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  1. Riksen. Very creative, man. Would be great to see these.
  2. If you definitely added the snap turning to the virtual controllers in the Steam device controller settings, you should be good. Go back through the steps, one by one and check. Seeing the virtual controllers is a good sign. Also, stop the script, then re-run it. Are you sure you mapped these to the proper virtual controllers in Steam devices / controller settings?
  3. Did you follow all the steps in the guide? Install the Hydra drivers, move the dlls, make sure hydra is selected as an Addon in Steam settings?
  4. Use the script file provided in the zip at the beginning of this thread. Then select and open the file from within Freepie.
  5. No, not square one. They added zoom, which wasn't working for Pimax. Once everything settles and the Devs take a much needed break, I (or someone else, for sure) will request the zoom work with PP off. I am hoping they can do this. If they do, we will have a solid, robust solution that maintains top FPS.
  6. They have implemented the game to run without PP for Pimax for some time now. The new zoom implementation, though, still requires PP. This zoom solution began yesterday.
  7. @Han@Sneaksie Bravo, guys! On a Pimax 5K+ we now have working Normal FOV, as well as an in-game zoom (the zoom requires parallel projections). I tested a quick match 8 vs 8, and I was able to maintain 64 fps with no ghosting. Great work, all around. I am heading to TAW. Have a great weekend.
  8. Seeing the download now. I will test ASAP. Thanks!
  9. Blitze, I understand the broad context. I have been following this closely since the ruckus started. I was asking @c6_lefuneste for his insight because of all the time he spent working on these sorts of issues. His convergence system at first took some time getting used to but he developed it to be very easy (providing a pop up menu with instructions, allowing for both coarse and fine tuning, etc.) Yes, this is the major hurdle I imagine the developers are facing. Different headsets with different resolutions and lens configurations, different user IPDs, different convergence sensitivities (both vertical and horizontal), etc.
  10. @c6_lefuneste Hey, do you have an idea of why this is happening? I am guessing they locked in a limiter to fov for even non-zoom rendering? I mean, this sort of problem is why we always had to use user-specified convergences when trying to zoom. Right? Each person had to dial in their own convergence based on their own ipds and the particular headset they were using. Thoughts?
  11. I can confirm this. Also, small FOV seems also to be nearly acceptable. The wings still seem slightly canted forward. The problem is that I don't fly in small, only Normal. For anyone interested, Pimax offers: potato, small, normal, and large as fov options.
  12. Mad-Moses. I am right with you. Since the deferred shading update, I have been amazed at how smooth and amazing looking the game was. I am a VR user and have been playing in single player since all this ruckus started over zoom. I think they need to go back to what they had as of yesterday and rethink the solution.
  13. Yes, and the game running in optimal form based on @SCG_Fenris_Wolf settings. As a matter of fact, since the last update, the game was running the smoothest it has ever been. I was just commenting on how all the hard work of tweaking has paid off. I have requested a way to use the rendering options they had even yesterday. I am hoping it is just some config variables in some file.
  14. Hey guys, any Pimax 5k+ users get this working? I posted in the other thread. None of the tricks, like changing in game resolution to native resolution or adjusting ingame IPD has worked. Wings are still canted forward as if they have increased the FOV, which warps the perspective for even normal flight. As of now, I can't even fly in a quick match. Thanks!
  15. EDIT: I can confirm the problem exists for Normal and Large Fov on Pimax. 1. @Han My zoom still does not work at all because I use a Pimax. But, even worse, now the regular view's perspective is off. It is as if the entire FOV has increased. I can tell because the wings are now canted forward too much. Even adjusting the in game IPD does not fix this. Also, I set my in game resolution to my monitor's native resolution. The problem persists. 2. Pimax 5K+ 3. No file. 4. Problem still persists after restart. Han, this is a valiant effort, but would it be possible to offer an option for those of us having a major problem with how the game is rendering to use the earlier configuration from the prior update? I can live without zoom for now, if it means I can return to how the game was rendering yesterday. I have to say, I had the game looking and running the most smooth it has ever been. I have been playing through Achtung Spitfire and Career Mode while this zoom issue has been addressed. As of now, with a Pimax 5k+, the game is unplayable at all. Please allow the earlier rendering solution for those of us still having the fishbowl effect (unless this effect can be negated). Thanks!
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