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  1. @messsucher because my 50-year-old neck can't handle even looking at my 5 or 9 o'clock. I'm not some young lass thrown in a Spitfire in '40 and told to go stop veteran Germans dropping out of the sun. Mouse look to scan your environment, or head tracking software that only requires you to move your head a few degrees to scan avoids all of this with minimal effort @ACG_PanzerV You are in the correct thread. Go to the first post and download the pdf by lefuneste. If explains what to do. The two options are Driver4VR and a freepie solution. I own D4VR but use freepie. D4VR may very well be working just fine now. I had some problems with a particular build and switched. The freepie version has a few more steps, but it works flawlessly. I prefer it now. Regarding VR. It is not as competitive as TrackIR or mouse view. Two of the guys on SCG who are leading fighters in TAW both use mouse view. Also, VR is more about immersion that anything. It has limitations on spotting and IDing, although this has gotten immensely better with recent updates. Again, when I fire up 2D, spotting is still superior. VR, at least for me, is far more taxing because of its intensity. Get the snap view working and then you will feel more comfortable being able to scan your environment. And if you have a setup so that you can get steady frames, you will be good. Steady is critical. Any hitching makes trying to line up shots impossible.
  2. For what is worth, guys, I gave up on Driver4VR and have gone the full freepie route. It works flawlessly.
  3. I can confirm all three levels of zoom are working with Pimax (no parallel projection needed). Splendid, guys. Great work!
  4. I have Edtracker, which works well enough. Not full 6dof, but pseudo. But, truth be told, I really only want to fly around a bit in CLOD with the early planes, just to test it out and see how the game has progressed. I won't really spend time in until it has VR. I do love those clickable cockpits, though. I am only revisiting 2D because I decided to buy MFS 2020 early and was blown away by how good it looked, even though I had to fly in 2D. Again, with that, as well, I am hoping for VR. Thanks, for the help. I will try to get the mouse emulated with the hat and see how it goes. I just tested and it seems that even with the mouse emulation, the problem is persisting. I have narrowed it down to something happening with open track. I realize that I had it on originally when testing the numeric keys. So, I can get the snap turning to work with the numeric keys. The problem is, therefore, not CLOD. When I turn on Opentrack to work with Smoothtrack, something is amiss when I use headtracking and snapturning. Anyway, now worries. Thanks for the help.
  5. Ah, emulate the mouse? Thanks, I will try that.
  6. Yeah, I am actually a VR guy who primarily flies Great Battles. But I had bought CLOD earlier and thought I might see how well things have gone for them with all the development. I also want to buy Tobruk just to support them. I have Edtracker as well as a nifty app, Smooth Tracker, for my iphone. Smooth Track actually works great. So, I like to glance left or right, and then snap the rest to see further left. Anyway, I am almost ready to put it down. I will probably ask the developers if no one here has any ideas.
  7. Kintaro. It is happening with both. I went ahead and cleared all bindings for pan and snap and tested with the numeric keypad alone. I press the key to snap right 90 degrees. It snaps. Then resets. I tried binding to my hat. Problem still. And I tried joy2key. No luck. I have switched modes between pan and snap by hitting f9. I have searched through the bindings. I just can't imagine this is how it is supposed to work. Right? So, something must be off. Any other ideas? Thanks
  8. Hey guys. When adding snap turning or pan, the view always snaps back to center. I cant find a way to turn this off. Even when I activate the mouse view it keeps recentering. I assume I am missing something. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  9. Several of us have Pimax. I have the 5k+, others are using Artisan. The 8KX is now on the market and will be in the hands of some capable individuals who will relate how well it works with IL2. I am a big convert to Pimax, mostly because of the FOV. You have to be willing to fiddle with the settings, as well as mod your headset for comfort (which is quite easy).
  10. Gunny. You can use it with PP off to have all levels of zoom, but keep in mind this will only work in single player and any multiplayer servers that allow injectors. So, for example, on TAW (which bans injectors--a good thing) you will have to disable the mod. Hence, I am getting used to one-eyed zoom when in most multiplayer situations.
  11. Ok, thanks for the update. Hopefully it can be addressed at some point. Take care.
  12. @GunneryAce Zoom still won't work for us Pimax users. As of now, we can fly without parallel projections, but I am zooming with one eye for all servers that ban injectors. If you want to install @c6_lefuneste's mod, you can, and it will work for single player and servers that allow injectors.
  13. Dan. I originally used D4VR, and it worked well and was intuitive and easy. But after one if its updates, it stopped working. I waited for several weeks, after explaining the situation to see if it would be fixed. It wasn't at the time, but it may have been since I quit using it. Worth a try. I have since started using the Freepie solution. And while it requires a bit more focus and attention to detail to setup, once you do it works flawlessly. I prefer it now.
  14. Thanks, no worries. Whenever you guys get a chance.
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