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  1. Good mod Cass! As I understand this is only a stop-gap measure for the game does not allow separate alteration of horizontal and vertical convergence. Historically, according to AAF Manual 200-1 Manual for Fighter Gun Harmonization, each pair of .50 cal guns on the aircraft had separate settings for horizontal and vertical convergence. Take a P-51D for example, Left No. 3 and Right No. 3(hereinafter L3 & R3)guns are set to fire higher than the pilot's sight line, L1 & R1 guns are set to fire lower the sight line, while L2 & R2 guns are set to fire exactly on the sight l
  2. Thank you Larry69! It's very happy to see that the early war struggles were not forgotten! Personally, I do think that Spitfire Mk. Is without huge roundels & Squadron codes pose a unique kind of beauty, like a diamond without all the accessories.
  3. Hi! I'd like to request some skins that are largely neglected: Spitfire Mk. Is during the phony war. Although they lacked the yellow recognition color on their roundels, they did have black & white paint pattern under their wings. It was this battle dress that many bore, who stood up against the mighty Luftwaffe over France and over the Channel. I'd be very appreciated if we can have this paint scheme in game. Although its markings are relatively simple, it really adds up to the elegant beauty of the Mk. I Spitfire. Thanks in advance!πŸ˜‹
  4. Return of the Dawn Patrol Last night at DangerDogez 1940 server, I made a formation flying & landing with my friends Revmir and MsKate as wingmen. The result is absolutely beautiful. Please enjoy! πŸ˜†
  5. The same here, I can also confirm this situation. When I was making a mission involving He. 111 torpedo run they could not stay level flight for more than 30 seconds. I suppose it happens only on 'normal flight' waypoint, once entering attack runs they appear to be fine.
  6. I came across a few small issues when flying the little stubby around, maybe try to correct them in the coming patches? @Buzzsaw The mixture lever is in a reversed position: when I put it in fully lean it is actually fully rich. The dash board photo also requires a bit adjustment... I have reported them on bug tracker numbered #1341 and #1342, thank you for your effort and please continue to improve this marvelous game, I will always support you.πŸ‘ BTW, I suggest to change the 'fuel cock: left' and 'fuel cock: right
  7. Thank you for your advice Varrattu! β™₯οΈπŸ‘ @Varrattu But a TTime trigger does not seem to need any script written into the .cs file as I remember? The CS file in 'The Siege of Tobruk.zip' contains only scripts for TPassThrough triggers and all the TTime triggers in the mission were directly inserted via 'script' option in FMB without any code in the .cs file. And they work fine... So it makes me confused... If I need to write specific codes for TTime triggers in the .cs file for the R&R integrated mission in order to make them work again? πŸ€”
  8. Originally posted on the ATAG Forums but with no reply, so I'd like to try it here:) I downloaded Basic Script For Multiplayer Rearm And Refuel with Requirements made by Artist (which is available here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/Downloads.php?do=download&downloadid=214), and trying to integrate this R&R script into my mission.However it seems that the R&R script kills all my TTime triggers... Also the R&R script is not compatible with the TPassthrough script I am using...If there's any way to fix the issue? Very appreciated if any advice can be pr
  9. Nice to know that! 😜 Next time when I suffer from crashes I will check for errors first instead of deleting objects like a no-brainer. And thank you for your tiring but effective method for searching the buggy object. I'd like to share my work with you here. Buggy objects has been removed and I have added some bomb crates on the Tobruk No. 1 Airfield and the town itself. It may look crazy but take off and landing is ok actually, as long as you are careful enough. The amount and specific types of AA batteries within the Tobruk ring accurately duplicate the historical strength of th
  10. THANK YOU! DD_FT and Kintaro! Especially DD_FT thank you for your time and effort in helping me find the problematic objects.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I removed the LCAs and everything works as intended. As to recreate the situation in May 1941 I did extensive research, so that I could place correct number of AAs and aircraft in the battle, also details like field gun trenches. That's why there are so many static objects on the map. BTW, I suppose FMB cannot stand too many objects? Since I suffered from several crashes when editing. After reducing the amount of objects it can load normally a
  11. I built a mission recreating the Siege of Tobruk in May 1941, and I'd like to run it on lobby so that my friends can join playing it. But when I tested the mission on local server, it loaded ok but the 'Start Battle' button did nothing... This is the mission I made, can someone help me in solving this issue? Thanks in advance! πŸ€” Tobruk May 1941 mod 1.zip
  12. Thank you for your attention Buzzsaw! Hope that this issue can be better addressed soon. πŸ‘
  13. Trying to build some trenches into the Tobruk map, copy/paste some of my pre-made templates into the map but it doesn't seem to work out: I have to constantly move the group of objects until there's an absolutely flat surface... So that it will not look funny from the air... It's very troublesome... Is there any way to improve that?
  14. BTW, is it possible to have a 'clean rudder' version of this skin? The black paint on the rudder seems to be sprayed on later. Thanks in advance! 😜 @ICDP
  15. Thank you for your excellent work ICDP!!! πŸ€©πŸ‘
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