And have you had any luck getting them from the backup folders?
  2. Hmm. Well, I have had this part: instead of a bot in an aircraft is not a living entity But it never caused any problems with the stats updating. It might be worth me switching it off in case (nobody's taken a gunner position this month yet, but the older ones are showing for me). I don't suppose you still have the actual log file that included the tick 329079? Also, I don't suppose you have any Flying Circus craft in any of your missions? Just wondering if the objects list has some missing items for the new planes.
  3. I really hope that's not my fault, with the gunner stuff and all...
  4. Many of the DED-Normal regulars have been flying here during DED-Normal downtime. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52029-oh-my-dog-normal-server/ Also, "Normal" preset servers show with the two chevrons (without stars) on the server list.
  5. Me262s are slowly making their way back into most missions (with limited numbers, with the exception of the Kuban map anyone played on the server will be familiar with). There are other changes coming, bit at a time. There are many asking about the limiting of mods for the 262, particularly the engine mod. That is something I would eventually like to see implemented. However, it isn't just a case of selecting the mods that are locked. You actually have to lock mods on the server itself, then manually add in the ones that you want to be available. That has to be done for every single plane at every single airfield, in every single map. As you can imagine, that's actually quite a lot of work to remove just one thing. The same is true for limiting fuel loadouts*. I do want to add that, but considering the time it will take, isn't as much of a priority as further mission design, and mission editing. *Edt: In fact it is impossible to allow custom fuel loads for any plane if fuel loads are locked on the server. If they are locked for one plane, they're locked for all.
  6. Very helpful information, not just for amending a ban, but for being able to check it's in place as well. However, just from checking, it appears that the PlayerGuid is actually the ID from the PlayerGuid table, but doesn't necessarily match the id number on the PlayerName table. Just thought that might be helpful for any one else stumbling across this. I'm not certain where the player name table added someone that isn't on the Guid table, but it seems to have. I don't think it's stopping this from working though, but it might be best not to add one based on the PlayerName table manually, thinking that the IDs on both tables match.
  7. The stats have moved out of the test tour and into monthly tours from today. The stats site now also has tank and gunner rankings. (Many thanks have to go to Mr_Pickles of "Action Dogfight and Tanks" for his assistance in that part. I'm not sure I'd have got it running without his help). http://ohmydog.mooo.com:8080 As with others that have tank rankings, it an unsupported modification to Vaal's stat system, and not without errors/omissions. (Chiefly being the lack of detailed information of objects you've destroyed in the "sortie" log, and the fact that all missions result in the tank as being destroyed). It's also possible this server will be handed over to another admin in the near future (who can more reliably run it on a more permanent basis). The missions in rotation are still (often modified) versions of DED missions. Original mission design replacement is still in progress. Edit: I also forgot to mention, the PzIV-g has been added to all missions, and the 262 removed until further notice.
  8. This is actually a feature built into the game rather than something server admins can switch on and off. However, I believe they can unban users that have been banned this way. It might also amuse you to know that the server is down again anyway, and has been since not long after RAY-EU's post. 😄 And Epee is right about the first part. It might not be name calling, but naming people at all, then referring to them as "offenders"/"criminals" (regardless of your intention), could possibly be construed that way. As for the Russian forum, I intend to go there with a number of things to say, but there's some technical stuff that google translate isn't going to convey very well, so I keep putting it off. (Things like the Server Stats not working, the PzIV not being available, and the PzIII-m only being available at some bases if it's held by Allies instead of Axis on the Moscow mission.) There is also the issue of the log files from the last update. Dserver doesn't produce logs by default, and the last update wiped out most people's config files (which is where the settings to produce logs is stored). Because the stats haven't been updating, I don't actually know if that's because they have just crashed, or because the server stopped producing logs... and I'm not certain if my advice on that subject came across in my last post on the Russian site.
  9. ^Sorry to hear about the bans. However, if you believe you are contributing to mission wins in 262s, then I'd say you haven't noticed how the objectives on this server seem to work. As the server is currently set up, it's impossible to win a map on points. Only those missions with built in objectives (and it isn't all of them) actually count on the server stats. Those objectives are either ground attack objectives or tank objectives. The current state of this month is more to do with an influx of people taking Tigers on Moscow and Stalingrad2 (aka "tanks rush!") rather than what is going on in the air. Plus as the stats are no longer updating since the server came back, it's not going to be making a difference this month, even if that weren't the case. Was this throught vote banning from within the game btw?
  10. Strangely enough, the stats still appear to be producing mission logs (with nobody joining because it isn't visible on the server list). I suspect they haven't actually brought it down to update the files since the update dropped this week, and so has lost it's connection to the master server as a result. As for the rest...I don't know, I don't feel safe in a P47 when certain players on, and flying the 262, but I agree, most of the time it's just an annoyance. To both sides really, because when so many are in it, the few axis player that aren't can often end up getting properly ganked by allied pilots while the 262 pilots run round and around. But like I said in a earlier post, I would certainly prefer not to see it removed, but perhaps limited in numbers, and not available from forward airstarts (just because they can cover the distance and get to the action pretty quickly in any case). I'll let them know on the Russian forum,
  11. This sounds like my experience, and how the planes should behave as far as I can tell. Also, in the circumstances you see the OP argument, I can also see. However, most of the arguments, particularly on here, come from extremely experienced pilots... Despite this, the stats show that you consistently maintain amongst the highest air victories per hour of flight on the server, and I know from experience you know quite well how to gain and maintain your energy advantage. Nobody is ignorant of the fact that the Spitfire turns really well. We are only maintaining that it doesn't turn better than it's supposed to, as seems to be your argument (constantly maintaining that it is broken). The reason more people take the MK IX is because it is the most capable overall fighter we have. It can outclimb other Allied planes, and is faster than anything else the Allies have bar the LA5 FN, and can turn better than anything other than a MK IVb or I16. I am not maintaining that it is inferior, only that is cannot climb as well as most German planes. I never wanted this to get into a some kind of "us vs them" argument, and as much as I didn't really agree with the tone of Tyggz's post... This is kind how your protestations do sound like from my end too.
  12. And if you had flown the Spitfire against the best K4 and D9 and F4 pilots (plus at least one of the best A5 and 110g2 pilots), you'd probably see it from a different side. There are definitely those seem to be able to follow it through any kind of turn fight.
  13. Outpaced even by F4s in most cases.... you know.... that one German plane that's been since early beta releases of the game. I've really never wanted to get into these discussions (I hate conflict.... take of that what you will in a discussion about a war game :D), but it does get annoying to see the forum full of "Spitfire is OP" sentiment without much challenge. I do sometimes get the impression that there will always be people on this forum who are not happy unless they are flying K4s and D9s against nothing but I16s and MiGs Thing is, going up against any German plane with the available allied planes has always been a frustrating experience. The German planes have always been able to dictate whether or not a fight takes place, allied pilots have usally had to rely on german pilots making mistakes, or being caught too low in order to score air victories. Conversely, if an allied player flies, and a German pilot chooses to engage, the allied pilot has no choice of being able to avoid the fight. This is still the case with the Spitfire IX, with the only difference being it isn't as easy to turn with, so can avoid being hit more easily. On the idea of limiting plane sets, I'm really torn. It would be fun to have to fly earlier planes somtime, but I'm certainly not going to be doing it against K4s and D9s. However, I don't like the idea of limiting what is available on this server for a number of reasons. The biggest reason being there will eventually be (if there aren't already) players who only have access to Bodenplatte, and I don't like the idea of them being excluded. I remember playing on the the old Flying Circus server in Rise of Flight, and there being missions I couldn't actually take part in, because I didn't actually have all the content. However, on the case of the 262... perhaps allow it only from spawn points that are well out of the way. I don't really know. Though something in the missions does need to change, even if it is it's removal. Though like I said before, I don't like things being removed, so hopefully the server admins will find a better alternative.
  14. I haven't run into that issue, but then again, I stick to the same settings regardless of what I'm flying, and they never seem to get lost. Though, I do always ensure to use the same USB port every time.
  15. I use a T16000m and TWCS without the target software. tbh, I don't really know what advantage it gives, I just use the default windows settings, and add deadzone in game as required.
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