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  1. Dear guys, one of my squad member is locked. Nickname ROSS_Corvit. Could you please fix it or advise what to do.
  2. Dear virtual pilots! Some guys collect info about sights and make mod for soviet sight PBP-1, which not correctly modeled. This mod contains next changes for in-game sight: 1. Geometrical parameters of the reticle (form and width of lines, amount of aberration (not sure if this correct definition for glowing edges of the reticle) – for this changes was used real sights in museum and manuals as reference. Like this: 2. Color of the reticle set as on real sight with ambient backlight. 3. Color of the dimming screen set as on original real sight. Let see which realization (default or mod) more close to the real sight. Let compare performance of the sights in the boundary condition of the backgroung lighting: against the sun, on bright background, at dusk or dark background and at night. First, we note two most important features of the sight PBP-1 (ПБП-1): 1. With ambient light, brightness ratio of the reticle to background is permanent: (there is translated text of the document) 1st box: Feature of the ПБП-1 is backlight of the reticle using ambient light. No need use lamp for backlight during the day. Underlaying: at the night using lamp with power 0.15 watt – this is less than 100 times than lamp in ПАК-1 sight. 2nd box: ambient backlight during the day provide clear visibility of the reticle in any attitude of the plane and any background condition. 3rd box: brightness ratio of the reticle to background is permanent. So the reticle is never disappear (as in ПАК-1). The brighter background gives the brighter reticle. And the reticle constantly visible on any background with ambient backlight. 2. Night red backlight of the sight is not visible at the day, cause lamp is not so powerfull - 0.15 Watt. There is some kind of calculations of lighting parameters. Let see how it must work in the game: https://youtu.be/7LZKR0NZNuw Slides: 1. 0:08 real sight. Compare to the in-game sight. 2. 0:53 Inconsistencies: 1. Ingame reticle disappear at bright background - must be visible on any 2. Color of the reticle - red. But it must be red only at night and only after october of 1942. 3. Reticle has glowing of the edges - real sight did not have it. 4. Dimming screen did not have the same color and contrast as real sight. 3. 1:46 Inconsistencies: white uneven backlight reticle. Minimization of intensity and lighting gradients of the reticle texture. Red text tells about that switch to night backlight can be done when turn on cabin backlight just using red colored texture. Minimum of backlight at night uses to prevent pilot blindness - at night sky any other source of light can not be spotted if backlight will be on maximum. 4. 2:00 Main feature of the PBP-1 is: Brightness ratio of the reticle to background is permanent. So the reticle is never disappear. The brighter background gives the brighter reticle. This mod shows that is can be implemented. Please realize it in the game. So, as you can see, modded sight is closer to original sight than in-game version. And keep in mind that in-game REVI sight uses during night – backlight for the DAY, not as used for the night… … with the red filter, as it was in the real sight. Reticle did not disappear when you look against sun – so using of the dimming screen as in real life is not necessary anymore: Bright background: .., the limitations of the modded sight PBP-1 is not worse than limitations of the in-game REVI sight. In a real sight, a lens with a mask of the reticle, like a camera lens, looks at a target. And the pilot also looks at the target, only through a slightly darkened reflector. The image of the reticle is the difference in the brightness of the image of the target that has passed through the reflector filter and the brightness of the image of the target, bypassing the reflector. This differences of the brightness of the images always the same. At the day and at the night. In the shadows and in the clouds. Usage of the lamp constantly is not allowed by the manuals and most important cause – night backlight simply can't be seen during day. So, using red backlight for a sight during the day not correct. This mod just for check how sight can be modeled much close to the real sight. No need special ray tracing technology for that. But developers need to make some corrections: 1) Make uneven reticle mask for “DAY” with sharp-edges. 2) Make two color of the reticle – for DAY and for NIGHT, which can be chosen as unlock, or selected automatically if there night time of the mission, or turning on cabin/instruments lighting. For the “night reticle” is just need to replace color of the reticle texture from white to red. Anyway, everybody can download this mod and test it. This material I`m copied from russian forum, hope developers take a time and make some corrections to the game sights. In attachment you can find table with information about sights parameters.
  3. Yea, thanks. Let 1.42 will be unlocked at ingame september 1943. No problem with that
  4. Yes, of cause this doc has been posted in RU side. Everybody need to know about it. Also, discuss about La-5 without time limit was VERY hot, during meeting devs with virtual pilots) but in that time we have not any docs to proof this. And regardless 1.42 ATA, There is no any evidence about it. Bf109 G-2 mit Motor DB 605 Bedienungsvorschrift-F1 Juni 1942 *Note! "Take off and emergency power" is blocked and may not be used. *Achtung! Die "Start und Notleistung" darf nicht benutzt werden, sie ist deshalb blockiert. Bf109 G-2 Bedienungsvorschrift-F1 Juli 1942 *Note! "Take off and emergency power" is blocked and may not be used. *Achtung! Die "Start und Notleistung" darf nicht benutzt werden, sie ist deshalb blockiert. DB 605 A-B Moteren-Karte 9 October 1942 Take-off and emergency power is disabled until further notice, thus 2650 U/min (2600 U/min +2%) may not be exceeded in any flight attitude. Die Start und Notleistung ist bis auf Widerruf gesperrt, es dьrfen somit 2650 U/min (2600 U/min +2%) in keiner Fluglage ьberschritten werden. From 109 G1, G2 and G6 MeЯrief - 1942 and 1943 Take off and emergency power: Provisionally closed after VT instruction Nr.2206. Start und Notleistung: Vorlдufig gesperrt nach VT-Anweisung Nr.2206 Bf109 G-2, G-4, G-6 Bedienungsvorschrift-F1 Ausgabe Juni 1943 "Take-off and emergency power" may not be used; this stage is blocked in order to prevent over pressure. Die Leistungsstufe 'Start -und Notleistung' darf nicht benutzt werden; um Ьberdrьcken zu verhindern, ist diese Stufe blockiert. Bf109 G-2 Flugzeug-Handbuch Ausgabe Oktober 1943 Take-off and emergency power: may not be used, is blocked. Start- und Notleistung: Darf nicht benutzt werden, ist blockiert. Bf109 G-4/R3, G-6/R3 Bedienungsvorschrift-F1 Ausgabe Februar 1944 Take-off and emergency power: may not be used, is blocked. Start- und Notleistung: Darf nicht benutzt werden, ist blockiert. Links: http://www.spitfirep...spit9v109g.html
  5. Hi guys! Today we discover one document, which remove 5 minute limit for engine M-82 for all builded La-5, and also M-82 has been renamed to M-82F. So it`s allowed have 1700 HP with the boost 1140 mmHg/ document was signed 31/Mar/1943. From 31 Mar 1943 all La-5 can use force mode without any limits. Thank you for attention. Decision-№GOKO-3100cc 03/31/1943 State of the Defense Committee decides: Take note of the declaration by the Director of the Aircraft Plant №19 comrade Soldatov, comrade chief constructor Shvetsov, comrade Chief Engineer Butusov and senior military representative of the military acceptance comrade Chetverikov, that the engine M-82, which is set at the present time all produced aircraft La-5, has been tested satisfactorily in the forced modes and can work without time restrictions at forced power 1700 horsepower supercharged at 1140 mm Hg. instead of the nominal power 1450 hp Above mentioned motor continue to refer as the M-82F. Set for all the M-82F engines period prior to the first overhaul 150 hours. Chairman of the State Defense Committee, Joseph Stalin Sorry for any kind of mistakes .
  6. Guys, what do you think it is normal situation? Or need to do something?
  7. Congats VVS RKKA with the Victory! Devs, i`m have one question, why GK not sum in stats? Please check my stats, http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=ROSS_BerryMORE
  8. Are the RED fields closed? Yesterday one of my friend cant choose any red field.
  9. Set up trim FULL NOSE UP. It`s really help
  10. Thx! I`m read carefully but still didnt understand sequence of action and effect from performed actions. Ok. We are enter on server and what first? Which task need to be performed?
  11. Hi pilots! Where i can read about ingame mechanics to explain it for my guys?
  12. Thanks!) double check has been carried out by Baron Fon Myakin and Word2016)))
  13. Guys if you have any question about rules, or found mistakes, let me know. Its my first expirience translate to english)
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