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  1. Tried a few goes at it and its difficult,just curious.
  2. I fly on my own as Im not very good at it yet!! I like being a gunner too and scenery is amazing on a sunny day.I love plodding along in the Russian bi-plane and hedge hopping,and to all of you stay safe to you and your Families and listen to" Isolation" song by John Lennon:>)
  3. Relax children!!!I wasn't putting anyone down I realise its fun chatting etc,I was just making a point sheeesh! Yup!It went well,just the two of us and my wingman knows sign language for the deaf :>) Pissy,unsociable? don't like others? give it a break pal!!!typical BC resident LOL,Im from Ontario;>)
  4. Kinda funny to hear folks wining about this and that and to much Flak or what ever and not realistic enough etc,etc….when you are communicating with other Pilots re enemy etc which of course is" unrealistic "as it couldn't be done in WW1.Try hand signals only :>)
  5. Has anyone successfully shot down an enemy aircraft as a rear gunner?
  6. Not quite the Kings English is it!!!not allowed in the Officers mess chaps!!!
  7. The Ronson as they called it,as it often lit up:>)
  8. Cup holder is most vunerable:>)
  9. I like being a gunner but find shooting not very effective,shot the crap out of a Spad engine cowling 100 feet behind us and it did NOTHING!!next thing we are going down in flames.
  10. Thought he was in the Titanic movie:>)
  11. AVRO LANCASTER:>) in IL2.
  12. Every time I fly the Stuka I get engine failure!keeps telling me don't use combat speed when I am at only %50 throttle,then tells me speed to low.Cannot even keep up with rest of Stukas,seems fine for half way to target then starts all the crap,Radiator settings are fine.
  13. When getting close to shooting enemy slow the game down to half speed(Slow motion) turn the volume UP and start shooting,the guns sound great and you can see the damage clearly,I love doing it now:>)
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