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  1. Hello, admins. My account is locked for some reason. Since SCG is flying VVS this TAW, I registered my account as SCG_redcloud111-vvs, thinking I needed this suffix to differentiate my login from the standard one I have been using. I have flown one mission (which got disconnected, BTW, after 30 minutes. No damage taken. But no CM). Anyway, I re-registered as SCG_redcloud111, which is the account I have been using. After scanning some conversations, I am guessing the lock is because I now have two accounts registered for TAW. If this is the case, I didn't realize that was an issue. Also, if I am misunderstanding this in some way, if someone can clarify, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! @kathaon
  2. I agree with Alonzo. I just assume it's a small price, if any, to pay. Without this mod I won't play multiplayer, or even singleplayer.
  3. Yeah, I started with a Lenovo, then went to Odyssey+. Was real happy with the Odyssey but always hated the narrow FOV. The Rift S was mostly a buy so that I could have the Oculus environment. But Pimax ... all the fiddling is worth it once that FOV is there.
  4. Alonzo. I have a Rift S and a Pimax 5k+. Not sure about Artisan, but the increased FOV means I could never go back to the Rift S or any smaller FOV and be happy about it. The Rift S is super comfortable out of the box, but I have my Pimax modded for comfort to perfection now. So, with Driver4vr, checking six is not only easy but actually quite pleasurable. I can do it as easily as I used to with trackir. No strain whatsoever. Also, regarding cracking of the housing. I bought the silicon sleeve, and it works great for protection.
  5. Will do. I was able to fly for an hour today in 17.0.1 with no stutter. I'll go back to 18 and try again (I am hoping the culprit was something going on with Malwarebytes in the background). Did 15 minutes in 18 with no stutter, so good news. I'll do a longer flight in multiplayer and test. I imagine it was something running in the background and mucking up my CPU.
  6. I was not seeing any significant FPS hit. What was happening was major hitching, to the point the game would almost pause for a second. When I returned to the other version, it stopped. I will keep testing the older version to make sure the hitching is gone.
  7. Hey, Lefuneste. So, I was noticing stuttering and couldn't figure out why it was happening. I went back to 17.0.1 and stuttering appears to be gone after an hour of flying.
  8. Voice attack, joy2key, driver4vr, 3dmigoto mod, fenris's vr optimization settings, overclocked cpu.
  9. I can confirm driver4vr works flawlessly with joy2key. It does exactly what I want, allowing me to assign keys to my hat switch for left and right. I set up 90 degrees. I can now check six like I used to with track-ir and even keep my eye on someone tailing me without wrecking my neck. Amazing. Thanks to lefuneste for pointing me to this.
  10. So, I turned on hdr and now I have the cockpit function with sharp exterior. So, all well! I didn't realize I had hdr off. In fact, what I did was go back to Fenris's settings and tried again, but with hdr.
  11. I periodically run searches to see of CLOD has moved forward with VR. I guess after 5.0 releases, I'll do some looking again. I can't do any 2D sims any more.
  12. Lefuneste, as much as I like the cockpit sharpen feature, I think I am going back to post_sharpen = 1. I prefer the environment to be sharper. With =0 it seems too blurry. I assume this must be the case for your new cockpit feature to work. Oh well. Thanks, any way.
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