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  1. Lefuneste. I also spent a half hour in the garage trying to adjust convergences. A note might be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Ziggy 1. I am not sure. I don't use it. 2. If you take the time to incorporate all of the steps Fenris details you will have a superb working VR experience with Il2. You should also look at the original 3Dmigoto mod to see how it works and all its capabilities (like removing the propeller, changing color contrast, etc.). Bottom line once you have tweaked your Il2 .ini and made any changes to overclocking, Nvidia control panel, etc., just install Fenris's version of the 3Dmigoto mod and you are good to go for medium and far zoom. I added my settings for low zoom, but you can adjust these on your own as well. Once you are at this point, you are nearly done. Expect to have the mod broken after each major update. But, the mod is usually fixed within days. 3. Yes, your questions are clear an indicative of someone encountering this for the first time. With a little patience and careful working though the steps, your reward will be great.
  3. Brzi. Man, I have been trying to figure out why the settings haven't been showing up in the .ini. This must be the reason!!!! Fenris, I may have posted the wrong files. Please delete the .ini text files from the quote in your post. I thought the info was going to bin/game/user_settings/user_keymapping_zoom.ini. If Brzi is correct, here is the info from my d3dx_user.ini that has the low zoom settings for Normal FOV: [Constants] $ipdmode = 0 $binocularmask = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetlow = 0.112500079 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetmed = 0.957959533 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetmed = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetmed = 0.00600000005 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsethigh = 2.17918396 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsethigh = 0.0500000007 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsethigh = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\ipdxoffsetvalue = 0.00100000005 And here is for Large FOV with all three zooms [Constants] $ipdmode = 0 $binocularmask = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetlow = 0.208499864 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetmed = 1.72146487 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetmed = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetmed = 0.00600000005 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsethigh = 3.875561 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsethigh = 0.0500000007 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsethigh = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\ipdxoffsetvalue = 0.00100000005
  4. Hey, Brzi_Joe. You know I didn't actually look at the file contents. I moved my Normal FOV .ini to my desktop after getting it right, then dialed in the Large settings, then saved with F12 to get the new .ini. I will check both when I get home tonight. Thanks Fenris, you can delete those two files I posted. Brzi. Good catch. I have added the proper file for Normal to the original post. Brzi, is this the only information that is pertinent? I am no expert, but I am curious why for Normal, which I tweaked, the low settings are all 0.0. I had to adjust these because Fenris left them default and they were off center for me. I fixed it. I forgot to save with f12 when changing FOVs. But the Large appears to be off.
  5. I can confirm Fenris' files work great with new update. Also, I am attaching my tweak of his files. I add low zoom, which is helpful for me to view cockpit dials. Also, I have added my convergence settings for all three zooms with the Large FOV. (Fenris, if you want to add these, feel free.)
  6. Fenris. I am confused about the the Pimax link too. I assumed you would have named the new one 14.0_Pimax5k+. Should we use the current 13.1.1 to work with the new update?
  7. I used to use WMR wtih O+. A simple reenter in WMR settings will fix it. Make sure you have enough light in the room. I never had to shutoff and restart the game.
  8. I am not noticing any at all. But I have just started testing it.
  9. Chili. I just tested with parallel projections off at 200 degrees. Fenris is right. Optimization has happened. Running much smoother.
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