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  1. So basically it seems as though it will be almost like a giant version of the 110.
  2. What are the differences between the A4 and C6? I know it has solid nose with guns, but what are the other differences? Gondola still there? Engines different? Rear gunners have more powerful guns? Can it still carry a bombload plus the nose guns? Thanks for any clarification. We already know we very likely aren't going to get radar and night missions so probably no need to mention that.
  3. Dude in those videos that P47 is getting absolutely hammered. I don't see any issue whatsoever with it coming apart if it's hit like that. You don't see German wings coming off much in the Western maps because it's mostly being hit by 50BMG. The Tempest has taken my wings off many times though. Think about it, with the late German planes you are being hit by 3 fast firing cannons, and most of the time if it's a 109, one of those is a 30mm. When I'm in the A8 I take 2x30, 2x20, and 2x13 cannons and sometimes I still need a second pass to drop a P47. Mustangs, Tempests, and P38s come apart nicely in one pass though.
  4. I check at least once every 20-30 seconds. But I am really, really good at spotting (have been given many tips and tricks by professionals) so I can usually afford to check less often because it's very rare that anyone gets near my 6 without me knowing far in advance that it's going to happen. I'd tell you to do it every 10-15 seconds if possible.
  5. I don't think they would go so far as to give us a gun for the plane that was specifically made to take on 4-engined heavy aircraft that don't exist in the game.
  6. I think that perhaps you didn't perceive that in my last post I was offering an apology for jumping on you too quickly regarding disconnects. I take your word for it that you do not do it on purpose. I had just assumed it was because I saw it a few times when I was coming in on you. But maybe some people have thought that I disconnect on purpose too because I lose connection when they are coming up behind me? I believe disconnect on purpose to avoid death by enemy is cheating, so I would never do it. One month I had probably 6, 7, or maybe more disconnects; it was during a stay in Michigan for work where I had horrific connection in my hotel.
  7. I changed my nickname over a week ago, wasn't trying to conceal it for this post. I can't post the videos because they were from before an update which rendered all recordings from previous versions corrupted. Maybe you don't disconnect every time, it's just happened to me more than once with one of you so I felt it was on purpose. If not, good to know. Looking back I feel like I was perhaps being a little too harsh on you, so please accept my apology. Hey that's me! I fly an A8, I don't think I've ever been able to get it to 8k. 7k is pretty much the highest I can get it without having to putter around at 250kph indicated. The other day I climbed up to almost 8k specifically to counter Elanski and Dogface who were in Mustangs up there but they had a huge advantage over me obviously. We had a good fight which eventually ended up on the deck. I never ran, I evaded until they broke off. Have the recordings of it as well I believe. My only disconnect this month was a connection issue. Tried to join back in again but kept getting kicked for high ping for about 5-6 minutes straight.
  8. It's all good. I'm not really concerned about it anymore as I have ceased to play on WoL and unfortunately the 77 crew doesn't get on the Western front servers. At least not as far as I've seen. Maybe it's because there is no one hit kill gun 23mm equivalent on the Western planes? Although I think the Tempest does a good job killing stuff with a short burst.
  9. Quick jump on defense. I had it on video a couple times but it's long gone. I hunt them when I'm on WoL so pay special attention to their tactics. You don't get jumped often when you come down from 8K, spray a quick burst hoping the 23 makes contact and then splitting for home; but when you do, you can't risk that 70 kill streak so you just disconnect real quick. Hahaha. I can see Lagg3 with 23mm being a thing in very early maps. Like summer 1941 early. After that, it almost didn't exist in the air with the 23mm. They quickly switched to the 20mm because the 23mm had many problems with jamming. It's funny though because the Germans rarely had a G6 in the air with MK108 before spring of 1944 and guess what is restricted on all 1943 maps for the sake of "historical accuracy"? G6 with Mk108. But guess what isn't restricted in post-41 maps even though it should be for the same reason the MK108 is not available in 43? Lagg3 with 23mm. It's an exploit flying Lagg at 8k with 23mm and all HE, especially after autumn 41; plain and simple.
  10. All I know is that when I hit P38s, usually it's in an A8 from about 50m with 2x30mm, 2x20mm, and 2x13mm. So they cut clear in half easily. Sometimes if they catch me running up on them and turn hard, I get to put all that right into the elevator which comes right off. If it didn't with all that ordinance hitting, I'd be amazed.
  11. Yea they fly at like 7 or 8k in Lagg3 with only 23mm all HE. Lame exploit lol. And they love to disconnect when someone gets a jump on them. Hahahaha!
  12. I'll give it another try next time I am on. But as I mentioned in the original post, I've tried the bail key even in a fresh plane flying straight and level with zero damage and it didn't work; only the canopy popped.
  13. I've gleaned a couple deaths online because my bailout button would only jettison the cockpit but not have the pilot jump. Even in a perfectly good plane flying straight and level I've tried it, all that happens is the canopy pops off. Tried rebinding multiple times as well to no avail.
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