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  1. P-38's intercooler can be adjusted by outlet cowl shutter command but there are no tooltips on the screen,and the intercooler controller in the cockpit has no change.And there are no discriptions about radiator and intercooler in P-38's specification in the game.
  2. Yup,and i think the 'f' and 's' is hard to tell too.And i heard that today's German speak English more often,is it ture?
  3. Pe-2 Ser.35's operation features say that it has an automatic governor but I can't set RPM using the RPM control command.Then someone told me that it should be adjust by the prop pitch command.I tried and it worked.But I am confused.i find that Pe-2 Ser.35's operation features are the same as Pe-2 Ser.87's,but Pe-2 Ser.87 can set RPM using the RPM control command.So I think there are 2 possibilities:①The operation features are wrong.②The key mapping is wrong.
  4. When I fly a bomber,the "DON 'T DROP BOMBS" light is always on.I have opened AI-autopilot for level flight and I think I have input correct data on the bombing UI.
  5. Very grateful for your reply,you do help me a lot.Hope you have a happy life XD. Are you German?Is the handwriting hard for today's German?lol
  6. Thanks,but I can't read the handwriting......
  7. Hey man,i have spent a long time trying to find the description about how to change the mode of the temperature gauge in bf109's manual.Can you provide it?Thank you very much.
  8. I used T16000M's Z axis as rudder,maybe I should buy a rudder?
  9. Spitfire Mk.IX goes left and spins when landing and I even didn't use rudder and wheel brake.And the plane spins too when i use wheel brake.The plane spins everytime and i don't know why.And the plane floats even when the speed is 120kph when landing.It just can't go down.The elevator tirmmer -100% doesn't work.
  10. Sorry,I didn't say clearly.What I mean is Spitfire Mk IX.I find that BOS's Spitfire Mk IX's indicator on the control unit is different from DCS's.I was confused.I don't have Spitfire Mk V of BOS,I bought it 2 hours ago and i find that Spitfire Mk V's indicator on the control unit is the same as DCS's Spitfire Mk IX.So i think maybe it's because BOS's Spitfire Mk IX is different from DCS's.BOS's Spitfire Mk IX has E wing and DCS's has C wing.And BOS's tail is sharp while DCS's is round.But I'm still confused that Spitfire Mk V's indicator isn't "DOWN" when the engine is not working.
  11. ============================================================================================================================== Indicator on the control unit A mechanical indicator installed on the control unit displays the position of the lever in a small window with the words “DOWN”, “UP”, and “IDLE”. Upon deployment of the gears, the window must display “DOWN”, and upon retraction – “UP”. IDLE status is displayed when the system detects the handle being located in either slot. In the case of an inactive engine, the indicator may display DOWN while after engine startup the indicator must change status to IDLE; if the indicator continues to display DOWN, this indicates a potential maulfunction of the hydraulic pump. ================================================================================================================================= Copyed from DCS Spitfire flight maual,page 67.
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