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  1. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Please consider this observational rather than critical: Many hand-painted roundels appear as in the picture above, showing colour bands described with concentric brush strokes. Because of the low opacity of the paint I would expect to see the a deeper and more opaque line wherever paint was built up towards an edge: This is especially prominent in the outer edge of the outer colour band between 3 and 7 o'clock and there also appears to be evidence of a drip beginning to form in the now-cured paint at the very lowest point. What I believe my co-posters are referencing is a sharp-edged effect which is not consistent with applying a greasy paint or emulsion to doped linen. For those unfamiliar with doped linen, the surface finish is very very smooth indeed and once treated does not have an obvious textile grain. To all intents and purposes it holds a shine just like sealed wood or sheet metal. This is the type of edge texturing you'd expect if the RAF pilot had hand painted the roundel directly onto his knitted jumper.
  2. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    I literally can't wait
  3. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    When the server was down yesterday I called it in on the Russian forum and -DED-ASF had it back up within an hour. I was concious to get the request in as early a possible (GMT+1) as I get the impression that the server admins are only able to access it during office hours, which finish somewhat earlier in Russia. Sadly on thursday evening we lost 26 Normal players all sharing the game the way they prefer to play it at a stroke. Today I was too busy to call it in, hoping (as I foolishly often do) that someone else will. I would recommend Flying Ass Clowns as a fall back server. It's only visible in the server browser if you enable mods first, but if you were going to log in for an evening's fun, it's worth the minutes it takes to restart Il-2. SAS_Strorebror was kind enough to switch the server over to Normal presets expressly because some people here lobbied for more Normal servers. Its mission format is rather elegant and there's tons of PVE activity on there if it's quiet. I very much enjoy the time I spend on -DED- Normal, but it's sensible to have a fall back and it will help us stay connected as a player community.
  4. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    There were 26 people on -DED- Normal yesterday evening when it crashed (after being back up for only a few hours). I enabled mods* and joined The Flying Ass Clowns as did a couple of other -DED- regulars. As it was, the three of us we had some serious fun. As I said before, there's some real effort gone into mission design here, with separate jobs for fighters, mud-movers and bombers. There's believable ground action taking place round the airfields and everything has a strongly cinematic feel. There's also action for tankers including AI tanks and a space set aside for Flying Circus content. *This requires an Il-2 restart, but does require you to download anything else, just the mission as you join the server. It would have been an epic session if we could have gotten the other 23 players there too. As for when it's quiet, there's tons to do with plenty of ground targets, AI tank units and AI aircraft. The big setback with the FAC Normal server is that it's invisible from the main server browser (due to being a mods on server). This isn't a criticism of the server, it's just that you can't see it's there unless you have mods on - and with mods on you can't see if any mods free servers are there - which with our low numbers and often casual or time-poor player base is bad news. I would suggest putting up a Normal presets (and locked server) with directions to FAC that can be viewed from the mods off server browser - either that or respectfully request that Storebror turns off the mods (but on this point I couldn't say how essential they are to the functioning of the server).
  5. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Beautiful Work! The pilot is stunning as is the tank level of detail. I can't wait to see more diverse armour in game, especially the Sherman
  6. Johnny-Red

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    I spotted this rather late in the day: Yorkshire accented native English speaker. University educated. Former crown servant. Standard Pronunciation. Navigator / Sergeant Pilot / RAFVR Material. Accents of my native region would range between Sean Bean and Malcolm McDowell - broad to posh. Not entirely unlike the chap who can read his watch by the light of the searchlights during the first audio recording in this thread. People have always said I had a face made for radio. I would be happy to help.
  7. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    I was hoping for them to be specific to individual bomb strikes - could be a real game changer for online play in replacing more contrived mechanisms for closing airfields (like airfield object kill quotas for instance). I'm OK for figs. 🍈 Re: the urban colour palette I quite agree. It's one of the things that detracted from RoF - the beautiful but unrealistic pastel coloured chocolate box town scapes. I think slag heaps were mentioned further up this DD and with coal soot and acid rain. Those things characterised northern Europe's industrial regions for well over a century.
  8. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    If you're talking about collision-modelled craters, this is music to my ears! Runway denial; something for the bomber boys to get to work on
  9. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    There are pre-war photographs of Cologne showing a similar level of discolouration. I would be surprised if firebombing hadn't added to the blackening of the stonework, but the primary culprit will be industrial pollution. This photgraph is dated 1939:
  10. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    Outstanding work on three fronts. So much to look forward to. I can't wait to see that US pilot complete with oxygen mask in the Jug some time soon(ish). As for the enhanced damage modelled ground assets, I'm sure they will have the potential to transform tank warefare.
  11. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    We can't ask for more than an open mind. Thankyou
  12. Johnny-Red

    "Normal" Server

    I'm not too concerned about this whole advantage versus disadvantage thing. I'm more concerned about about having the most inclusive player base we can possibly maintain. If everyone has access to the same "advantage" then the actual advantage enjoyed is by a player who would be otherwise functionally impaired (and hence excluded), rather than by one player over another. Your concern for fairness is well intended, but groundless in this case. Situational and tactical advantages will always outweigh any to be gleaned in the margins of performance. I understand the frustrations of any simmer who doesn't want AI taking over systems they can manage themselves. My moral representation is with players who can't manage those systems for themselves. If you can't see all your instruments, indicators and controls at a glance, you're not really in control in a way which is situationally realistic. The perfect solution to this problem is to make all AI assistance player rather than server specific. I appreciate this is a design issue ultimately. Unless that's resolved I'll remain in support of servers with standardised presets including Normal difficulty.
  13. Johnny-Red

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    The FX look stunning - fuel fires are already ugly enough affairs - that blazing A-20 looks terrifying, and much more like the real thing than I've seen before. As for the tank fire, I hope the smoke from these will be dirty and thick and mess with visibility. I recently read how Aussie AT gunners at Alamein shot up a friendly tank which was burning to it to burn out faster in order to clear their sight line. The naked Pz III is jaw dropping. Very much looking forward to the whole expanded tank line up, especially the Sherman. At least I'll be able to see over the top of the T-34 in front! I know there are mission builders out there just itching to get their hands on the AI versions of the new tank releases. Also, it's great news about the netcode fixes. I can't overstate how much tanks are being missed on the -DED- Normal server. It will be great to have them back.
  14. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    The Spitfire (both the V and the IX) are always going to be hard work, period. Even with the arrival of the uncatchable 262 and the very capable K-4 and D-9, they won't gain any advantage over the Spitfire in the area of its greatest strength. As an opponent and rival the Spitfire must be handled at a tactical level. I can well remember witnessing (and sometimes joining) drag races involving up to 6 Allied fighters on a single Fw190. Even with the flightpath of the 190 describing a gentle curve not a single Allied aircraft had the flat out performance or energy to do anything to stop it. In the end such adventures were stopped at a tactical level. To complain about them would have smacked of moral defeat.. Hundreds of players are regulars on -DED- Normal because that's the level they play at. There are many different reasons why people choose to play on a server with Normal difficulty presets. This often comes as a surprise to those who play expert. The Normal presets community tends to include more gamers and less hardcore sim enthusiasts, but is also (IMO) a more diverse group including people with limited free time, PC access or specialist simming equipment. Individuals with broader range of cognitive and perceptual capabilities are represented and the Normal presets make the sim more accessible to a broader age range. Then there are those sociable types who just don't want to go where their friend or family member can't go. The problem is that there aren't enough people at this end of the spectrum to populate multiple Normal presets servers. If I supported another server it would be with Normal presets, historical plane sets and campaign style game play of the kind -DED- were developing with their Random Normal server.
  15. Johnny-Red

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    -DED- Normal is essentially a casual dogfight server and has always been open to every aircraft currently available. This is so that people owning any plane set from the Great Battles franchise can always play together. The missions are historically inspired but represent tactical situations that pilots of all nations would encounter throughout the war. I heard some "pay to win" jibes from a couple of players last week when the Spitfire IX was in play. Those comments demean the people who make them. You'll notice they don't come from the community's more experienced players. Nobody called "pay to win" when Allied veterans were rockin' the I-16 or the Yak-1b, and I don't recall the highly survivable FW190 drawing complaint during its long reign as the fastest ship in the game (at least not when I was online). I find people's choices of aircraft on both sides to be A: pragmatic and B: preferential based on taste, but I would not say cynical. Your plane needs to be able to fulfil the mission objective you set yourself, and if multiple aircraft fit the bill, pick the one that feel like the most fun or gives you the greatest sense of achievement. Ignore the whiners. Ignore the sour grapes. Respect your opponent (even if you don't always sing their praises); all the more if he has to fight harder than you. Personally I look forward to the game balance being remade, and remade and remade again as it always has been. Tigers, KV1s, Dora 9's Mustangs, Thunderbolts, Pz IV's - win or lose it's going to be mayhem PS: For more historical plane sets, maps and mission objectives watch out for the return of -DED- Random Normal campaign server. Hopefully we'll see this server again one day.