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  1. ***UPDATE*** The server is back online, but not all a/c are currently available. Thanks to -DED-Rapidus for the restart and updated info ***UPDATE*** The available plane set does not appear to include any aircraft from BoBP. I believe they're working to fix this.
  2. Agreed. It would seem to be the best way to get the show back on the road. Also, they have done that before which makes me wonder if it's not an option in this case... If I hear anything I'll let you know.
  3. Flagged and re-flagged on the Russian forum gents. Thank Spocks, 48Anatoliy-P and Cebeu in chronological order As Aero points out, the missions will need converting, but there's also the issue of editting the plane sets to get the 262 into action. This is a mission-by-mission (not server-wide) action, and some missions (Moscow springs to mind) are a little more complicated than others. If that's not something the admins are comfortable with they will require the input of a third party. As Coconut states in his server thread, it's a shame that maintaining a server requires such a complex skill set. The less people you have on the job, the more of a bother it is. Lets hope it's sorted soon.
  4. I was marking the occasion (deliberately, not accicentally lol) as there doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated to the commemoration of what was a momentous event in world history; rivalling the great strategic strokes of the Wehrmacht in the West and East and also the heroic endeavours of the Red Army. If today, you search "D-Day" on the forums you will find no thread with that name, and "DD Today" half way down the page.
  5. D-Day Today? Good news everyone, it's the beginning of the end... It was an open goal, i couldn't resist.
  6. Very very slowly... lol It would probably be more fair to say I know some words. Enough for me to get out of my depth in seconds lol. On firmer ground - I note the server is restored. Thanks to -DED-ASF
  7. Hey Aero, See what Spock wrote above mate. It's been reported on the Russian language forum (several times) over the weekend. I expect they're either very busy or having some technical difficulty. Either way there's (sadly), no news. I'll ask for an update if one's not forthcoming soon. Also, while we're on the subject - please don't copy me in with ASF and Rapidus; my involvement with the -DED- group doesn't go beyond appreciating their efforts and telling them when something goes wrong. I admire and respect their support for our community, but my input is simply not on their level. To this end, I don't wish to take credit (or appear to take credit) for their efforts. And anway, there's no need. I subscribe to this thread, so I get an email every time you post something JR
  8. The British National Collection of Aerial Photography has an extensive RAF collection (I learned earlier today). I haven't had time to search the archive in detail - instead I thought I'd share what I've found as soon as: https://ncap.org.uk/search?page=576&keywords=Germany&daterange=1944-09-01%2C1945-05-08&archive=0&camera=vertical If you want to see the photographs in more detail, you'll need an account (I haven't sorted this yet). I don't know what resolution the pictures were scanned to as it looks like this digital collection was scanned over 10 years ago, or if they have a download limit, but as a test I searched with the following parameters: Date Range: 01/09/1944 - 08/05/1945 Camera Position Vertical: Vertical (Oblique and Ground are also options) Key Words: Germany That yielded 27,658 photos. I hope this is helpful. JR ***UPDATE*** The archive includes all material held by the Allied Central Interpretation Unit (jointly staffed by UK and US personnel), as declassified in 1962. The territory covered does not inclue the former DDR. Basic access gets you preview quality images, with a subscription required for more detailed images and advanced search facilities, including access to the original photographic unit indexing system. The photo scans are fairly high res, (though far from the original film grain), they would make good references for map building. This higher res sample is Borgfelde, Hamburg from 13/09/1944 from the ACIU with a modern map site for comparison: (the photo is aligned approx. south-north) I'm going to sign up and see what I can find through the enhanced service. What deadlines are you working to for information submission? PS: Apologies for posting in English in the German forums. I wouldn't normally intrude, but I thought this interjection might be helpful.
  9. ...the Gathering has begun! What coloured shield did you dream of comrade? ___ Thanks for the update. This is most interesting. I'd previously thought it might be an issue specific to RankedDEDStalingrad2 / Tanks Rush!, but you are also seeing this in Kuban. This maybe something worth raising in Vaal's thread on game statistics. It may help the the Blue Team to learn that on Tanks Rush! the reds also have an airfield with an invisible object blocking it, collision with which causes instant death. We don't know why either and share their disappointment. Is this on the "Lapino" mission? Lapino airfield always does the same thing on one of the missions, and always has done. I think it's because the spawn point doesn't actually align with the position of the airfield. With regard to the "forced landing" issue with active airfields, this problem effects both axis and allied airfields and scoring in-game, but not on the stats, where such "forced landings" count as proper airfield landings. ___ And finally... A word to the wise: the bad vibes here are stifling rational debate. It would benefit the community this server maintains if we could leave out some of the more inflammatory and unsubstantiated statements. Engage constructively with the "other" please. You may discover some common ground.
  10. That was my first thought tbh - then I thought, "should I..." lol Queue Je'teme Also, good job Monostripe - some fine flying there. Who was your partner?
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1940_Brocklesby_mid-air_collision NSW Rules No-Holds-Barred Anson Wrestling...
  12. At 12:50am, 23/04/2019 (just short of 4 hours time), the BBC 4 will the broadcasting a rather informative documentary called "Cosmonauts". For people with access to UK TV programming and an interest in the history of space exploration; I strongly recommend this film, having seen it before myself. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04lcxms It remains for me to say, that the BBC aren't paying me for this endorsement
  13. In Awe. Cologne: A beautiful picture of a tragic scene... As for the SE5a, my old friend, this plane and the Brisfit more than anything else fuels my enthusiasm for FC. I'm really looking forward to seeing how advances in the FM field will effect them, as the two Sopwiths are now far more enjoyable to fly. Re: a drivable jeep; is it too early to say what I want for Christmas? lol
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