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  1. Sure, if the devs want to put some of their development time on it. It makes sense from a historical perspective so why not?
  2. Stop it guys, this is an official leak, it's super real! Now start hyping!
  3. Hmm, strange. Is this an issue in both quick missions and the campaign? Because I Think the first 2-3 missions in the Stalingrad campaign are mandatory tutorials with a LaGG or something.
  4. Well, I was kicked twice, even though I set up my settings correctly, so I gave up this time. Hoping to try again next week.
  5. Where did you buy your game? On this page, steam or somewhere else?
  6. May I suggest that they make it a flashing neon badge straight out of the 90:s internet?
  7. Awesome! We are all looking forward to this event!
  8. Could we have two 110 for us in SvAF, please? EDIT: Three places please!
  9. I agree, I may not be as well decorated as you, but I've bled virtual blood for these badges and they should instill fear and respect! These badges give all of us a sense of pride and accomplishment!
  10. Or since we're talking aircrafts; old MiG-17 flown relatively fresh pilots vs top of the line F4 Phantoms and the MiG:s still biting back on occasion.
  11. Kuban will include a scripted Il-2 campaign when it's finished and a career mode as well.
  12. I agree, I'd rather go backwards in time, to Kiev or even better; the winter war!
  13. If you don't fancy recording the replay yourself there are many nice videos you YouTube you can send your friend.
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