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  1. My collection of flight sim paraphernalia I have collected over the years, which has allowed me to fly all kinds of planes with greater immersion. There is also provision to attach a collective to fly helicopters - something that I'm increasingly falling in love with. And the whole room in context
  2. The game supports up to 8 controllers and any more will not be recognized. Sometimes some other peripheral may show up as a game controller under windows. Best bet is to look at your active game controller menu under windows and the first 8 on the list will be recognized.
  3. Thanks Harfang, for your suggestion. Yes tried that. Sprayed the potentiometers judiciously with cleaners but they have no effect. Thank you for the info, Sokol. I managed to find some potentiometers with the exact dimensions on Mouser Electronics. I read the specifications sheet and they indicate that they are only rated to 15,000 cycles. Hopefully they will last. They are rated at 50k and not 100k. I'll wait till they arrive and will update on how they work.
  4. Hello all, I got myself a PFC Throttle Quadrant Console (https://flypfc.com/shop/flight-consoles/throttle-quadrant-console/) a few years back and love the action and build quality of the console, but have been having problematic potentiometer issues after about a year of use. They will usually start becoming jumpy and lose their linearity, making the throttle essentially useless. I had the potentiometer PCB replaced under warranty but now after about a year it is exhibiting the same issue again. Now, i am thinking of doing some upgrading myself and I'm looking for help on this forum as my electronics knowledge and skills are limited. One option I can think of is to remove the potentiometers from the PCB and solder new higher quality ones in. I guess they have to have the exact dimensions as the old ones. Does anyone have recommendations of where I can get those potentiometers online that ships to Singapore? I learnt that the ohmage of the original pots are 100k. Must I get the pots of the same ohmage or can I also use 50k or 10k? I heard that there are industrial pots that are a lot more long lasting than normal ones. Another option is for me to get new set of pots and forgo the PFC PCB and controller and swap them out with a Leo Bordnar. It will involve a little more work but may pan out better in the long run. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Here's what I do. Under key mapping pitch and roll axes, I would map the first column to my joystick and the second column to my yoke. The second column will take precedence in this case. If I want to fly a fighter, I would just delete the yoke assignments. If I want to revert back to the yoke, it just involves a quick assignment again on the pitch and roll axes. This is the best way I have found so far without customizable profiles. Alternatively, you can save all the files in the input folde out into a separate folders if your assignments are drastically different, like I have for mine when I fly the Ju-52.
  6. I have been able to run at 4K at ultra pretty smoothly, so I figured that maybe it will be a breeze for VR since the resolution is lower? Perhaps it still requires some optimization. But the sense of presence is definitely there. ATW works great except for some ghosting for planes through the propellor blades.
  7. HUD off does give me more fps but still not what I'd expect with a 1080ti. Thanks coconut for your reply. I guess I have to temper my expectations. I just have been reading reports from other forum members of 90fps constant with even a 1070 so I was quite surprised with my performance. I forgot to mention that my cpu is an older i7 4770 so maybe that's the bottleneck. I figured that if the GPU can give me butter smooth performance with everything on at 4K that it should also be able to handle VR resolution.
  8. I'll start off by saying that VR experience in BOK is breathtaking. The sense of immersion is second to none. One of the reasons I upgraded my GPU to the 1080ti is in anticipation for BOK going VR. On my 4K monitor I've been consistently able to attain 60fps vsync with everything maxed no problems. However, in VR with the oculus rift, I have been having trouble maintaining even 45fps especially when close to the ground or when there's many planes in the air. Even with settings turned to Low and everything turned off, sometimes fps dips low enough for ATW to kick in. Afterburner software tells me that only 35-50% of my GPU is utilised most of the time. Under the same conditions, my graphics card has. I problem outputting consistently high frame rates on my 4K monitor. Anyone else experiencing this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help
  9. The dorsal gunner on the 88 has been very glitchy for me too. Turn my head too much when the gun is deployed and the view goes haywire. Try resetting your view on steamvr and see if that helps.
  10. The trim wheel works for me. However in order to get BOS to recognize it, you have to turn the wheel really fast when you are binding the axis. And yes, like Sokol mentioned, only for the BF-109 stabilizer adjust.
  11. I have the PFC yoke and throttle quadrant - the quality and smoothness of action are second to none. When it comes to pedals, I'll have to echo Sokol's sentiment and will advise you to look into the other artisan manufacturers. I went with Slaw's BF109 pedals and they are heaven. A soft center and you can install dampers on them.
  12. I know that there has already been some topics on this issue, but after so many months it still seems to be unheeded and unresolved. Sometimes it really is an oddity, like for the He-111 it doesn't let us assign the oil radiators to analog axis although there are already options in the key binding menu to assign analog axis to oil radiators to engine 1 and engine 2 which doesn't work for the He-111. I know they have an 'oil radiator open one step' option but it seems unrealistic and clunky. Historically I believe it's an analog lever? Same goes for trim options for planes with trim wheels and flaps. They do already have analog axis option for the Bf-109 horizontal stabiliser, so why not the rest also? I'm sure I'm not the only one with too many analog levers Thanks for listening
  13. I must concur. I have the first edition without the centering cam, and have actually placed an order for another one with the cam. I'm looking forward to hear what you think about the center feel with cam, or with the damper once you installed it.
  14. Thanks Sokol, I've just taken Pinnacle out for a spin - it seems quite powerful but yes the interface is kinda clunky. I spent hours just playing around with it and trying to figure everything out. The zone system works decent, but I'm not sure if there is a way to assign a keypress when the zone state changes. Eg, when you move the lever from A -> B -> C is one command and C -> B -> A is another command. This is properly simulate a lever in game, like the He-111 oil radiators in IL2 BOS. I'm wondering why they don't allow axis assignments to the oil radiators. Thanks again for the suggestion, Pinnacle is closest to what I've been looking for.
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