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  1. Also it has a relatively fast rate of fire so you are putting quite a few rounds on target when hitting with them. I think it's also important for people to realize that these are not anywhere near the same thing as .50BMG. Whereas the USA .50BMG is basically a giant rifle cartridge with a spitzer projectile, the MG131 cartridge is basically a downscaled cannon where the projectile has a fuze that ignites an explosive filler.
  2. I've seen Krupinski shoot at me from 800m with the 50s on the Mustang and he got VERY close with the first burst. His gunnery is almost flawless, that's what matters the most. I can roll the piss out of many allied pilots, but my marksmanship is pretty bad so I usually can't make anything from my new position and and up getting wiped out in the end.
  3. Are you talking about the entire month of March plus the four current days of April? So 100 incidents in the past 35 days? That's a grand total of less than three incidents per day. If we make an assumption that it only happens when the server is most busy (which probably isn't really true because most vulching I've seen happens when bored players are looking for a kill in a somewhat empty server), and then assume the full length of the missions is playing (which it isn't because sometimes maps are won before the time limit completes), then we are truly talking about a very small incidence of occurence per map. Just like I said. Please let me know if my math is off or if my assumptions are illogical. So now that you have software up and running that kicks or bans for attacking on the ground or before 30 seconds of flight is over, are we going to be able to put this issue away? Or are we still looking at the potential for a 10km bubble in the future? I most certainly hope not as that would be complete BS to be sure.
  4. New map seems pretty awesome thanks for all the hard work out into it. Well designed and implemented maps are the reason why I've been considering being a decent monthly donor to the team. As for the rule clarification, I bet your problems and annoyances with having to police complaints and enforce rules and all that stuff are worse than the likely small number of complaints about the relatively rare times that a vulcher is successful in killing players on the ground. Just saying 😉
  5. I don't tolerate it. I mentioned that I felt like it was unfair when it happened for me and that fact caused me to lose a certain amount of immersion. I enjoy trying to be as realistic as practically possible. The more gamey anomalies we can get rid of, the more fun the experience is in my opinion. I get it that not everyone thinks that way, but that's just the way that some folks enjoy the sim experience. I'm annoyed that so many people complain about vulching, but I obey the rule and only raise a small fit over it because I understand that many folks don't like being shot on the ground. One of the reasons I enjoy combat box so much is that the administration constantly tries new things to balance the experience for different types of players. Permitting me to wipe out someone on their takeoff/landing circuit is a nice allowance in exchange for disallowing vulching while they are on the ground.
  6. I mean, it's not about trying to hurt anyone's feelings haha. Hopefully if someone thinks they may get killed in the silk they will despawn. I kind of try to stay alive and see how many hours and points I can get with a single virtual life. I despawn immediately after bailout because I've been shot in my chute quite a bit when I use to play in WoL.
  7. Whatever you say. Obviously only a complete idiot would do it if it significantly jeopardizes their own survivability.
  8. I'll maintain a respectful disagreement with your conclusion. I've had wingmen bail out and help me defeat enemies by relaying information to me for several minutes while they were in the chute. Many of those times I would have likely been destroyed if it weren't for them guiding my manouvres in order to evade attacks. After these occurance I felt like I had an unfair advantage because of the communication.
  9. How does it not? It seems as though you read and comprehend English very well; so would you care to expound?
  10. I swear into you today, whomever did this is deserving of legendary status from now until forever.
  11. Shooting parachutes is a good thing to do if they linger. If an enemy bails out and stays in parachute for more than 10 or 15 seconds I'll shoot if I'm set up to do it. Reason is this; many people stay in parachute and are in voice chat and are guiding their wingmen using their new advantageous view of the entire surrounding area. This is akin to cheating in my book. Realistically, if you bail out, the radio went away with the plane. Being able to guide your friends in a fight while in the silk is creating unrealistic imbalance in the fight.
  12. @flynvrtd I'm 100% for historically accurate plane sets. That means limiting the Tempest and K4 and likely simply not allowing the D9, K4, and 262 on pre-october maps. I'm also 100% for allowing killing players on the ground but I've been told I'm alone in that respect. Hahaha
  13. I did enjoy the concept of the frantic map; the only thing that bothered me was the inclusion of British aircraft like the Spitfire and Tempest. Maybe the next iteration should exclude them?
  14. I was just jesting with that comment haha. I actually like the mechanic you guys implemented with the 262 base on Scheldt and I know for a fact that it was just people bawling about vulching that ruined that one for us. It was a very realistic mechanic that gave a good compromise to both the vulchers and anti-vulchers. Hope you guys bring it back. No I wasn't referencing you specifically. I'm referencing folks that I know who bawl in the server chat when they get vulched but that I know for a fact would be vulching today if the rules didn't forbid it.
  15. So sick of players complaining about vulching. It's usually people I know who whine about it when it happens to them because they know the rules back up their whine; but they would very well be doing it themselves if it were legal. Banners are indeed nice. Wish I had photo editing skills. We gonna see some German planes shooting down some allies in the future? Hahaha. 😉
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