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  1. @56RAF_Roblex. When the server isn’t full, you can use Radio 1 / Channel 1 to listen for anyone using SRS to coordinate with the team. You can use Radio 2 / Channel 2 to talk to tower for take off and landing. If you want to squad up, I would suggest (again, when the server isn’t full) to leave Radio 1 on Channel 1 so you can hear if anyone is trying to coordinate with friendlies. Then, since you are no longer in traffic around an AF, you and your squad can change Radio 2 to Channel 3 or higher until it is time to land, at which time switch back to Channel 2 to request landing. If the server g
  2. @Alonzo. Not sure why it keeps appearing. I just go into Steam VR/ Developer Settings/ Calibrate for gigantic (or maybe it is large) space. Then when you recenter within game, you are back in the cockpit with no chaperon lines. I only have to do this every now and then. Not really that often.
  3. Oh, this is interesting. That is even better than people having to use Windows. I love this idea that its using machine learning based on anyone who speaks to it. I am a native English speaker, so maybe that is why it is working well for me. I also try to speak in terse, conversational tones and phrases. I am no pilot, but I use Pilot2ATC for MFS 2020, so I am used to speaking to a computer for responses. I even accidentally do call backs on CB after getting contacted by the Tower or Command. Anyway, if you ever need someone to help test any new feature let me know.
  4. One thing I had not considered: I have been using Voice Command for several years now because I use VR. You have to setup voice recognition in Windows to make this work. I am not sure if you have provided directions on how to do this to make the AI understand you, but that could help people (if you are getting complains the AI is not recognizing voice commands). I assume your system is using the same Windows functionality to recognize a voice. In my case, the AI understands me if I follow the right procedure and am saying something appropriate. I test sometimes to see what is actually programm
  5. @Alonzo. I really enjoy hearing the extra comments from Tower and Command. These are steps in the right direction in creating a sense you are really talking with an intelligent agent. I have only had the problem once. I will post if I hear it again. BTW, @SCG_Vieira and I flew last night. With minimal guys on the server (maybe only 10) we saw more action than expected. I really think this is due to Command vectoring people to missions, telling where bombing runs are happening, where an enemy is spotted, as well as asking people with one mission to to divert to other hot areas. For
  6. Hey guys. Any idea why Tower would think I was already on the ground when I asked for landing clearance? I tried twice with “Tower, this is Outlaw 1 at grid 1608, requesting landing”. Both times I was acknowledged but the AI said something about me having landed. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, really enjoying this new SRS system. Because of my time zone I tend to fly alone alot, and the new communication, even with a bot, gives a sense of real coordination. Great job.
  8. How`s your opinions about the edition??? I enjoyed flying red, so I was happy about it. I tend to have less time for long sorties during the week, so the long flight times were an issue. But not enough to keep me from flying. What is motivating you to participate in TAW project ? Online war system/realistic gameplay/ realistic settings/ emotions / stats /something else ??? The fact it has continuity between maps, which makes us care about our virtual pilot. It is the only server that has this level of sophistication at the campaign level. Any development that increases this is goin
  9. This is pretty much the thread with all the relevant information. I would read the first part of the thread closely, especially the information for G2. Then I would scan through the later posts related to the G2 and see what people are saying. You are lucky that Fenris (the creator of the thread) is now using a G2. So he has ongoing and updated information on it. I am still a Pimax user. So, I really can’t speak to the G2.
  10. Just tested 2.0 in IL2. All settings I used working: snap turn, autorotate, hold for left and right. Great work!
  11. I can confirm in DCS, start screen will begin very low. Also, when using snap turn, this throws the view several feet above the plane. It is happening even after recalibrating for large view in Steam settings, as well as using the Pimax setup tool to reconfigure the space. This is also happening in War Thunder. It is not happening in Il2, so I haven't been complaining.
  12. Redeye Have you tried using non-Beta? My experience is that Beta can cause these sorts of instabilities.
  13. I just was in Berloga and saw four contacts disappear. This was the bug for sure. I even announced it, and a minute later I saw tracers, snap turned to my six and saw the shooting but no plane. So, the bug continues ...
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