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  1. I describe the Macchi like this through comparison; Rolls and dives like a 190, climbs like a 109F2, turns with the best of the Russian planes. Only problem is guns are much like the USA .50BMG; you MUST hit very precisely to cause good damage.
  2. Do USA pilot types believe the introduction of incendiary types will only positively impact the .50BMG, but fail to realize that others used this as well? Phosphor mit Stahlkern - 8mm Mauser API
  3. This is also not an accurate depiction of the comparison between MG151/20 and .50BMG. The case length for .50BMG is 99mm while the case length for the MG151/20 is almost 20mm less. All this translates into though is a lower velocity. It doesn't necessarily lower the damage capability of the 20mm because the cannon shell relies on an HE filler which is detonated by a fuse while the damage mechanism for .50BMG in game is purely mechanical in nature and not chemical. FMJ ball projectiles do NOT expand on impact, especially when hitting a soft target such as a body. If they hit a hard target such as concrete or a hardened metal substrate they can fragment. Projectile diameter has almost nothing to do with the wounding mechanism of a projectile. A few of the reasons why the example you gave is absurd is because 1.) when it comes to FMJ ball projectiles, the difference in energy carried by typical military loads of 9mm and .45ACP is negligible. 2.) 10mm shows a relatively small wound depiction compared to how much energy a 10mm cartridge typically carries. 10mm in full power loading offerings produces the equivalent energy of a .357 Magnum. As far as FMJ having an impact on barrel wear, what impacts barrel wear the most is heat, not projectile design. Additionally, when it comes to ballistic qualities, FMJ is lower on the list with respect to external ballistic capabilities. The types of projectiles which offer the best accuracy and precision are monolithic projectiles turned on a lathe, but typically Open Tipped designs and other expanding ammunition with an open jacket at the front but with perhaps a polymer tip to fill the open cavity are much more accurate and offer much better ballistic coefficients than generic FMJ ball. If you buy a box of "Match Grade" ammunition, it will most likely be some manner of JHP design. The reason for this is because if a jacket is filled with lead or some bi-metal alloy from the rear, there is typically air pockets that accumulate near the nose which upsets the balance of the projectile. Since these are spin stabilized, this negatively impacts accuracy. Jackets that are filled from the front through an open tip have much less of this issue because it is far less likely that air pockets will accumulate at the fatter base of the jacketing than in the tapered tip.
  4. Just want to put it out there that this diagram is most certainly NOT representative of real life. Just a quick glance at the 10mm one will tell you this with ease. Additionally, bullet design has much more to do with terminal ballistics than diameter of the projectile.
  5. First off, I resent your insinuation that i am acting in the manner which you described in your quotation marks. I was simply in somewhat of disagreement with you regarding the effectiveness of AAA at the spawn points. My statement was simply meant to continue conversation with respect to Alonzo's allegations that AAA placed at spawn points is inefective. One of the things i highly admire about the Combat Box server admins and map makers is indeed the fact that they seem to do a lot of testing to make sure everything runs well. I didn't ignore your statement about testing, I simply am trying to further the conversation by presenting my observations and opinion. If you have a problem with me for doing that, how about instead of making a quip about it, you just say "I don't like or want you asking questions about how/why we do things" and that will be the end of it.
  6. Just so everyone knows, when you get API for MGs, it wont just be for allied planes. Who wants to bet that when that happens we will have 500 threads reading "8mm MGs OP!"
  7. No faster than an A5 doing 875kph out of a dive. Sure if you come in skimming treetops at that speed they probably won't hit you as you pass. But man what damage are you going to do if all you do is that?
  8. This again? Its most likely a combination of your lack of precision shooting and possible packet loss in MP. If you deny that it is a precision issue, post video of you making quality hits at convergence distance without significant damage occuring.
  9. Im not entirely sure what you mean when you say airfield AAA is ineffective for stopping vultures. When I've done the occasional vulch on WoL, once the short range guns open up I'm as good as dead if i don't immediately dive hard and fly away evading like a wild man. The big FlaK cannons, i agree, not very effective because of slow rate of fire; but the medium and short range guns are killer when set on expert and there are 4-5 of them in a single area. I've even tried shallow dive bombing in a 190 from 5k+, manouvering the whole time, and still got killed before i could even get the bomb off with decent accuracy. Is it because Russian AA guns are better than US guns or something? I do notice that they also tend to give the Russian side some German AAA guns as well. Late war German short range AAA should also be very devastating with the FlaK 38 quadruplet.
  10. Oh so you guys make rules when they benefit the admin team irrespective of how your patrons feel about it? Tyrant! Jk jk jk. Don't ban hammer me plz
  11. All you have to do to avoid admin grief is, don't worry about it. I think one month one of the admins mentioned there had been like 100 instances of vulching in a month. If I make an assumption that these instances happened during the busiest 12 hour segment of the day, and then assume that each mission genuinely lasts 2.5 hours, then that means there was a vulch incident approximately 0.7 times per mission that month. HARDLY something to even think about in the daily course of admin duties in my opinion. There are people on both sides of this argument, but it seems like the voices of the anti-vulch crowd are louder than the other side; and I don't think it is a case of the anti-vulch crowd being a majority. I think it's a case of the people that don't really care if vulching is allowed simply not saying anything about the subject. The vast majority of the folks I've ever played with don't care if vulching is allowed. This is coming from a non-vulcher BTW. I've been flying exclusively WoL for the past 2 months for the Hs129 experience and I've been vulched at the airfield probably once or twice in that whole period. And both times they got wrecked by AA and I was unscathed. I'd personally prefer folks work on creating new and exciting maps than working on scripts and toiling over their duties to prevent an incident that is relatively rare in the grand scheme of things.
  12. Won't be an issue. I've been compiling the data. Also have pilot accounts where they talk about retreating from front line airfields in a hurry and stashing this special AP ammunition in their cargo and radio holds so that they wouldn't have to leave any behind.
  13. I can kill T34s in one pass almost every time in the Hs129 with MK103. Side, front, back, it doesn't matter. As long as the angle is right and you hit in the right spot, they are dead. From the side, I aim for the front portion of the tank. If you kill the driver it counts as a kill. From the back, I aim for the grating on top of the engine bay; this is the easiest way because that grating is less than an inch thick. From the front, I aim right for the driver's window. I've been able to kill a T34 with a single shot from the MK103 right in the driver's window. It's a very small target though and hard to hit. My only complaint about the Hs129 is that it does not have the special 15mm AP ammo that was issued to it. The MG151/15 equipped planes like the BF109F2 got one type of AP ammo, but the Hs129 was given a special AP ammo that could penetrate 48mm of armour from 100m at 90 degrees. So theoretically, the Hs129 should be able to kill T34s with just the 15mm guns using AP but this is not modelled. I am planning on making a petition very soon to the devs to allow this enhanced AP projectile for the Hs129.
  14. Will dropping the tank and having only a small amount of fuel internally offset the performance loss of having a hardpoint mount for the tank?
  15. I think it's funny how some of the same folks who bitched about 3d Migoto because SOME people MIGHT use it to gain advantage all of the sudden are mad and posit that reshade should not be banned because only SOME people MIGHT use it to gain an advantage.
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