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  1. 2BAG - 154_team - FF - SDV BERLOGA server Format: 1x1 duel Number of participans: 16 to 32 Full double elimination If the number of pilots, who registered themselves for the tournament will exceed 32, all of the remaining registered pilots will be considered as a reserve, and will be able to participate in case of someone of the first 32 pilots won't be able to fly. The beginning of the tournament - 07.10.17 (Organizers are free to postpone the date due to the special circumstances) The tournaments end - 15.10.17 First weekend: oct 7-8 - 1st and 2nd rounds Second weekend: oct 14-15 - 3rd and 4th rounds, quarters, semifinals, grandfinal Flight time - 18 - 22 MSK (UTC+3) Actual flight time can be corrected with your opponent and free referee Registration: 18 sept 2017 to 6 oct 2017 To register yourself for the tournament create a post in this topic: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/6261-car-gory-2017-1h1duel-lagg-3-yak-1-69-bf-109-f4/ You have to fulfill following: 1. Forum nickname 2. Forum profile (link) 3. Ingame nickname 4. Agreement with tournament rules Jury: Head referee: 2BAG_Miron https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/ Line referees: (full list will be announced after the registration end) Draw The draw will be held on oct 6 via http://challonge.com/ Current grid and standings will be announced in the forum tread immidiately Planes LaGG-3, armament VYa-23 (any ammo type) Bf-109F-4, armament default, head armor can be remowed Yak-1, series 69, default All fuel: 30% Plane skins for the tournament (required) - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/5665-duelnyj-skin-pak-servera-berloga-duel-dogfight/?p=513961 The actual plane for current match is defined by crossing out of three planes list, one by one (Yak-1 (69), LaGG-3, Bf-109F4). First pilot to cross out the plane is defined by throwing a coin (heads or tails). Match Match begins at the time assigned by the organizers, with both pilots and referee sitting in teamspeak channel Color of the airfield and plane skin is defined by throwing a coin Maximum number of fights – 5 Pilot, who wins 3 fights of 5, wins the match. After the match both pilots have to attach tracks on forum, in special thread Sample post text: match N 16, JG66_Ninjakillah vs =SCAF=TopAce Cockpit of JG66_Ninjakillah Fight Fight starts by the referee’s command in Teamspeak with the countdown: “Three, two, one, START!” Immediately after the “START" command pilots must start the flight and start recording the track Fight continues until one plane falls on the ground; the referee will give the command to stop the fight and leave the game to briefing menu Landing or crash-landing is similar to the fall When one plane falls, the second pilot wins the fight, unless his plane is critically damaged (wing cut off, plane on fire, pilot is dead). In case of any damage to his plane, the remaining pilot must stay airborne (in controlled flight) for 20 seconds (counted down by the referee), after which he’s called a winner. In case of both planes down or critically damaged, the tie is called and the fight is being reflied. In case of one pilot is being disconnected or kicked from server before the first merge, the reflight is called. In case of one pilot is being disconnected or kicked from server after the first merge, the other pilot is called a winner. Being out of ammo or fuel is not the end of the fight, fight continues until one or both planes are on the ground Strictly forbidden to*: Shoot before the first merge Bail out Leave to the briefing menu without referee’s permission To fly in passive manner: continuous (more than 1.5 mins) straight away flight; continuous climb, not related to the subsequent attack Deviate from the initial merge course more than 45 degrees left or right Miss the assigned match time and date Delay the spawn of your plane by not pressing the start button Fly without tournament skinpack *violation of the restrictions above is being punishable by the referees warning. Three warnings lead to the full disqualification in the match For any help and quetions, plz contact in this tread - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/6100-car-gory-2017/page-7 Good luck and have fun! P.S. Plz nevermind my bad English, not native. No google translate used tho.
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