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  1. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    I'm not too concerned about this whole advantage versus disadvantage thing. I'm more concerned about about having the most inclusive player base we can possibly maintain. If everyone has access to the same "advantage" then the actual advantage enjoyed is by a player who would be otherwise functionally impaired (and hence excluded), rather than by one player over another. Your concern for fairness is well intended, but groundless in this case. Situational and tactical advantages will always outweigh any to be gleaned in the margins of performance. I understand the frustrations of any simmer who doesn't want AI taking over systems they can manage themselves. My moral representation is with players who can't manage those systems for themselves. If you can't see all your instruments, indicators and controls at a glance, you're not really in control in a way which is situationally realistic. The perfect solution to this problem is to make all AI assistance player rather than server specific. I appreciate this is a design issue ultimately. Unless that's resolved I'll remain in support of servers with standardised presets including Normal difficulty.
  2. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    The FX look stunning - fuel fires are already ugly enough affairs - that blazing A-20 looks terrifying, and much more like the real thing than I've seen before. As for the tank fire, I hope the smoke from these will be dirty and thick and mess with visibility. I recently read how Aussie AT gunners at Alamein shot up a friendly tank which was burning to it to burn out faster in order to clear their sight line. The naked Pz III is jaw dropping. Very much looking forward to the whole expanded tank line up, especially the Sherman. At least I'll be able to see over the top of the T-34 in front! I know there are mission builders out there just itching to get their hands on the AI versions of the new tank releases. Also, it's great news about the netcode fixes. I can't overstate how much tanks are being missed on the -DED- Normal server. It will be great to have them back.
  3. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    The Spitfire (both the V and the IX) are always going to be hard work, period. Even with the arrival of the uncatchable 262 and the very capable K-4 and D-9, they won't gain any advantage over the Spitfire in the area of its greatest strength. As an opponent and rival the Spitfire must be handled at a tactical level. I can well remember witnessing (and sometimes joining) drag races involving up to 6 Allied fighters on a single Fw190. Even with the flightpath of the 190 describing a gentle curve not a single Allied aircraft had the flat out performance or energy to do anything to stop it. In the end such adventures were stopped at a tactical level. To complain about them would have smacked of moral defeat.. Hundreds of players are regulars on -DED- Normal because that's the level they play at. There are many different reasons why people choose to play on a server with Normal difficulty presets. This often comes as a surprise to those who play expert. The Normal presets community tends to include more gamers and less hardcore sim enthusiasts, but is also (IMO) a more diverse group including people with limited free time, PC access or specialist simming equipment. Individuals with broader range of cognitive and perceptual capabilities are represented and the Normal presets make the sim more accessible to a broader age range. Then there are those sociable types who just don't want to go where their friend or family member can't go. The problem is that there aren't enough people at this end of the spectrum to populate multiple Normal presets servers. If I supported another server it would be with Normal presets, historical plane sets and campaign style game play of the kind -DED- were developing with their Random Normal server.
  4. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    -DED- Normal is essentially a casual dogfight server and has always been open to every aircraft currently available. This is so that people owning any plane set from the Great Battles franchise can always play together. The missions are historically inspired but represent tactical situations that pilots of all nations would encounter throughout the war. I heard some "pay to win" jibes from a couple of players last week when the Spitfire IX was in play. Those comments demean the people who make them. You'll notice they don't come from the community's more experienced players. Nobody called "pay to win" when Allied veterans were rockin' the I-16 or the Yak-1b, and I don't recall the highly survivable FW190 drawing complaint during its long reign as the fastest ship in the game (at least not when I was online). I find people's choices of aircraft on both sides to be A: pragmatic and B: preferential based on taste, but I would not say cynical. Your plane needs to be able to fulfil the mission objective you set yourself, and if multiple aircraft fit the bill, pick the one that feel like the most fun or gives you the greatest sense of achievement. Ignore the whiners. Ignore the sour grapes. Respect your opponent (even if you don't always sing their praises); all the more if he has to fight harder than you. Personally I look forward to the game balance being remade, and remade and remade again as it always has been. Tigers, KV1s, Dora 9's Mustangs, Thunderbolts, Pz IV's - win or lose it's going to be mayhem PS: For more historical plane sets, maps and mission objectives watch out for the return of -DED- Random Normal campaign server. Hopefully we'll see this server again one day.
  5. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    Awesome work! Very very much appreciated Heroic effort -DED- Now to try and take this all in...
  6. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 200 - Discussion

    Where to start? The Sherman is looking fantastic! I saw one of these close up the day before yesterday, and I have to say it's an awesome sight from the perspective of a man on foot. I'm so looking forward to crewing one up, and also to seeing the new player tanks in their AI forms for exciting mission buidling. The netcode fix will also be most welcome if it gets us back to tanking online. I'm really missing our friends in their tanks right now. In the past tanking has been a brilliant way to get non-flyers joining in the fun online, and for some it has been their first step on a battlefield they now soar above. As for the Flying Circus content in the works, it will be great to see the Camel and Pfalz back in action. I'm especially curious to see how the Camel will fly in light of changes inherrent in Il-2's more modern iteration of the sim engine.
  7. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    In fairness to Aero, he's a pillar of the Normal player community he was just trying to encourage me to take a positive attitude in trying times. That said, I appreciate your moral support for keeping the sim open to all It's an issue that seems to evoke a certain strength of feeling in some quarters and I quite understand that.
  8. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    I appreciate that mate And I don't think it's an outrageous compromise to make to be able to play online, but if the drift away from normal presets leave behind even a few it bothers me. I know players who find aircraft handling in simulated combat (with all the assistance that normal offers) to be very challenging. They barely break even, but get great enjoyment from their shared endeavour online. I won't be telling any of my friends, kids or grandkids to "git gud" any time soon One of them in particular could say that to me I suppose, but I'm fairly thick skinned
  9. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    Just checked it out - very attractive mission design mate. Would be great to see that setup in the -DED- rotation. It's not a normal preset server though. At the possible expense of labouring the point: I'm not interested in splitting the normal preset community down into little packets where each clique gets their own custom variation of normal presets until everything is perfect for everyone and everyone is in a community of one. That's single player. The normal presets community isn't big enough to split.
  10. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    The server is back up now, though with the reduced mission listing until the crash issue is resolved. JR
  11. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    I think the distinction is largely lost on people who don't consider the normal presets an active preference: Coconut's server (excellent as it is in its historical representation) is not a Normal presets server; it just has normal in the name. New players, the blurry-eyed, the elderly, younger children, those who live life without head tracking or VR headsets, casual gamers who recognise that WT sucks, occasional drunkards, people who share PC's etc; they can tell the difference. As of yesterday people who play Il-2 with normal presets had the choice of 3 servers: One was private and passworded, one was Flying Circus aircraft only, and one was a 1CGS -DED- clone where the mission resets every time a player scored points. It also had a homophobic name. Either that or a British-accented anti-smoking message. I wasn't sure. When the Rise of Flight (custom) server Aces Falling took most of regulars from Flying Circus the old normal server lost all it's vitality. The server population fell below its critical mass and collapsed. New players taking their first steps into the online game were left hanging. Several of my friends and family quit playing Rise of Flight as they found the alternatives inaccessible. They now all play Il-2 instead... I have always regretted not speaking up about this, as playing online at our own level was (in RoF) and still is in Il-2 a great source of joy for us.
  12. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    Re: New Tanks Performance For those interested to learn how Tigers will effect the ground war: I tested the RankedMoscow tank mission modified with the Tiger and KV-1s a few days ago (player tanks only, no AI Tigers or KV's). Tigers are clearly the best tanks, and largely invulnerable at range, but at close quarters they can be one shotted by APCR rounds. Where Tigers are active, a lot will depend on terrain (breaking line of sight) and available hard cover. They seem to be as vulnerable to air attack as any other tank. As for the KV-1s, there is very little between it and the the T-34 (IMO). I can see the T-34 remaining very popular for its familiarity and relative simplicity. To summarise, I don't think including the new tanks will take much implementation and is unlikely to wreck the balance of games where they're used. That augurs well for their introduction soon.
  13. Johnny-Red

    Control tanks from "Clash at Prokhorovka"

    For the sake of understanding I will offer my reason for voting "no need": Most of the people I play Il-2 with in real life would never bother to learn the sim (planes or tanks) on full real settings. We play Il-2 because of the quality of the modelling and the feel of the simulation, especially the graphics and the way that tactical combat is facilitated in this sim. The tank game for us is about accessibility - It gives non-flyers a significant combat role and makes our games more widely inclusive... ...and once we have them addicted to Great Battles, then we make them fly! Muahahahah!!! If I wasn't aware of issues relating to dev capacity I might have voted yes; in good will and solidarity for the people for want manual shift. I hope you get your manual shift, but I have high hopes for so much other content too.
  14. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    The pilot modelling artwork is looking beautiful and I'm thouroughly looking forward to seeing all those venerable icons of the first air war live again in the latest simulation engine. Also, has anyone else noticed that the Entente airman bears an eerily striking resemblance to be Captain "Uncle" Sinclair from Aces High (played by actor Christoper Plummer). Bloody good chap! What what?
  15. Johnny-Red

    Can't save i dds format

    This is going to sound really dumb, because I'm not a PS expert (I work in PSP then export to PS to render dds files) but you seem to have every iteration of the image's MIP map visible there (the ever smaller level of detail images to the right of the main image). I'm not sure why this is the case. Scratch that - I think I know what's going on here! When you opened the pre-existing skin to edit you checked the option to render / display all the MIP map iterations as well. Don't work from the game's default skins (or any pre-existing dds file). The dds colour map you wished to edit is essentially a flat image. This is a poor choice for one simple reason: Skins are rich and complex multi-layered images where the subtle visual interactions of each layer add to the depth and richness of the overall finish. If you start painting over the merged colour map you will lose much of the the tone, shade and texture the original artist put into the skin. You need to DL a template from the skin templates page: Also, for future reference, if you do open a dds file for any reason (such as for image referencing) there's no need to have photoshop render all the MIP maps as well. Good luck! Let us know how you get on. Regards, JR