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  1. Every time I fly the Stuka I get engine failure!keeps telling me don't use combat speed when I am at only %50 throttle,then tells me speed to low.Cannot even keep up with rest of Stukas,seems fine for half way to target then starts all the crap,Radiator settings are fine.
  2. When getting close to shooting enemy slow the game down to half speed(Slow motion) turn the volume UP and start shooting,the guns sound great and you can see the damage clearly,I love doing it now:>)
  3. Apologies to CGF trying to help me,had to go to the door as friends arrived with presents so I had to leave:>(
  4. Asking everyone this....who would have actually been a pilot in WW1 if you had been born in that era?and had the skills etc to be one,would you REALLY have done it for real?
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