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  1. Beautiful beautiful Hurricane! Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to get my hands on that iconic IIA. The armament options represented here make the Hurricane 5-planes-in-1, and offer a very wide range of Historical deployment options. Thank you for your outstanding work. _________ Digging into my screenie collection, I found this home made skin; a Hurricane II over Lenningrad, sporting local armament conversion (September 2003). Now the future will out-shine the past.
  2. Fantastic work on the Rheinland map. A pleasant surprise to see this level of ongoing committement. Much respect and gratitude
  3. Please keep the markers on Rapidus: Many other servers have them switched off. People who do not like or need them have many other places to go. A few people have asked for markers to be switched-off over time. For people who don't like to see markers; they can be toggled off client-side. For people who worry about other players gaining a functional advantage in combat; why are they even on this server? If everyone has exactly the same advantage, it's no longer an advantage in competitive terms. Most, if not all -DED- Normal regulars are here because the Normal-presets enable them to play. The player base here is far more diverse than on the Expert-preset servers; it includes people who for many different reasons are excluded from the Expert gaming environment. We should strive to bring them together to maintain a vigorous and active player population.
  4. By the time you see this you may have worked it out, but it appears you have the mods turned on mate. I know those servers - including the outstanding Flying Ass Clowns setup. They are only searchable by a client with mods enabled. In "mods on" mode you will not be able to see any "mods off" (standard) servers in the dogfight server browser. Uncheck the "Enable Mods" option in the launcher or in-game go to Settings>Game>under "Customization">uncheck "Enable Mods". This will trigger a client restart in "mods off" (standard) mode. I hope that helps.
  5. I agree with CUJO entirely: Please reinstate bomb aiming assist. Tanks no longer need air-cover to operate. This has undermined tactical gameplay. An unintended consequence has been that ramming has now become the most effective way to attack player tanks: Some players preferred ramming even before the sight was turned off. Now these same people are the only players who can accurately target armour. Bomber player-activity is also reduced as CUJO stated above. People who play normal difficulty should not be required to learn (or may not be able) to use the simulated bomb sighting available on some planes. People don't come here for full realsm. The net effect of turning off bombing-assist has been to reduce player-activity in bombing. _________ I understand how easy it is to bloat a mission with excess linked entities and AI load, but the role of AA does require some revision for the sake of realism and playability: Attacking an alerted airfield with fixed guns solo or in a small group should be a feat of near-suicidal courage. Airfields need to be covered by a withering storm of automatic AA guns of all calibres. Level bombing from medium altitude should be scary, but survivable in most cases. Heavy flak should be very innacurate, but quite concentrated. Some gun-laying for heavy flak should be in game, but there should also be area / barrage fire. Heavy flak should be protected by AA machineguns. Long range aviation (including medium and light bombers) should enter play at the back edge of the map at their respective bombing-altitude. Crews should just focus on the run in and flak evasion. No climbing should be required.
  6. I would respectfully disagree. Bombing assist is for bombers and strike aircraft, not tanks. It was an integral part of the Normal Difficulty game before tanks were included. Having bombing assist for pilots on won't stop me from taking a tank. Turning it off will stop many people from bombing. If bombing assist is turned off, the benefits will go to: Tiger players; who face no persistent challenge on the ground. Fighter-only players; who don't want to be rivalled by bomber-players on the stats. In addition, it undermines the server's status as the game's primary Normal Difficulty server. People who play on Normal Difficulty need a place to play the game that they learned. I don't want to see that already fragmented community seperated by needless customisation. _________ These are tank-stats on the OMD Normal Difficulty server: http://ohmydog.mooo.com:8080/en/tankmans/?tour=6&page=1 These are tanker-stats of a Tiger player who agues to disable standard functions: http://ohmydog.mooo.com:8080/en/tankman/211/spiker/?tour=6 _________ I have witnessed hundreds of player-tanks being rammed by player-aircraft over the years. Most were destroyed. Some players would rather end their virtual life than take a tank and show some skill. Sadly, in some quarters it is now a standard tactic. I regard this kind of behaviour as much nastier and less in keeping with the spirit of the game. Pilots need to support and protect their ground forces Tankers need to call on air support and use cover
  7. It was interesting to have the bomb sight off, but for people here who are maxed at normal difficulty, this keeps the game playable. Thank you Rapidus
  8. Nice new artwork on the store I see. That's definately a winner. Dora-9 and Lightning collector planes to become collector planes when the discount ends on the 17th of December?
  9. @buck1ea - Regarding French-speaking pilots, I read this literally yesterday - hence the precise recall. I don't know if there were any independant French Airforce units operating on the Rhineland map, but very many Francophone pilots still served within RAF commands, whether French, French Colonial, Wallonian or Quebecois. May I suggest keeping all tecnical terms in French accented English, and all sentence structure in French? Price, A. Spitfire - A Complete Fighting History (1991) p. 237 "RAF French" in this instance would be like a reversal of modern English; where there roots are clearly Germanic, but most of the sophisticated words are of French origin.
  10. OK, I see what you did there with the so called "reasonable point of view" thing. Sneaky. Very sneaky. My head's going both ways on this: I still think a lot of issues with the the 262 can be remedied through careful mission design. More than any other aircraft in Il-2, the Me262 needs a clear cut mission for every single flight in order to function closer to its historical counterpart. If we end up back at 262's circling player spawns there'll be hell to pay, and this time I'll be happy to stand back and let nature find it's own level.
  11. I hope you're right about that. I'd really like to fly the IIA. It gets me closer to my namesake The IID might be a fun alternative to the Il-2 37mm outfit, albeit with a fraction of the ammo count. According to AIR 22/310 deliveries were as follows: IIA: 218 (22 Lost prior to delivery) IIB: 1884 (278 Lost prior to delivery) IIC: 1182 (46 Lost, 117 Rejected) IID: 60 (14 Rejected) IV: 30 I seem to remember playing Il-2 FB with a Soviet configured Hurricane IIB with all the Browning .303's removed and a single ShVAK and UB in each wing. Also, from the IIB the wings should take either 2x 250lb bombs, or 2x 500lbs (or closest Soviet equivalent).
  12. Circus 81 (aka Operation Leg): https://www.seekanddestroy.info/blog/operation-leg-19-august-1941 15 Squadron of Spitfires (4x MkII's, 11x Mk V's) escorted 6 Blenheims on a leg bombing mission of vital importance...
  13. The massively prolific Yak-1 to 3 lines and Yak-7 to 9 lines rightly deserve some more attention. Good choice. Here's to my first flight in both Yak-9 airframes The Hurricane II is going to be the real star of the show for me though. It was being shipped all over the world while early Spitfires could barely make it out of the factory fast enough to backfill an expanding Fighter Command. It was best the British could make relative to the demands of raising a modern fighter force simultanously on three continents. Consider them all pre-ordered as soon as the store lists them. _______________________ PS: When it's released; can I have mine catapulted off a CAM Ship as a Hurricane I, and get it re-engined to MkIIA standard in Russia?
  14. Yeah, all that stuff you just posted: I think you may have been misinformed or just be behind with the news: From Google Translate: "10/15/2019 at 22:17, Johnny-Red said: Can we ask administrators to try the same? I know this is a U-turn, but maybe I should get out of the trench. I would really like to see Me262 rise to pursue a system of bombers, or defy anti-aircraft guns at the height of trees to hit a bridge or fuel depot. For Me262, you need to edit the spawn so that it is parked and placed at the farthest airfield and limited from 2 to 4." Like I said before, you always assume bad faith, and act accordingly. On the subject of broken morale, it wasn't meant to be back-handed. I just don't like to see the Axis players regularly outnumbered two to one. I don't want to see player numbers decline overall and I don't want to see one faction or the other crash or lose its vitality. It's likely because many American Axis players have now taken up the P51 and P38. Some former LW powergamers can't resist the Spitfire and Tempest and many veteran Axis players who previously relied on the D-9's speed and K-4's speed and climb now find themselves far more exposed. There's no personal triumph for me in that. I'd like to see a vigorous and capable Axis player base. _______________________________ And then there's the server bully. Are the Allies delighted he's flying Spitfires and Mustangs? Do we love him because we are the "bests"? Do you think we believe he's making the skies safe for the "good guys"? lol He's still a troll and a griefer - nothing has changed for me on that subject. His trying to clean up after himself or engage with people he thinks might be useful just further reinforce my original perception. I don't care which side he flies for. He suppresses enjoyment wherever he goes. I don't want to meet Axis fliers, punch drunk from his constant drubbing. I have previously expressed my solidarity with you when you experienced personal griefing. I advised you on how to proceed if you wished to complain. I did that in friendship, not because I'm the big man. I'm sorry you don't recall. Thank you for quoting me when I said "I'm done with it now". Nobody
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