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  1. redcloud111

    Tactical Air War

    Hey, Smoke. I tried to PM you, but the message are was greyed out.
  2. redcloud111

    Tactical Air War

    I am in the same situation as Antpai. VOIP is blocked in my country. I would hope the devs understand that, even for people who have access to VOIP, sometimes they just can't use it. I can think of many scenarios. For example, you have a new born, it's late at night, and the last thing you want to do is wake it up with, "Six, six, six," only to have your wife come storming into the room like a Banshee from Hell and wielding a broom stick like a longsword. On a side note, thanks to everyone who uses VOIP but takes time to send updates via text chat. It really helps us who have to fly alone.
  3. redcloud111

    Tactical Air War

    Kathon. Okay, thanks. I'll just imagine my pilot was so joyful he finally got two kills he had an aneurysm and died in his seat. Take care!
  4. redcloud111

    Tactical Air War

    Hey, guys, on another note. Will the admins recognize AKs if you were disconnected via game disconnect? I had two AKs, seen here: https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=50924&name=redcloud111 and I was heading home unharmed, and the game disconnected. It is not showing in my stats. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks!
  5. redcloud111

    Tactical Air War

    Yeah, no worries. It would be great if in-game coms became more robust. Last night I had my first real successes on TAW, mostly do to teamwork from people using typed chat. 3 AKs in one sortie. Only death was because I was flying the Folgore ... no lie, I got killed by another friendly Folgore! It was all good though. Damn plane really needs to be covered in iron-crosses atop a complete yellow paint job.
  6. redcloud111

    Tactical Air War

    Regarding the many option for coms. I am a team player, but I live in a country that blocks VOIP. So, I have to use the in-game typed chat. I can tell you that it is a lonely feeling trying to communicate in TAW. Every now and then someone will try to coordinate through chat, which is a blessing. I am getting my butt kicked flying solo most of the time, but I realize that will be my challenge. And it is one I enjoy because of the difficulty. TAW provides a unique experience that I value. I do hope that in game chat is never disabled. And I would encourage everyone using voice coms to recognize that sometimes people can't use VOIP. And that even if you are using Discord or Teamspeak, the occasional quick message will help us. Thanks to the devs for all the hard work!!
  7. Alonzo, just to chime in, I use all three zooms, the resize the cockpit function to make it bigger, the change of icons and the masking of icons as they fly under the plane, the masking of the sun glare, the removal of the propeller, and the color contrast change. Every time I start Il2, I wonder why the developers can't do what Lefuneste does. In fact, his work makes the game playable for me to the point I won't play multiplayer or single player without it. I have never brought it up because I wasn't sure how hush-hush we should be about all this and for fear the mod would somehow cause too much attention and become a problem. We should all fear if lefunestee ever becomes a luddite and sells his computer. Is there anyone here who ever helps him with any of this? If not, kudos, again, and we should pray to the gods he never stops.
  8. Lefuneste. I couldn't replicate it on quick match. I tried a few maps. I will keep any eye out for it on multiplayer. I do remember that there were several other planes waiting to take off. So, those objects might be the issue? If I see the problem, I will record and send. Thanks!
  9. I can confirm that with an Odyssey+, when parked, and using high zoom, I see the horizontal triangles. But, in all other instances it works fine. In fact, I never would have noticed it had I not seen Big10's post and tried to high zoom while on the ground.
  10. I can confirm that last night on Wings, smoke from ground explosions seemed to appear properly only through one eye. This causes slight disequilibrium when zooming. I am also noticing that the labels in the map appear translucent, as if being able to partially look them.
  11. I can verify that the problem with zoom and ground objects is happening on Samsung Odyssey+ as well.
  12. Lefuneste. I understand at a basic level how to do this based on your instructions. I spent several hours when I first installed the mod adjusting x6, saving, alt-tabbing back to il2, looking through the headset, hitting f10, etc. Repeat. I had no luck. The only reason zoom works for me is because of the default settings for Odyssey. Thank god Fenris provided these and you put them the mod! My problem is the load time when alt-tabbing makes this process take forever. This is why I am asking the specific questions if the circles need to be aligned and if to bring them closer to each other I should use a positive or negative number. I am willing to do the adjustments myself, but I want to minimize waiting during alt-tabbing as much as possible In your instructions, you wrote: "y6 is used to shift horizontally each image left or right when zoomed (each image is shifted in an opposite direction)" Can you clarify this? Something along the lines of "To align the images, modify y6 either by adding a positive number or a negative number. The range is from -1.50 to 1.50 [is this correct?]. When adding a negative number the images move closer horizontally [is this correct?]. Likewise, a positive will move them away from each other." Truth be told I am so amazed at this mod and what it does for us in Il2 I would happily revise the instructions for clarity in English, if I understood them! But I don't.
  13. Just wanted to give lefuneste a huge thanks. All aspects of this mod are working for my Odyssey+ (I am using Fenris's settings, as well). The displaced horizon after resizing the cockpit is no longer an issue, which had still been a minor problem. Everything else works as expected. Amazing! I have one question: the black circles are slightly off for each level of zoom. But the zooms appear to work for me. For optimal zoom, am I supposed to try to match up the black binocular circles? For example, if I have y6 = 30 and the left and right circles are a quarter off, should I decrease the amount and by how much to bring them together? The reason I ask instead of just testing this myself is that for some reason alt-tabbing sometimes takes forever for the game to come back into focus. For this reason, I have relied on the direction of others. Thanks!
  14. Just tried again, and all files installed properly. I am seeing double vision on each levels. Minor, but it is there. I will stick with 10.5. For some reason whenever I tab between the game and the .ini it takes almost a minute for the game come back up in my headset. This makes testing interminable! Thanks, though.