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  1. Out of jealousy of the 110, I am permanently strapping one of my ground crew to the back of my P-38. I'll even give him a wrench to bang the nacelle with whenever he spots someone sneaking up on my six.
  2. Agreed. I'd say the apparent "doubling down" on AI only mediums for the allies is my only real disappointment with this announcement. I can only hope that this means they are planning on doing flyable collector's edition for those bombers. The omission is too glaring otherwise.
  3. It's a saaaad Spitfire. The basset hound of Spitfires.
  4. Ultimately I have two wishes that go along with this update: 1- The allies need a flyable medium bomber. B-25 or B-26 need to be crewable. If not part of this update, then as collector's edition. C47 would be nice as well, but the lack of a western medium bomber is an issue. 2- I hope the P-47 receives some love as they do the razorback version. The DM in particular is extremely weak, the opposite of what it should be for this aircraft, especially the engine (which is significantly less robust than the merlins or allisons). Adding a 150 octane mod to both razorback and bubble canopy would also be helpful. Otherwise, looking good!
  5. I'm holding out hope for B-25 and B-26 and C-47 as flyable collector's aircraft. I'd pay good money.
  6. It's the usual bias at work. We all get it at some point or another: your target takes a ridiculous amount of hits before going down, and you end up focusing on that more than the time you set a plane on fire with a single golden BB. Having flown the mustang, it doesn't feel any more resilient than my other ride, with the exception of the P-47 which has a ridiculously weak engine (I'm never managed to nurse a damaged engine back home in it). The P-38's elevator is also pretty weak, but it's a huge target so I don't know if that's realistic or not (it may be a function of how the game handles control surface damage).
  7. Really it's little different from flying P-40 on the eastern front. Fortunately most fights aren't 1 on 1s, and there's plenty of options when you come in with energy in a fight already in progress.
  8. Personally I think it is an impressive display of core strength by our pilots. The Right Stuff indeed.
  9. It's a bigger round, more energy, less charge but more shrapnel, and so on. It was historically a very effective weapon.
  10. In my opinion no, we do not need a G meter. We already do get feedback when Gs are being pulled, and beyond that its only a question of experience to learn what maneuvers lead to excessive Gs or not. Eventually you get the hang of it. The only factor that is not quite within our control is the pilot fatigue level: that is something we have no feedback on, though even then you can learn to pick up when you should stop pulling Gs and give your pilot time to rest.
  11. To be fair, most airplanes have a manifold pressure regulator, so that MP stays the same relative to your altitude if you keep the same throttle position. Or rather, that's as long as you stay at an altitude your supercharger or turbo can maintain pressure, then it starts to fall off. The P40, however, and I _think_ the A20, do not have this regulator, and so you have to constantly fiddle with your throttle to maintain manifold pressure (increase throttle as you climb, and vice versa).
  12. I was using the P40 and P39 as an example of how a weaker fighter can beat better airplanes, by fighting with an E advantage. Re-read my post, please. Secondly, all Yaks are inferior to their contemporary 109s/190s opponents. The only thing the Yaks do well at is sustained turns, but since they are outclassed where it matters (speed, climb, dive, basically anything in the vertical), the 109s/190s maintain the initiative and possess a decisive advantage. Energy is king, always. As I wrote, red can still do well since this is a tactical simulator: eventually the 109s/190s need to come play on the deck to take out those pesky bombers (or defend their own bombers)... which is why even planes like the P40 and P39s can do quite well, despite being completely outclassed in every way.
  13. I see a lot of strange posts about this, particularly about the "Expert" visibility. Like claims of things coming in and out of sight and so on, while Expert is on. The thing about Expert visibility (that is, with Alternate Visibility turned off), is all it mostly does is remove the 10k bubble that used to exist. There's literally NO WAY that the "Expert" setting can be worse than what we had before these visibility changes were released at all. In short, the new "Alternate Visibility = Off" option is a direct improvement over the old system. The 10k bubble is gone. That's a GOOD thing. It seems to me that any claim that now visibility is worse than it was before the big patch (that introduced visibility changes) are more of a reaction to having experienced the Alternate Spotting and enjoying it so much that going back to a more limited visibility (even if less limited than before) feels worse than how it was before the changes were introduced at all. Now, Alternate Visibility, on the other hand, DOES have a bunch of issues with it. Weirdness with zooming, things popping out of existence at a certain range, contacts appearing to be floating in midair (when in fact they were crashed/landed aircraft being rendered a massive distance away, but inflated to look much bigger). There are definitely bugs or glitches with that setting that can be problematic, but I can also see how some people can prefer that mode. But let's not pretend that "Expert" is worse visibility than before. It's not, it's factually better, with the 10k bubble finally removed. Whether or not Alternate is better is very subjective and depends on what people are looking for in this sim, but "expert" mode is definitely an improvement over what we had before the last big update.
  14. I definitely would go for the Spit XIV. Until and unless we go Battle of Britain, it would nicely complete the Spitfire lineup, and give us the ultimate wartime expression of that beloved airframe (just like we have the 109 and 190 equivalents).
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