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  1. Well, the network issues took longer to resolve than expected, but as of today, they should be fixed. I've now restarted the server, and it should be back up full time.
  2. In light of today's update, I've brought the server back up temporarily. Bear in mind, the network problem still hasn't been resolved, so there might be some instability. I'm hoping things will get a proper in the next couple of days, but I can't really guarantee it.
  3. Just for info, this server will be down for a couple of days (including the stats page) due to netwirk problem. Obviously, the timing isn't great, but there's nothing more I can do about it right now.
  4. Slight heads up that next Friday (27th November) there will likely be some server downtime for essential network maintenance on OhMyDog. Hopefully, this will be for less than 24 hours, but at this point I can't guarantee it, and it is possible (but unlikely) that it could be unavailable for the entire weekend.
  5. Just with the hurricane? There was a problem with vaal's original patch. If you rename the hurricane file in "src>stats>static>img>aircraft" so that it is mk.ii instead of mk.II, delete both the hurricane images in "static>img>aircraft", then run collectstatic, and it should work. Edit: sorry didn't read hidden content before. Countzero hasn't uploaded modified files for that release yet. I did some of it myself on Thursday, Ill upload them when I get back to my PC.
  6. Thanks. This worked. Strangely enough, I'd just noticed this and changed the original file name and run it, then came here to let you know, and you'd already suggested it.
  7. I'm also having this issue with the hurricane image, and looking at DED normal server stats, so are they. Initially, I thought this was an issue I'd caused by putting my own temporary fix in before the stats update was released (with a placeholder image), until I saw that other servers were having the problem. The placeholder fix worked until I updated, so I figured I'd try to roll back, and just add the image and "objects.csv" entry manually. This also has not worked. In my setup, a file with the hash number is being generated, but django.log still says there's a mi
  8. I have an old installation for server testing that hasn't been updated yet, I'll recover the mission files and upload them for you. Just be a few minutes and I'll send you a link.
  9. It seems you need to go into the mission editor "tools>resave all missions in folder" then navigate to the folder. If there are a lot of mission file in that folder it will be working for a while.
  10. Got the update, but now the mission editor will not open any of my .mission files. "error reading mission file"
  11. Excellent. I was just updating my files, and was about to start looking through the changes manually.
  12. I'd personally be ok with doing that. However, for most of the server history we ran a mission with all planes on both sides. Whilst I always thought it was good to have some fantasy missions in that vein, there always seems to be more hate and complaints about it than there is for them. I definitely won't rule it out though, if there ends up being enough support for it.
  13. I haven't actually tried to join since, but seeing as nobody else shows on the stats for that mission, and people were online both before and after it finished, I'm guessing yes.
  14. I think this might be a bug (seeing as the setting is not part of the difficulty options). I've just done some testing on this, and whilst it doesn't let you save that setting if "difficulty" is set to normal, it will save if that setting is changed using a text editor. That would let the server keep the normal difficulty chevrons on the list and keep that setting on. ie changing "finishMissionIfLanded = 0" to "finishMissionIfLanded = 1" whilst keeping normal presets seems to work fine. However, changing "unlimitAmmo = false" to "unlimitAmmo = true", for example, does not give unli
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