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  1. Please fix the pilot viewing system. Just like Old 1946 and GB series, move the pilot head to gunsight(in case of German aircraft) and add zoom in/out option or add Z axis on headt track. Lean to Gunsight(shift+f1) option is the reason I and some friends of mine didn't play CloD even after TF update. I await this more than Bf109F-4 and Spitfire Mk.V!
  2. I bought BoS, BoBP, Fw190A-3, Bf109G-6, La-5 on https://il2sturmovik.com page and BoM, BoK, MC.202, La-5FN, Yak-1b on steam. And I can't use every contents I bought on steam, even I'm using steam client. I cannot understand what happend on my account. I hope it will be fix asap.
  3. Thank you for advise. I think I have to wait for a while.
  4. I know I can use that plane in game. I just want to activate its license on official forum, too.
  5. I bought La-5FN and Yak-1b on steam today, and I tried find license key to activate it on official page, but I cannot find those key anywhere. I activated Bf109G-6 before but I can't now. This function disabled? Can't I activate steam license key on official page anymore?
  6. As far as I remember there was no such clause when I read the terms. It was... 4 or 5 years ago. And... You have to think about why this dog wear the glasses, IMHO.
  7. Today was my first game play after 3.006 update and I cannot hear almost every hitting nosie when I fly on Bf109. Even I couldn't noticed I've been attacked many time until I lost my control, or saw many warning massages. Only sound I could heard was from braking my structure, but no sound of hitting projectiles even without canopy. At first, I thought it is their new sound policy, even I didn't fly supersonic. But soviet players evade from my shooting very fast, even only few 13mm were hit. So I tested it on La-5, and I found the fact that I can hear every hitting noise I need. So... Is it error? [edited]
  8. Solidworks and models of my works... Clearly some games (include il-2 gb) show better performance when it installed SSD. I am living in asia and most game servers were in russia. So I already painful to covering my [Edited] ping and adding low fps or grided dots for it? Oh god...
  9. Yeap. As I said, there is no problem when happened the situation you said in DCS. It mean, if 777 have the will to solve this problem, they can do this.
  10. Actually, I am a MP player. I usually play in Berloga server. And... Actually, there is no problem when you play MP without those whole files, if 777 care about that. For example, when you install DCS on your PC you don't need to install whole modules you don't bought, but you have no problem when you play MP, except Map module. Their marketing strategy is sucks, so they sell the theater itself. However, if you have theater module or playing it on basic Caucasus theater, there is no problem even you don't download module you don't bought.
  11. Maybe some other players already said about this, but I couldn't found it. So I open this thread. AFAIK, I will get every games of IL-2 GB series when I download it, even I didn't bought. Every game was downloaded but just locked. So I bought only BOS and BOB but actually BOM, BOK was also installed in my SSD, just I can't use these, cuz I didn't bought. Ok. Here is problem. Size of my SSD is only 500gb and I have other games have to install at SSD, so I don't want to spend my SSD for WW1 planes. I don't have interesting about WW1 air combat. I will never buy these WW1 planes, even they 90% sale for it. If 777 add whole ROF planes to IL-2 GB, it will be spend huge space! I can't handle this huge mass! Tank Crew is OK for me. This is WW2 game since 777 start making it. It is quite matching with preexisted IL-2 GB series product. Actually, it is quite interesting try, even I have no intention of buying it now. However, there is some players who have small space in there PC, it will become a burden.
  12. I am waiting map update for Bf109G-14 and Spit 9!
  13. Bf109G-6 with MW50 produced early 1944. Yeap it is true. But Rüstsätz field modification kits was used quite early. Actually, MW50 was invented 1942, even they tested it to Fw190 1942. Even Franz Stigler said every Gustav he flew had MW booster. I don't have specific documents about MW50 equipped in eastern front. But as you said before, La-5FN and Bf109G-6 is "Collector's plane". If full performanced La-5FN start producing in sep 1943 can placed on BoK, why Bf109G-6 with MW50 couldn't?
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