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  1. That's not the point. In fact, almost no house in Essen today existed back then. That's because almost the whole city was razed flat during the war. My point is that the Ruhrgebiet did not look close to what is on the map. I think this map is gorgeous, but small settlements with small houses with little smoking chimeys is not what the Ruhrgebiet is about.
  2. Nice! Me too, most of the week! Great place to walk the dogs and fun place for the kids to play with those hidden bunker entrences throughout...the rest of the week I live in Stoppenberg close to Zollverein. Sadly, there is a great gap on the Rhineland map between the small village of Essen and the little settlement Gelsenkirchen right where I am right now. Last time I went down the A40, I pretty sure saw house next to house right up to Dortmund...and I'm pretty sure, most of this already existed in 1944...I think something like that is really needed on the map to capture the feel of this huge industrial area...
  3. ...or you would be so kind to read this thread some further! There are a couple of links besides the one not working in here... ;-)
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