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  1. I've read a little bit about the idea that 1.42ata was likely cleared for 30 minutes as combat power in BMW 801D-2 after early 1944. Is this truth or is someone spreading BS?
  2. Is it faster than the A8? A5? Does it have any boost features?
  3. I already have all modules, but would like to request for my dad. III./JG7-McClane + BoBP
  4. With lighter wing redesign will it have less wing loading that A3/A5? What about power. I see it is the 801D-2 still. Any nice engine mods such as MW50 or boost override? Wasn't the 801D-2 cleared for 1.42ata for unlimited by this time?
  5. What are the main differences between the 190A5 and 190A6? Does the A6 have 13mm cannons in cowling like the A8 instead of MGs? Is the A6 faster because of the redesigned wing? Etc.
  6. You must have a really bad ping our packet loss issue. I have never experienced anything like that, even when I flew Wings of Liberty for 3 months on hotel WiFi with a 300ms ping hahahaha.
  7. I don't think one shot PKs are too unrealistic if you're plane is being showered with cannon. Remember that the late German fighters are carrying nothing but cannons, and in most cases, one of them is a 30mm. It may be a slow projectile, but every projectile is HE and it's pretty giant. If you are caught in a deflection shot during a flat turn or are flying straight and relatively level, you're going to get PKed. That's been my experience. I've modified my defensive manouvring so that I'm never making a flat turn, there is always some components of roll to it. The number of PKs that happen to me have significantly decreased now. Unless it's a Tempest on me. Then I'm pretty much guaranteed to be PKed or have both of my wings come clear off with ease.
  8. Use OpenComposite instead of SteamVR. When I switched I gained about 15fps and my framerates stay very steady instead of bouncing around. Also, while using SteamVR I would occasionally get big 1 or 2 second long frame freezing every few minutes. And it always happened at the worst time; like when I was about to fire on an enemy or taking evasive action. OpenComposite virtually eliminated all of my VR problems.
  9. Ricochet is modeled. Haven't you been strafing and seen your tracers bouncing off the target and ground? I've seen my MG bullets from an early 109 bouncing off of an IL2 (was out of cannon ammo)
  10. I shoot 50BMG out of rifles so I have some experience with the cartridge. I've also fired a few different 20mm, 25mm, 75mm and a few mortars (it pays to have friends and work for people that have Type 7 FFL 😉). I can tell you that you should be absolutely assured that the 50BMG cartridge contains nowhere near the damage potential of a cannon shell, irrespective of range. It is a serious cartridge in a rifle used against people or materials, but against large objects such as a plane or vehicles the placement of the hit is extremely vital. Pilot, fuel tanks, radiators, cylinder heads, etc are what i would imagine need to be hit to cause a real detriment.
  11. Agreed. I've had a lot of collisions in the past year of playing. Every single time I've collided with a Russian plane at low to moderate speed (around 350kph or lower) my aircraft explodes and turns to nothing while the Russian plane goes along as if nothing happened. This is not the same against USA or British planes. When I've collided with them, they are damaged and I do not suffer instant explosion. Instead, both of our planes are damaged and we both crash somewhat realistically. Nobody explodes into dust in mid air. The exception to this is when I've collided while in 262 at very high speed.
  12. All it takes is a few weeks of stretching. I am in first gen Oculus VR and I can peer around far enough to where out of my limited peripheral vision I can see behind me well enough.
  13. This is why I donate. It's not much, but I must show my appreciation for the hard work lefuneste puts in to keep the VR users in the game.
  14. I don't think they are adding the 234 to satisfy the Normandy map, I think they are adding it to satisfy the need for it on the Bodenplatte map. Yes it's coming with Normandy, but I think they intend more for it to go with Bodenplatte.
  15. There was a Luftwaffe bomber unit that flew the Ar234 exclusively as a bomber and took part in several decisive battles, two of which are currently running as scenarios on the most popular MP server in the game right now. Additionally, it was not just a prototype aircraft; it was in serial production and over 200 were built.
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