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  1. I see a lot of strange posts about this, particularly about the "Expert" visibility. Like claims of things coming in and out of sight and so on, while Expert is on. The thing about Expert visibility (that is, with Alternate Visibility turned off), is all it mostly does is remove the 10k bubble that used to exist. There's literally NO WAY that the "Expert" setting can be worse than what we had before these visibility changes were released at all. In short, the new "Alternate Visibility = Off" option is a direct improvement over the old system. The 10k bubble is gone. That's a GOOD thing. It seems to me that any claim that now visibility is worse than it was before the big patch (that introduced visibility changes) are more of a reaction to having experienced the Alternate Spotting and enjoying it so much that going back to a more limited visibility (even if less limited than before) feels worse than how it was before the changes were introduced at all. Now, Alternate Visibility, on the other hand, DOES have a bunch of issues with it. Weirdness with zooming, things popping out of existence at a certain range, contacts appearing to be floating in midair (when in fact they were crashed/landed aircraft being rendered a massive distance away, but inflated to look much bigger). There are definitely bugs or glitches with that setting that can be problematic, but I can also see how some people can prefer that mode. But let's not pretend that "Expert" is worse visibility than before. It's not, it's factually better, with the 10k bubble finally removed. Whether or not Alternate is better is very subjective and depends on what people are looking for in this sim, but "expert" mode is definitely an improvement over what we had before the last big update.
  2. I definitely would go for the Spit XIV. Until and unless we go Battle of Britain, it would nicely complete the Spitfire lineup, and give us the ultimate wartime expression of that beloved airframe (just like we have the 109 and 190 equivalents).
  3. Going to echo the previous tail damage bit, probably related to a tailstrike due to breaking too hard (the nose gear rebounds something fierce). But I've flown the P-38 extensively, including in many intense dogfights, and I've never lost a tail that wasn't due to enemy fire.
  4. Not quite. There's a LOT more nuance in the game than the specs page lets us believe. For example, a lower combat setting can last for an hour.
  5. I hope so as well. It's the apex of the wartime service Spitfires, and it would be great to get it. It would complete the Spitfire lineup, just like the 109 and 190s have the equivalent.
  6. I can assure you, this is false. Come in at a LW from any kind of long 6 position, and you will not come out of there in any good shape. I've been pilot sniped many times, and lots my engines countless times. And the Ju87 is a tank with a nasty, nasty turret. And there's plenty of times I got pegged and had to break off even when doing sweeping passes at bombers. Turrets and their gunners are very effective, for all factions, especially when they start slinging .50s. Additionally, I'm not sure what your point is when you state "you can shred a 111 with the .50s" as if that was a sign of weakness. Of course you can, they're .50s! And there's six of them! That will shred anything. Sure, 1 or 2 of them aren't that great (but enough to take out fighters), but stack enough of them on each wing and it's just about the best firepower on the soviet side short of the LaGG's 23mm, or the P-39's 37mm. Let's not pretend this is evidence for the weakness of LW bombers. It's evidence that .50s are bloody good weapons, nothing more. Now, in general I'd say that the field is more equal when it comes to bombers and attack aircraft, and in some places the soviets may even have an edge. But the LW certainly has some strong contenders in the bombing department, as has already been stated. The biggest bomb loads and good high altitude performance are advantages not to be scoffed at. And before the P-38, the 110 (especially the G-2) was unique in the entire lineup: an actually effective attack fighter.
  7. Interestingly, it's possible to extend timers by going to a lower setting than the max of a given rating. For example, from what I can see, on the P-51 if you go 2850 RPM and 54" mp, you actually have an hour of combat power. That rating matches the max combat rating of the Spit IX (without the 150 octane fuel).
  8. I prefer the P-51, mostly because I like its image as the USAAF's small nimble fighter. Basically the american equivalent to the Spitfire, the 109, and the Yak. But overall I prefer the P-38. Amazing machine, and surprisingly effective in a dogfight. Turned many a bounce in that beauty.
  9. It'd be a lot easier to take those claims seriously if the poster didn't sound like a troll so much...
  10. Proved? Where is the proof (seriously, maybe I missed a post)? But without a G-meter in the game and access to that data, I don't see how anything could be proved. Perhaps tacview data might allow us to extrapolate Gs, though as I understand it tacview has inaccuracies.
  11. Thank you, SE. Always good to have a good grasp of statistics and how people can Have Fun With Charts. Those automatic lines can hide so much details.
  12. While in game VOIP is generally a fun feature, the BoX team has limited resources, and probably need to focus their efforts on issues that have not already been solutioned. In short, there's already tons of existing third party voice offerings, many of them directly "advertised" by the servers themselves. There's no need to saddle the sim with yet another layer of complexity when it's already well handled by third party solutions.
  13. Such as? Genuinely curious why it would be said to be equivalent, to be honest. I guess the DC engine is an obvious difference, mind you... but what if you don't count it?
  14. Isn't the G14 essentially a K4 with the potential for a 20mm cannon and no MW50 gauge? Or are there more tangible performance improvements in the K4?
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