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  1. Happy Birthday Jason Congratulations to you and the whole dev team for all the outstanding work produced to date. You guys have established a great record for delivering a world class combat flight sim While we have you captive and answering questions, I would like to ask: Is there any chance that map making tools and expertise will ever be opened to the community? Either on the basis of controlled or open access?
  2. Delighted to see the quality of ground assets in the works here. These ground units are really raising the bar, and for tankers and mission makers they are going to add some very welcome colour and detail. That would be sublime. That little scout has fun written all over it.
  3. Perish the thought! There'll always be a place for those with an eye for the genuine article _________ The P51 test shots are looking very promising. I can see it being a big hit with squads online and being really useful in campaigns. No more trying to reform your flight of I-16's and then realising "they're not my I-16's!" Also, delighted to hear that vehicles will be getting the same treatment. More value added there - maybe with divisional badges as well as ID numbers? I'm very curious to learn whether the text colours can be tweaked b
  4. There's nothing in the BoN plane set that won't be awesome, but for me the Typhoon eclipses almost everything, even the legendary Mossie and the handsome 410. That armament on a single engined fighter... It's a mud-movers dream come true.
  5. Tremendous news. I'm in. Getting into RoF after Il-2 1946 was one of the best things I've ever done. (At least as far as fun goes.) It untimately brought me (and many of my friends) here to the rightful successor of Il-2 1946. Going forward with more iconic RoF content is a great way to enhance the franchise. I wish the project every success. I can't wait to see what the new engine will bring to these old birds. I'll be buying in on the day it appears on the store page
  6. Sincerely sorry to hear of Tom's passing. As a well known and respected artist and community contributor I'm sure he will be missed by all. My condolences and best wishes go out to his family and friends.
  7. Delighted to hear the Hurricane is going into the Moscow and Stalingrad campaigns! Outstanding work
  8. An Inspired effort; and one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in ages! Thank you for sharing your research and design rationale in such detail. @AnPetrovich 🎖️ Il-2
  9. 79th Armoured Division "Hobart's Funnies" HQ Tank 1944 Download Here An HQ Tank of the British 79th Armoured Division, the subject was famously photographed on the 13th February 1944, helping to demonstrate the Churchill Arc bridging tank, and it is represented as it would have appeared shortly after the April 1944 directive; to mark all British tanks with a US-style white star. Nicknamed "Hobarts Funnies" after its commander, Maj General Percy Hobart, the division was created by bringing together vehicles purposed for a range of di
  10. I must admit I don't know TAW - my experience is mostly on -DED- Normal and OMD, but I really do sympathise with anyone who is killed (or believes themself to be killed) by the first shot. Heavy flak should give plenty of notice, and with the flight time of the shell to 3k it should never be able to hit a manuoeuvering fighter. I suspect your enemy has perfected a death-ray. Raymond Baxter (leading bombed-up Spitfire IXs/XVIs) describes how they routinely shrugged off heavy flak with by executing gentle climbing and descending curves. They treated this activity as a kind of dangero
  11. The problem with AI is that however good the devs (or modders) make it, it will be predictable in its behavioural range and inflexible in its response to attempts to outwit it. Targetting priority and target fixation is an ongoing issues for AI. Having imaginative and motivated AA evaluating the tactical situation in real time will be a significant step towards realism. Having a player lead a connected battery of AA would be sublime. I might be getting ahead of myself here... but you can always hope
  12. Aiming assist probably isn’t that difficult to program. It’s already been available in RoF for years. I've witnessed many player aircraft shot down by player tank gunners. I'm not anxious about accuracy. So long as there are good control ergonomics re: mouse controlled training and elevation, players will get good at this. The other half of the battle to make these guns significant is in siting or re-siting them. Targets are usually very predictable, and the approaches to ground targets are often predicatable too. Search lights and MG's at the periphery of an AA d
  13. Some time ago I started researching 88 squadron with a view to making a skin pack (8 skins) for mission and campaign builders. I can confirm that 7 of the machines researched took part in Operation Oyster, but the 8th was photographed earlier in the same year (possibly in July 1942). It's still very much a work in progress as each aircraft is being individually skinned, rather than pasting in codes on to the skin template. If anyone has any photographs, graphics or descriptions specific to 88 Squadron's Bostons (in or close to December 1942), I would be very grateful if they would
  14. Everything you could want from a Merlin-engined Mustang, including a hot-rodded V1 chaser! Go Devs!
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