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  1. Excellent. I was just updating my files, and was about to start looking through the changes manually.
  2. I'd personally be ok with doing that. However, for most of the server history we ran a mission with all planes on both sides. Whilst I always thought it was good to have some fantasy missions in that vein, there always seems to be more hate and complaints about it than there is for them. I definitely won't rule it out though, if there ends up being enough support for it.
  3. I haven't actually tried to join since, but seeing as nobody else shows on the stats for that mission, and people were online both before and after it finished, I'm guessing yes.
  4. I think this might be a bug (seeing as the setting is not part of the difficulty options). I've just done some testing on this, and whilst it doesn't let you save that setting if "difficulty" is set to normal, it will save if that setting is changed using a text editor. That would let the server keep the normal difficulty chevrons on the list and keep that setting on. ie changing "finishMissionIfLanded = 0" to "finishMissionIfLanded = 1" whilst keeping normal presets seems to work fine. However, changing "unlimitAmmo = false" to "unlimitAmmo = true", for example, does not give unlimited ammo if "normal" setting is still set. Edit: Kuban seems to be giving a file transfer error. "Unable to save file to disk".
  5. Server updated and SU-122 added to red tank bases.
  6. When you set up the server, have you checked the minimum ping. I think, by default that is 0 when started from the game client, rather than unlimited, which is the default in dserver. You could try upping that to something higher and see if that works.
  7. Out of interest, my stats page is back up with your mod, and I did it without running "collectstatic" after running "update". I knew I'd seen that as part of the update process in the past, so I would say that the update script includes the collect static actions anyway.
  8. I've decided to revert to the old scoring system for the time being, and as such the the period using the test is now a closed tour. I've also added the mod by 77.CountZero with his work on tanks which are more complete and elegant than ours, or even other tank stat attempts I'd seen. The new version solves the issue we were having where some tank "sorties" were not being recorded. Whilst the tank missions that were already missing will still be missing, new ones should all count. I could, in theory, rebuild the stats from the logs in order to show them, but it would be a hassle unpacking all of the backups, so unless there's a catastrophic loss, I'll be leaving the past few months as they were.
  9. Really amazing stuff on the new additions. I still haven't gotten round to implementing your mod yet, but I will be soon. Because I was testing a different scoring system this month, I'm still deciding whether to end our current tour before making the changes, then reverting back to default score system.
  10. Yeah, that's what I noticed too. It treats the turret as a different entity with a different ID, the same as an aircraft turret counts differently. I'm sure there's a way to get it working, but I think it might mean a major project for it to work with the system as currently works. I've tried and failed, so far, and now too busy with mission making, trying to find some time to fly, and having a life outside the game to look at it again too intensely.
  11. Whilst we already have some tank stuff added to our stats (and we had help from admin of another server too), there were still a few things I was struggling to get working how I wanted. It looks like you've sorted some of them out. Good stuff.
  12. Well I was going to ask a slightly different question. Was this on DED, and have you checked the stats page? And this might sound like I'm being ridiculous, but are you sure it wasn't a Tempest rather than a spit. I only as that because the stats page makes it look like that player hasn't flown the spit much online since the Tempest was released. And whilst I'm not 100% certain, based on the time you gave, it looks like you might have meant this sortie: http://72ag-ded.su:8080/en/sortie/log/1399952/?tour=50
  13. The stats is back to updating again with the new scoring system. Please note that this is a trial, and if it doesn't work well, it can be reverted after this month. Now, instead of the scoring system that calculates rating based on score per hour and per virtual life, it will be a straight score multiplied by "ratio". The ratio is dependent on whether you are flying in the coalition with the majority or minority, so if you are outnumbered on most of your sorties that ratio is above 1, and if you are in the majority, that is below 1. The bonus for landing on individual sorties has been increased from 25% to 50%, and penalties for deaths/captures/bailouts etc. are now added to make up for the lost penalty from the older scoring system. A death is -75%, capture -50%, bailout/shotdown -25%. I would have liked to have separated tank players from this system, particularly due the incomplete and buggy nature of this unsupported feature, but that's going to require more work for me to figure out. If the November test goes well, I might look into that further. Edit: I've amended this slightly. There was an error where the incorrect ratio was being used in the calculation. This should now be fixed. Also, I've taken out the bailout/shotdown penalty. Only deaths and captures give the penalties now. This is fairer for tank players (who count as destroyed too easily) and seeing as the bonus for landing is increased, I think makes sense.
  14. Ok, some updates from the past few weeks. The server and stats page are still up, but stats will stop updating missions briefly until sometime tomorrow. I have decided to test an alternative scoring system, and that means making further alterations to the stats system. Missions that are flown during that time will eventually end up on the site, hopefully later tomorrow, utilizing the new scoring method. An issue where a rollback on the Kuban mission meant that only the "free" tanks were available has been rectified. Several other users now have adminatrative functions on the server, so at least some of the work can be shared around. A number of users have received bans on the server over the past month for a variety of reasons, some of which may currently be under review for potential lifting by the server admins. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, no further work has been undertaken on the Venlo mission to finish the tank objective, but work on this should resume again soon, followed by work on further missions on the Reinland map.
  15. I feel like it's taking a while since the update too. It wouldn't be so bad, but when I'm building missions, it's very frustrating when you keep having to make changes, then test them. Starting the game takes longer than the mission test, or the editing takes, so really does increase mission building time.
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