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  1. I think the main things that set the A6 apart from A5 is ability to carry three larger bombs instead of only one large and 4 small. Also, MG151s in outer wing instead of FF provides higher fire rate and more velocity for projectile.
  2. I always catch Russian fighters slipping because they often either can't tell what kind of 109 it is or they aren't aware at all that the E7 can turn on a dime under 350kph and roll just about like a 190.
  3. I'm relatively confident in the E7 vs all the Russian planes except the LA5FN. The E7 is severely underestimated as a turn fighter, especially at low speeds.
  4. Does this mean I get to shoot those ugly as sin planes down very soon? 😂
  5. Also, the ammunition for the MG151/15mm needs to be addressed. Hs129 received specially 15mm ammo with increased powder charge and special projectile that allowed it to penetrate 48mm of armour plate at 100m @ 90 degrees. Theoretically, the 15mm on the Hs129 should be able to destroy a T34 in the right conditions without even using the 30mm.
  6. Another question I have is this; have the devs modelled the difference in ROF between the Hispano Mk2 and Mk5? That leads to this next thing that popped into my head, is there a way to find out how much damage a particular projectile does in game? Im curious because there are some cannons that fire different projectiles at different velocities; for example the MG/FF 20mm vs the MG151/20mm. And then there are some that fire the same projectile, but at different velocity; for example the MK108 HE and MK103 HE. Same projectile, but obviously MUCH different velocity.
  7. Did the Russian Hurricanes have the big giant cannons? What about the Hispanos? I know they received many of this plane, just curious.
  8. Scuzi-moi-scuzi? I posit that Butcher Bird is much cooler. Long live the Shrike
  9. Ugliest allied plane of the war. Swollen thyroid Tempest is a close second.
  10. Is this not due to the overmodelled tail of the 109s that the Devs have explained many times? If I recall correctly, they are working on fixing this.
  11. I'm very well aware of how a projectile can react when intersecting with different materials and structures. What I was saying is that there is high potential that it could just punch a clean hole through and not damage much, not that it happens all the time. I am certain that projectile yaw and deformation is far beyond what this engine will allow the developers to model. Nevertheless, even if a 50BMG projectile did yaw and hit a spar or etc completely sideways, it is still not that big of a projectile compared to the size of the plane. If it is taking 200+ rounds to destroy a fi
  12. It is my understanding that self sealing tanks are not currently modelled. With respect to skin damage, the 13mm might have a small filler, but it is fuse detonated so it activates after hitting and thus has potential to damage skin since the explosion likely happens right after it hits said skin. With a jacketed rifle projectile with a solid core like 50BMG, there is high potential for a straight pass through with minimal energy transfer. The MG131 HE-I has the same amount of HE filler as the regular HE. The blast effect will be the same but will have the add
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