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  1. BoK - and thanks for the opportunity!
  2. I own all of them, just wanted to say this is a pretty awesome thing you are doing! I know one of these days I will end up buying BoK.... this is such an awesome game and even more so in VR!
  3. So I played my first few quick missions in VR today. The VR in this game is spot on, I am one happy camper. For those wondering if VR is worth it.... by all means it is. Playing a flight sim without VR now would be sad. You are playing a video game on a flat screen.... you are playing a sim in VR. My second mission I was strafing a convoy of trucks and got slammed with AA fire the round impacted my glass and I actually ducked, I had to ditch just a few seconds latter. My heart rate was elevated, and my hands got sweaty.... that never happened when "video gaming" but when you "sim" in VR its the normal.
  4. So I am a long time player of the older IL 2 games, and I still play 1946. I got burned a bit with Cliffs of Dover and thus did not pick up any further IL 2 games. Now that Battle of Stalingrad + supports the Oculus Rift though I am interested. War Thunder is cool but its solo play is lacking, and even though the VR is cool in that game I just lost interest. My burning question from the standpoint of a 1946 lover is simple. Is this version of IL 2 comparable to 1946 and is the VR well done or tacked on? This is a fairly expensive (not overly) game with all the content but worth it if the game play is there. I liked the scripted missions in 1946 but I kept coming back because of the awesome mission builders, me vs tons of enemies of my choosing. I also liked to scale my flight sim experience, some days I wanted full realistic flight and others unlimited ammo and fuel. That was the awesome of 1946 all of that was easy. If they made 1946 VR I would simply do that, the graphics are seriously dated but no matter. I might dabble with multiplayer but to be honest I am already invested in other multiplayer simulators and it would not be a selling point unless the single player is tops. It might win me over but its not my focus at this time. Thanks for any input!
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