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  1. I have the exact same problem. When using the A8 the first hit on me is almost ALWAYS a pilot kill or severe injury that causes blackout and crash. With the 109s and D9, I've had my plane filled with holes and the pilot survive, but with the A8 I'm guaranteed to have my pilot killed if someone hits me. It doesn't seem to matter the range either.
  2. It is almost a 100% occurance that it happens when they are directly on my six. Usually when I'm diving away from the threat. When they are not on my six I am very good at using my roll and ever so slight pitch changes to make them miss; but once they are right on my six and I'm trying to just do small aileron rolls while diving and extending away to keep them from landing hits, it's almost guaranteed my pilot gets killed.
  3. One of he options which removed the outer MG151 wing guns looks to provide armour behind the pilot.
  4. I've noticed recently that pretty much every death I've had in the A8 is from an instant PK on my end. Doesn't matter what's hitting me, Russian, US, British; and it almost seems like it doesn't matter the range. How different is the pilot hitbox between different planes? Last time I was hit in the D9 I was absolutely hosed with .50BMG and my pilot never got hit. Also, does armour playing in the cockpit actually work? Even when I've taken the extra armour it has made zero difference.
  5. You mean diving down from 7-8k and spraying 23mm HE at blues who are below you at 5K? Yea I've watched you on my tracks haha. Ripgrunwald as your bait man is a nice game. Hahaha JK
  6. You mean Lagg with 23mm all HE at 8k on WoL? Hahaha
  7. Yooo, the K4 can pull a 30 meter/second climb rate in combat mode for like 3 minutes straight under 5k. No other plane can do that that I've seen; not even the 262.
  8. Dude the Spit and Russian planes were turning very unrealistically before. The plane could do it sure, but the pilot could not handle it. So now it is realistic.
  9. Hey Peri! Been a while! You are the one who introduced me to this mod in the first place haha. I haven't seen you on in months. My skills have dramatically increased these days hahaha.
  10. New hotfix out an hour ago that changes some things. Hopefully it doesn't screw up what has already been finished on the new 3d Migoto version.
  11. I've read data stating that the A8 could get to about 665kph at 6K using the 1.65ata boost. Has anyone tested if this is true in-game? I've never really flown the A8 above 3K.
  12. For servers planning on placing severe restrictions on the number of 262s, I think you have it backwards. There should be very few K4s actually (some 109 units only had two or three K4s and the rest were G14s or G6 with MW50 mod). The 262 was MUCH more prevalent than the K4. There were several days when JG7 got 30+ jets in the air at once. There should be 3x more 262s on an historically appropriate map than K4s. I also hope the teams stay stacked for allies. I enjoy a struggle and it really proves who the better pilots are.
  13. Can the re-arm, re-fuel positions be destroyed by an attack and disable the feature for the other team?
  14. I don't think the newest version is out yet. I believe he is working on it still
  15. Some of us like to keep track of our progress and jest with each other when we do better than the other. It's an additional fun factor for some; maybe not all.
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