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  1. Thanks guys. I have several weeks now to continue reading anecdotes and reviews before I choose. It really does seem like both Index and Pimax are fine choices. My main concern with Pimax is that I will probably order from them once I am back home, and if they send me something defective, it will be a major hassle. Truth be told, I am a bit concerned about Valve's RMA as well. Amazon, of course, is great.
  2. Hey, guys. In essence, I was able to demo a Pimax 5K+ for a few hours, but I will be sending it back. My situation is that I am only in the States for a few more days before heading to Brazil for three weeks, then back to the Middle East. Anyway, I bought the Pimax 5k+ based on thorough research done by helpful guys like Chili and Fenris. Funny thing, the day I ordered the Pimax, Chili made his final announcement to go with the Index. When I received the box there was no sticker verifying it hadn't been opened. Sure enough, the stickers on the lenses had been removed. Even worse, the lenses were scratched. Both of them. It was obvious someone with glasses had used them. Also, one of the velcro strips on the headstrap had come off, so it wouldn't work. I had two hours last night after family went to sleep to try it out. Regarding setup, I was able to install Pi-Tools and fire up War Thunder and Il2 quite easily. Both needed the parallel projection option selected. I was quite satisfied with the increased FOV. But, without something like the DAS, which I have ordered but haven't received, the headset felt very uncomfortable. I do realize that adding another piece of cushion helps with this. It also seems quite necessary if you wear glasses. Otherwise, you will be rubbing up against the lenses. I also was quite happy with the increased FOV while in a G2, even in the normal selection in Pi Tools. I could easily see farther along each wing than in my Odyssey+. In the largest FOV it was, of course, much larger. But the drop in image quality, as most people say, was too much to use. My biggest takeaway from all of this is that Amazon is a great tool to use if you are unsure about something like a Pimax. I can say I would have been thrilled to keep it if the product had come in pristine condition and felt as if it would last. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with a Pimax how durable it is, how it is holding up for daily use with IL2, how it feels on your head for a two-hour session, etc? Thanks!
  3. Hey Jade. Just sent you a PM about the controllers.
  4. Hey Chili. I am torn over this one. I will continue to wait and see. Thanks!
  5. Hey, guys. I am monitoring this thread because I am ready to upgrade from my Odyssey+. I am concerned now that Fenris has sent his back. All my research has been done to give me some guidance in choosing an Index or a Pimax 5+. I was going to get the Index. Now I am torn. I really only use the headset for Il2, occasionally Elite Dangerous or some Skyrim. No real time with family and career to do much else. Anyway, I love the idea of more FOV, so Pimax is still a contender. But I was hoping the Index would be a good enough bump to really show improvements in IL2. BTW, I now have a stable 5.0ghz overclock for the last two weeks with my 8700k, overclocked RAM and a 1080ti. With Fenris's settings, the game plays wonderfully. Big thanks to him on that. And Lefuneste, of course. If anyone has any other suggestions on which headset is best for Il2, please post. Thanks!
  6. Hey, Chili. Thanks. I have reserved one but I have been waiting to see how it works with Il2 before purchasing. These days Il2 is about the only game I have consistent time for. Right now, I have an Odyssey + that I am happy with. I have it fully modded for comfort so that it fits me perfectly. How much of an improvement do you think it will be over the O+ (I realize you didn't list it as one of your headsets, so no worries if you have no idea)? Thanks!
  7. Hey, man. Sounds like you are doing something wrong. I am not in front of Il2 at the moment (away from desktop), but I usually choose seated in the WMR settings. Once in Il2 you need to hit whatever key you have mapped to its recentering function, which I have mapped to my joystick. (I think the setting is under Pilot Head and Default VR View, and I think the default key is Numberpad + 5). I can check later. Anyway, take a look in the key mapping settings. A Google search on the proper setting name can verify what I said. Once you have recentered, all should be perfect. One thing I have noticed is that every now and then the full 6 degrees of freedom disappears and the cockpit will move with your head. Sometimes just looking over my shoulder resets the tracking. Other times I have to go back into WMR settings and reselect it's centering function. This rarely happens though. Again, don't give up on your headset. I have done a comfort mod on mine so that is fits perfectly. It works great.
  8. It works perfectly now. I mostly want it when flying the JU52. That cockpit looks huge in VR, and is awesome. Can I assume that you have reinserted this code into the files you are posting at the top of the thread? Thanks!
  9. Hey, Fenris. I saw your post in the 3Dmigoto forum that you adjusted world scale. Can you post for me just the code and in which file it goes so that I can adjust cockpit size? I used your optimization files, but then did some very minor tweaks on each zoom level. So, I'd rather not uninstall and reinstall everything. Also, I pretty much have been following your thread and tweaking my system according to your specs across the board, such as your Il2 config .ini and even my overclock settings. All works great at 4.9ghz, an overclocked 1080ti, no AVX, with overclocked RAM, etc. I do prefer to have motion reprojection on auto though. It seems to make things smoother for me when the framerates drop. Thanks!
  10. Hey, Lefuneste. I just tested the latest version that Fenris uses (his optimization settings for Odyssey+). All is working well, but I noticed that the mirror in my Spit MV has some black shaders on the left side. Also, LALT + Delete doesn't seem to adjust the cockpit anymore. Thanks for the great work!
  11. Thanks to Fenris for setting up the Patreon account. I am happily contributing. Small price to pay for the benefit, for sure!
  12. No worries, Lefuneste. Get to it when you can. We are all patient, I imagine!
  13. He, Fenris. How do you feel about the move from Odyssey+ to Pimax? I am thinking of skipping the Pimax and going for an Index.
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