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  1. Oh so you guys make rules when they benefit the admin team irrespective of how your patrons feel about it? Tyrant! Jk jk jk. Don't ban hammer me plz
  2. All you have to do to avoid admin grief is, don't worry about it. I think one month one of the admins mentioned there had been like 100 instances of vulching in a month. If I make an assumption that these instances happened during the busiest 12 hour segment of the day, and then assume that each mission genuinely lasts 2.5 hours, then that means there was a vulch incident approximately 0.7 times per mission that month. HARDLY something to even think about in the daily course of admin duties in my opinion. There are people on both sides of this argument, but it seems like the voices of the anti-vulch crowd are louder than the other side; and I don't think it is a case of the anti-vulch crowd being a majority. I think it's a case of the people that don't really care if vulching is allowed simply not saying anything about the subject. The vast majority of the folks I've ever played with don't care if vulching is allowed. This is coming from a non-vulcher BTW. I've been flying exclusively WoL for the past 2 months for the Hs129 experience and I've been vulched at the airfield probably once or twice in that whole period. And both times they got wrecked by AA and I was unscathed. I'd personally prefer folks work on creating new and exciting maps than working on scripts and toiling over their duties to prevent an incident that is relatively rare in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Won't be an issue. I've been compiling the data. Also have pilot accounts where they talk about retreating from front line airfields in a hurry and stashing this special AP ammunition in their cargo and radio holds so that they wouldn't have to leave any behind.
  4. I can kill T34s in one pass almost every time in the Hs129 with MK103. Side, front, back, it doesn't matter. As long as the angle is right and you hit in the right spot, they are dead. From the side, I aim for the front portion of the tank. If you kill the driver it counts as a kill. From the back, I aim for the grating on top of the engine bay; this is the easiest way because that grating is less than an inch thick. From the front, I aim right for the driver's window. I've been able to kill a T34 with a single shot from the MK103 right in the driver's window. It's a very small target though and hard to hit. My only complaint about the Hs129 is that it does not have the special 15mm AP ammo that was issued to it. The MG151/15 equipped planes like the BF109F2 got one type of AP ammo, but the Hs129 was given a special AP ammo that could penetrate 48mm of armour from 100m at 90 degrees. So theoretically, the Hs129 should be able to kill T34s with just the 15mm guns using AP but this is not modelled. I am planning on making a petition very soon to the devs to allow this enhanced AP projectile for the Hs129.
  5. Will dropping the tank and having only a small amount of fuel internally offset the performance loss of having a hardpoint mount for the tank?
  6. I think it's funny how some of the same folks who bitched about 3d Migoto because SOME people MIGHT use it to gain advantage all of the sudden are mad and posit that reshade should not be banned because only SOME people MIGHT use it to gain an advantage.
  7. I have always been curious if this is possible. I am very very good at spotting and IDing enemies, even with 3d Migoto gone now that we have better zoom feature. But there have been so many instances where I thought it was impossible for someone to see me but they did and in the back of my mind I thought to myself, "they must have a mod turning German planes pink or yellow". It was a joke before but now I see that it's possible. How did you find out someone was doing this?
  8. The fact that MW50 provides minimal, if any, increase in performance at higher altitudes has already been understood as fact. What I have mentioned is my hope for GM1 injection so that those high altitude situations I've recently been experiencing more and more often are on better terms for the 109 lovers.
  9. Not so sure about that last part. The past several air to air fights I've experienced on Combat Box were between 6-10k alt. In fact, one of those recent fights was against a P47 at 10k, I had climbed to 11k to attempt this fight.
  10. GM1 was for very high altitude performance correct? This is something I would very much look forward to as I hate not being able to use MW50 above 6K.
  11. Hello all, Just wanted to put this out there for folks who have trouble with ping and packet loss because you enjoy flying on servers that are outside of your own country or continent. I personally have been enjoying WoL because I have an affinity for the Hs129. However, I have been stuck with a ping of 230ish for years since I am in the Western USA. I recently stumbled upon a program called WTFast that claims to redirect your Internet traffic through more efficient routes in order to lower your ping to a server. They did not support IL2 but I was interested to see what they could do for us since many people from NA and Oceania enjoy foreign servers but dislike the horrible ping and sometimes have a bad experience because of packet loss. I was able to gift their development team a copy of the game so that they could work on developing support. After 2 weeks, they got back to me recently with the verdict that they were able to implement support for the game through their program. Excitedly, I tested this out through their 7 day free trial. I have seen very consistent ping reduction to WoL server from Western USA; from an average of about 230, down to an average of about 170. In addition, I feel like I have experienced much less packet loss to a pretty significant degree. My reasoning for thinking this is the fact that during single player, I can destroy T34s in the Hs129 MK103 in one pass almost every time; however when online playing on WoL, it would take me sometimes 5 or 6 passes and I would sometimes use all of my munitions for one 1 or 2 tanks kills. Now, since I have began playing with WTFast running in the background, I can destroy medium tanks with almost as much ease as when in single player. So in conclusion, I have not only seen my ping drop significantly, but have also seen what I believe to be significantly less packet loss because of the fact that destruction of enemy tanks and planes with guns has been much easier the past few days. Before, sometimes I would hose an enemy with what I thought were dozens upon dozens of cannon rounds, only to see them fly away easily. This became an incredible annoyance over the years. Now, it seems as if those same bursts that would hardly hurt an enemy before are now doing much more believable damage. Also, I have seen the amount of hits registering on the online stats page increase to a large degree. If you are so inclined, give it the proverbial whirl to see if it helps with lowing your ping to foreign servers. Be advised, I assume not everyone will have the same results as me, and I learned that ping reduction to servers in my own country is negligible; my ping to Combat Box only dropped by about 5ms. Let me know if this helps anyone! I am not affiliated with WTFast in any way. I simply have them a copy of the game and requested that they work on it. Initially they did not want to because they claimed that IL2 has a very small player base. www.wtfast.com
  12. This is one of the steamiest piles of dung I've seen on this forum. And trust me, there are a lot of piles on here. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. I've calculated it out to where I take 4L per kilometer of flight. This get me home with a little over 100L reserve if I used the entire 30 mins of climb power which I usually don't. You really are making it seem hard. I got it off the ground my very first try, and that try was in MP. Haha. Missed the bomb drop but takeoff, flight, and landing was a breeze. My first time experience with it was nowhere near as horrendous as your description.
  14. Yea but I mean to his credit above others, this guy didn't just fly one, he OWNED one. Hahaha Are we about to cross that line where we say that the word of a real life P47 pilot who has tried the IL2 version isn't good enough? This forum may just be a clown world after all hahaha
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