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  1. You actually chose to use this sad event as another platform? Awesome. At least you have told everyone why you're really here.
  2. Dude. No. You stay. We'll find a way to make the parasites go.
  3. The tepid reception with which the Mosquito was first received is now a matter of aviation legend, but in some circles negative attitudes prevailed long after that famous first flying demonstration. Below is a fine example of the institutional innertia the Mosquito met with; albeit in bomber configuration: "They had a bomb bay big enough to take four of our five-hunded-pound Target Indicators, and it seemed to me that if they could achieve the ceiling we required they would be perfectly suitable. I test-flew the Mosquito by day and by night, and we got on with the "test installation" of the Oboe equipment. At a meeting with the Air Ministry on the subject, Bomber Command and the Air Ministry both very strongly opposed the adoption of the Mosquito. They argued that it was a frail wood machine totally unsuitable for Service conditions, that it would be shot down because of its absence of gun turrets, and that in any case it was far too small to carry the equipment and an adequate Pathfinder crew. I dealt with each one of theses points in turn, but finally they played their ace. They declared that the Mosquito had been tested thouroughly by the appropriate establishments and found quite unsuitable, and indeed impossible to fly at night. At this I raised an eyebrow, and said that I was very sorry to hear it was quite impossible to fly it by night, as I had been doing so regularly during the last week and I had found nothing wrong. There was a deathly silence. I got my Mosquitoes." Air Vice Marshall Donald Bennett, Pathfinder Force, from "The War in the Air 1939-1945" editted by Gavin Lyall, Vintage 2007.
  4. Having checked 402's ORB records for January to May 1945: AIR-27-1778-26 confirms that 402Sqn flew 102 bombing sorties over the four day period of 22nd to 25th February. In March 402Sqn carry out 43 bombing sorties between 15th and the 18th (AIR-27-1778-28). There are no more bombing sorties recorded by 402 for the remainder of the war in Europe.
  5. The Beast Slayer is is looking cool. Very much looking forward to seeing how it's executed in game. Very very much looking forward to firing that big gun As for the pilot switching option, that's really awesome news. RAF pilots flying the Spitfire VB, P40, P51 B/C/D and A20, VVS pilots flying the Huricane II, Spitfire IXE and B25, USAAF pilots flying the P39, P40 and Spitfire VB. What is not to like?!? Legends
  6. No 126 Wing RCAF, Aviation Elite Units: 35, Donald Nijboer: Page 71 Page 125
  7. @=FB=VikS 2nd Tactical Air Force, Volume III, Thomas and Shores, page 517 I hope this helps
  8. Me, the Yak and a new pilot Happy days! Posted too fast lol I was going to ask in the last Dev update if the pilots would be in early or later pattern battledress. Absolutely thrilled to see tunics with and without shoulder boards. Outstanding
  9. Many thanks to IDCP and BlackHellHound1 for their beautiful work! Maintaining that constant trend towards greater detail and authenticity I'm also thrilled to hear that we'll soon be joined by a new high-detail Soviet pilot. I presume that our new chap will be in early war battledress like his predecessor? Lets hope he will soon be joined by a lady pilot too
  10. Beautiful work on a beautiful plane. The level of detail here shows just how high the bar has been raised: I can almost feel that surface detail - The Yak-1 was the first kite I could fly online with any hope of surviving. It's great to see this historic and iconic aircraft line being given more substance. Also, furhter to @Diggun's question, does anyone know if the dive speed will be improved by that stiffened wing? It's the only time a get tense flying the Yak.
  11. Beautiful beautiful Hurricane! Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to get my hands on that iconic IIA. The armament options represented here make the Hurricane 5-planes-in-1, and offer a very wide range of Historical deployment options. Thank you for your outstanding work. _________ Digging into my screenie collection, I found this home made skin; a Hurricane II over Lenningrad, sporting local armament conversion (September 2003). Now the future will out-shine the past.
  12. Fantastic work on the Rheinland map. A pleasant surprise to see this level of ongoing committement. Much respect and gratitude
  13. Please keep the markers on Rapidus: Many other servers have them switched off. People who do not like or need them have many other places to go. A few people have asked for markers to be switched-off over time. For people who don't like to see markers; they can be toggled off client-side. For people who worry about other players gaining a functional advantage in combat; why are they even on this server? If everyone has exactly the same advantage, it's no longer an advantage in competitive terms. Most, if not all -DED- Normal regulars are here because the Normal-presets enable them to play. The player base here is far more diverse than on the Expert-preset servers; it includes people who for many different reasons are excluded from the Expert gaming environment. We should strive to bring them together to maintain a vigorous and active player population.
  14. By the time you see this you may have worked it out, but it appears you have the mods turned on mate. I know those servers - including the outstanding Flying Ass Clowns setup. They are only searchable by a client with mods enabled. In "mods on" mode you will not be able to see any "mods off" (standard) servers in the dogfight server browser. Uncheck the "Enable Mods" option in the launcher or in-game go to Settings>Game>under "Customization">uncheck "Enable Mods". This will trigger a client restart in "mods off" (standard) mode. I hope that helps.
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