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  1. That was only necessary because the allies had complete air superiority, and so could roam the skies freely on those approaches and bounce landing 262s. And so extensive flak was needed. This is never going to be the case in this sim, where the complete allied air superiority will never be simulated. And therefore the whole idea of the allies taking out the 262s on landing will not be any more prevalent than it has been beforehand. Anyone going "262 hunting" by enemy airfields will be shot down by the LW, who are inexplicably fielding the same number (and sometimes many more) of aircraft as the allies, and do not have to worry about getting bounced by 2 dozen allied planes the moment they take to the skies.
  2. I wonder if that was the reasoning for the Zero having throttle triggers. I always thought that was an interesting design choice.
  3. I believe the commonly held wisdom is that 88% RPM gives you more speed, while 100% gives you more acceleration (which I imagine is better when turning, climbing, etc).
  4. The best dev ever would have given us the pony first! But seriously, aye, they're great... I especially love how sometimes they'll surprise us with cool stuff they've been working on in secrets which turn out to be game changers. All we think about mostly are "when are the new planes coming", but it's very satisfying when some major aspect of the simulation gets updated for the better, seemingly out of the blue. Great work, devs.
  5. Agreed. The Spit XIV fits the pattern the devs have set in previous releases, and there is a strong market demand for the best main production Spit to have alongside the best main production 109s and 190s. Personally I think it is a no brainer, not to do it will be leaving money on the table, practically. Sounds about right. I imagine anyone "determined" enough could make similar videos of FM flaws about every single aircraft (likely in every simulator in existence). Some of those issues _appear_ excessive, but I am confident similar weirdness exists for most aircraft when flown in niche and extreme conditions. Certainly this is not a valid argument for blocking the implementation of the Spit XIV, because you could likely apply the same argument to all aircraft, and the devs do not have the resources to make their FMs perfect before releasing any new content (for one thing, perfection is impossible, and under normal circumstances the FM is pretty good). Also, yes, I'd give an arm and a leg for 25lbs boost. Agreed. It is definitely at sim level under normal flight and fight condition. It's not perfect, but you'll never get perfection... and if you want as complete accuracy as humanly possible, we'll start having to pay far more than we currently are to support a larger FM effort.
  6. This, pretty much, though hopefully not quite so dramatic. The gist of it however is that the Me262 was not a game changer for the LW because the allies had pretty much attained air superiority by the time the 262s could show up in any meaningful numbers, allowing the allies to roam the skies freely, and even more importantly simply absorb the losses they took from it. In a setting where the allies do not have full air superiority, the superior LW hardware will have a major impact. The irony, of course, is the very quest for maximum performance and super weapons (As it were) was spurred specifically by this superiority on the side of the allies, who themselves did not suffer such a pressure. The Spit IX, for example, is thouroughly outclassed by the later LW hardware, but remained the main Spit in operation because there wasn't really a need to pump out the best of the best, not when you could outproduce the enemies 10 to 1 AND fielded much higher quality pilots. In short, BoX will never replicate the dynamics of the late air war, because all these were the byproduct of the Allies thoroughly dominating the skies, something which obviously we wouldn't want to be replicated (it simply wouldn't be fun for the blue pilots to be constantly massively outnumbered, with limited fuel, and of course lack of pilot skills can't be replicated at all). he end result is generally speaking the LW will have an edge that it never had in RL, because the logistics of the late war can't be replicated. The only proper counter to that will be to include the things the allies DID have to redress the balance but never really pushed very hard because it never was under any pressure to redress any urgent setback in the air (Spit XIV, 150 octane, and so on.)
  7. That gunner's Bo (Bohica Ice, I think is the full "name"... check out "Bo Time Gaming" on youtube). He's a great streamer, does a lot of war thunder and occasionally an IL-2 vid. Those IL-2 vids are the best. He usually flies with Bismark too, which is fun. I still have the Luftwaffe Pirates song in my head.
  8. I just keep watching that one scene in Empire of the Sun. You know, the one with Batman. Also, 150 octane fuel please! Maybe our poor spits and jugs will have a chance catching those Doras then.
  9. To be fair, he is saying _if_ the P-51 and P-38 are undermodeled. I certainly don't agree with the notion that the devs are somehow biased and nerfing the american planes... but if, for example, they give the P-51 the same kind of very conservative engine timers we see on the P-40 or the P-39, then that will certainly be a problem. It all depends on whether or not the devs are going to stick to just using the "flight recommendations" given to pilots, which we _know_ were ultra conservative for the USAAF (given the plethora of testimonials, and the experience of VVS pilots who chucked those recommendations when it came to flying the P-40 and the P-39). The issue is much clearly for the P-51, since it shares the same engine as the Spitfire. If the Spitfire ends up having more generous flight limits (because the RAF was less conservative in caring for their engines), then it'll be clear evidence that the devs need to change their approach to engine limiters.
  10. How so? It's not like Blue side hasn't had that advantage over Red since the release of the sim. The VVS has been doing pretty well online, I'm sure the LW will eventually manage to cope with no longer having a clear superiority in hardware.
  11. I would just like to say that "Droop Snoot" is just about the cutest name for a modification. The fuselage art almost draws itself.
  12. Aye, I had the wrong bias. It's negativity bias. Well, there's confirmation bias involved here as well, but the thing that starts it is negativity bias. I remember all the times I pumped 29042 shells into a 190 only to have it extend away a lot more vividly than the times I killed their engines in 3 hits.
  13. They're not. Gunners are deadly all around, though the fact the VVS bombers tend to be fast probably means more LW pilots end up taking riskier approaches (namely, moving in from dead astern, slowly creeping up to gun range while offering the gunners 0 deflection shots). In some cases the VVS gunners have better weapons as well, but the actual gunnery is the same. Beyond that, it's basically confirmation bias. Not doing slashing attacks against bombers will usually with a few bullets lodged in your engine (or your pilot), regardless of your faction.
  14. Except in your previous post you just said that it wasn't subjective. Sadly, this isn't the 90s anymore. Simulators are a very niche market these days, and devs have very limited resources, and so have to make difficult choices when it comes to prioritizing their work. RoI is a very real concept. And if you think the devs aren't "busting" their arses to deliver a quality product, you are sadly misinformed.
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