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  1. Battle of France 1940 Messerschmitt Bf109E-3 Messerschmitt Bf110C Heinkel He 111 H-1 Dornier Do 17Z Junkers Ju 86 Junkers Ju 87B Dewoitine D.520 Morane-Saulnier MS.406 Curtiss H-75A Bloch 151/152 Bloch MB.200 Bloch 131 Lior√© et Olivier LeO 451 Amiot 143M Potez 630 Farman F222 Battle of Shanghai 1937 - Sino-Japanese war Curtiss Hawk III Curtiss Hawk II Goshawk Boeing 281- P26 Peashooter Martin B-10 Gamma 2E Nakajima A2N3 Type 90 Nakajima A4N1 Type 95 Yokosuka B3Y1 Type 92 Aichi D1A2 Type 96 Mitsubishi G3M1 Model 11 anothers can be Battle of Madrid, Battle of Suomussalmi, Battle of Odessa, Battle of Sevastopol, Battle of Port Moresby. If jets are on the run, i personally recommend, for the future, not just now, Battle of Sinai 1967ūüėć
  2. People said the same when Il-2 Cliffs of dover was in development. "not fair: Spitfire quantity must be limited from factory for the servers or they will shot every German in the air". things go to the other way.
  3. ok. fixing the plane list. Only RAF. No Americans. (repeating: only reason for all of this is He162A-2) http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae188/zakkandrachoff/hamburg%20planC_zpsjnfsyw8q.jpg [/url]">http:// ME262 is out. you can propose a map of the Alps, north italy, and Bayern, and add the ME262 and Bf109G-14AS then, in IL-2 Battle of the Bulge, you can ad the missing planes that will not be in okinawa, like P-51D, P47D late, typhoonB, spitfire IX, Bf109G-14, etc. Then, in IL-2 Operation Pointblank, (1943) (adding norfolk and suffolk for allied bombers bases in the uk and the map till middle germany): you can ad the Bf109G-6 (with Werfer-Granate 21), FW190A-6 or A7, Ju88C, B-17F, B24, P47D early,P-38F. (Bf110G-2 will be the same than Kuban except adding (with Werfer-Granate 21). Then, Il-2 Operation Steinbock, or BabyBlitz,(winter map, and them, spring summer map for Battle of Normandy), with He177, Ju 188E-1, Do 217, Me 410 Hornisse, Mosquito Mk II, early typhoon, then: Lancaster, Lincoln, mosquito Mk VI, Bf110G-4, Do217J, Ju88G. ok, would go on with maps and planes, but my brain will explode.
  4. SPEKTRE , yes, maybe, but He162A-1 was a little dangerous: take off and in the maneuvers ( because mk108 was to heavy) and maybe nobody gonna buy it. People prefear He162A-2 with 20mm cannons, making more lighter in the flight, and making the sim more historically correct.
  5. Battle of Odessa is great topic, with some equal fighters and bombers. this list of fighter of the Battle may be need to be in consideration. by the way, i invented the "gift plane" topic: im responsible for that. ja http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r597/Zacarias-Kandrachoff/Odessa_zpsynrekkbx.jpg [/url]">http://http://s1173.photobucket.com/user/Zacarias-Kandrachoff/media/Odessa_zpsynrekkbx.jpg.html'>
  6. Bf109G-4 eastern front http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae188/zakkandrachoff/f61307f8b387dbeef9aec4d208d492e3_zpszglpbsus.jpg [/url]">http://http://s970.photobucket.com/user/zakkandrachoff/media/f61307f8b387dbeef9aec4d208d492e3_zpszglpbsus.jpg.html'>
  7. NO duckman: no night, and migsu what the hell is the problem with my name user? This is Accurate battle with accurate fighters!!!no Bombers LOL period: March1945-Jun1945 Place: NorthWest Germany, East Holland and Belgium The Planes in the following list are accurate in this place in the current time. http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r597/Zacarias-Kandrachoff/il2-BattleofHamburg1945_zpsso8cpghd.jpg http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r597/Zacarias-Kandrachoff/il2-BattleofHamburg1945_zpsso8cpghd.jpg [/url]">http:// this are daylight missions, no nightmissions. Gloster Meteor operate before war end from airfields in Holland And Belgium, painted in White. Their airbase was attacked by Arado 234 jet bombers in one opportunity. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Gloster_Meteor_F.3_-_Royal_Air_Force-_2nd_Tactical_Air_Force,_1943-1945._CL2934.jpg The objective of this map is flying the HE162A2 in the airbases that this jet fighter true operate, that are in east and North of Hamburg, ok? http://www.panzeraufgd.co.uk/images/general/He162-2.jpg NO BERLIN, NO ALPS, OK? and this is pure Germany Vs. England, i put some USAAF fighters because their lost some planes in the area of Hannover. and because one wish of Oleg MAddox in the development of Storm Of War, that i rememeber, was that someone start the make up of the model of the volksjäger.
  8. "Meteor may be going a bit too far" = "In March 1945 the entire squadron moved to Gilze-Rijen in Holland, and on 13 April moved again to Nijmegen. Finally, on 17 April the Meteor entered combat over Europe, carrying out a ground attack mission near Ijmuiden. For the rest of the war the squadron flew a mix of ground attack and armed reconnaissance missions." "The biggest frustration for the pilots of 616 Squadron was that they never clashed with the Me 262, or indeed with any German fighter aircraft. They came close towards the end of the war when a flight of Meteors encountered a force of Fw 190s, but they were forced to abandon their attack when other RAF fighters mistook them for Me 262s. The nearest No.616 squadron came to a jet-to-jet battle came on 19 March, when a force of Arado Ar-234 jet bombers attacked their airfield." you can have semi historical missions of the Meteor III against Arado bombers (and this not real) escorted by Me262 http://www.ru.nl/publish/pages/595004/overzichtskaart.jpg
  9. now, where is my lovely volksjäger here?! the entire idea of this map is bring to life the 162, that is very more important than the 262 in the march-jun 1945 in lower saxony. you can proposal a 1945bavaria map for the 262. and... a Ju188? that is moree appropriated for operation steinbock feb-jun1944 channel map, together with the he177.
  10. Updating, and then i go to a threat, i promise. I put 2 spitfires because they coming with that bf109g4 thing jajaj
  11. hey, hames, in 1945 i dont recommend that to you. remember that in early 1944, 3 typhoons where chasing 1 109F over normandy, and when the krakut makes a dive and the british follow him, 1 typhoon lost is tail and aother one is engine, and the old 109 get away. true story. maybe you refear the tempest. okey, my objective on this map is bring tempest and volksjäger
  12. Ok. Sry. I was just making an opinion, and wish. Respect to the accuracy you mention: first, I know BOH was‚Ķ a sh*tty, but my objective was make this an excuse to use that map in where we can play the (and my lovely) volksj√§ger, respecting an accurated historical operation map and his airfields, which was in north Hamburg (leck)) and rostock. And in between rostock and l√ľbeck we have the Schwalbe airfield too. I know this maps don‚Äôt have mountains or sea battle, but they have volksg√§gers! Jaja! Some of my links Volksj√§ger: https://www.docdroid.net/OVeycHs/volksjger-victory-spitfires-over-berlin-the-airwar-in-europe-1945.pdf.html#page=5 http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/archive/index.php?t-110.html Ar234: in may 1945 an ar234 was shot down in the west of M√ľnster. It is believing that in april 45 an spitfire XIVe was shot down close of hanover because the backfire of an ar234 http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=17058 the timeland pretended in the map : march to jun 1945, and the main air forces where RAF and Luftwaffe, in second place usaaf sorry my English. Zak kandrachoff
  13. "Battle of Okinawa Battle of ??????" if they already reach abril 1945, i have an idea: next can be Battle of Hamburg or something like that...: low altitude western front dogfights! https://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r597/Zacarias-Kandrachoff/battle-of-hamburg-1945_zpsav1ktywl.jpg keeping some england for b17/b25 missions. and futures plane like bf109G14AS/ ME410/ME163 for destroyer missions.
  14. im very sorry about this weird threat. im sorry ok? i just find some "il2 leaks" about Finnish Air Force and i believe is good to do this part of ww2, very forgotten. really, i dont know if it is really true or just a fake, but i believe that Continuation War need to be done! and this one: battle of Murmansk is a good begining. of course, you will need to G-50, Buffalos, and Hawks... and maybe Karelia region (lake ladoga) will be a such better scenario than coold Murmansk. just saying... regards.. zak kandrachoff
  15. Bf109F-2. Geschwaderkommodore JG54 summer1941 and the last one, that include a Bf109F1 and three Bf109F2 ok, bye! zak kandrachoff
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