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  1. Looking to buy most if not all of your planes this is really confusing. I go to your store and I have no Idea what planes do I own I need to see if a plane is part of premium DLC or not, and I feel there is no need for me to do all that extra work just because I want to support you . I play this game about 2-3 weeks a year but I constantly buy new expansions because I believe we need sim developers in the market. Please mark the items that I already have in my inventory, or at very least mention for every plane the DLC it is part of, or not part of any DLC, so I can at least focus on solo planes only,
  2. 1st. Please... PLEASE put a voice acting narrator in your mission - major flow 2nd. Pay more attention to characters, and try to make them more interesting, try to make us care for them 3rd. You have so much content in the game, yet flying over a war zone you can't see no armies around. This is very bad mission making to say the very least I got this campaign in order to write a review about the game (not only this, I have every expansion except the tanks) and you major problem is that all this content never creates the war feeling that it can and should... not even in single player missions. Please make the final step and let all your hard work and dedication shine in an immersive campaign.
  3. I have BoS on Steam and BoK on your website. That means I need to make up my mind if I will get BoM and BoS (again) on the website or I will continue with Steam versions. What I want to ask is if we will get all the content on steam, or there will be things exclusive for nonsteam version. At the moment I see that you offer an additional campaign on the website that is not on steam. Some players said it doesn't matter and that I can use steam version game with nonsteam DLCs, but I know that 1C made this impossible with previous games like RoF. Thank you
  4. I have Free track, Face Track No IR (with point track) and Open track for better or worse I manage to make all 3 work in DCS ETS2, ArmA3, IL2-CoD, RoF and WT. Since BoS it is the ONLY GAME that will not register any move at all from any of tracking solutions (so clearly the issue is on BoS's side), regardless of that 0/1 settings, since again I asked for help on steam forum for this problem when I first got it and the post was deleted, since no one from 1C ever wanted to offer assistance with this issue, since developers clearly told me to refund the game when I mentioned this in my steam review and never offering any help, there is only one thing that I can "assume". And just the same i can tell about you being ignorant on matters that I can prove but name calling with fanboys is beside the topic so i will stop following this thread. Feel free to carry on with the name calling me or anyone who had a different experience then you had.
  5. bad pointles advice. 1st Open track id worse then FaceTrack No IR., in fact it is so bad that it can't understand what is a phantom point and what is not. Even with the the same tracker (point tracker 1.1) as FaceTrack, it still does have huge problems in tracking the right points, problems that FaceTrack does not have, 2nd it is still on 32bit so if you have problems with 32 software it will not solve anything 3rd FaceTrack No IR and openTrack are not working with BoS. For reasons that we can only speculate, developers don't want non-TrackIR users (and they do everything in ther power to limit any free-track solutions); they do want sim players with Track IR and casual mouse only players. Mid range market share is not appealing to 1C
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