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  1. There is the fact that MP is a tiny tiny proportion of the player base.
  2. It should also not disappear everytime I look away only to re-render a half second after I look in it's direction again.
  3. Gorgeous model of what is a fugly fugly plane......still looking forward to my 40mm's though
  4. Damnit, I need to show this to the wife...I only have ~12 and she's already raising her eyebrows at me.....
  5. Mild dish detergent solution and a soft brush
  6. Depends on what type of paint you are using...alcohol does a great job of cleaning up after greasy fing-ies but will be unkind to an acrylic finish.
  7. Author doesn't know what a split-S is but the enthusiasm in the writing is clear. . . . Author had fun ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. You are likely 100% right. They are add-on vehicles to the core sim. I can't see why tank crew would be required.
  9. Not going to lie, this is a huge addition and I'm as excited as a little kid to hear additional details. What variant of the Flak 38 will be get (how many barrels) What crew positions will be modeled, how will the driving -> deploy-gun process work (I hope it's not too gamey) What is the average number of seconds I'll actually survive in these things.....lots to unpack over the coming months and I'm looking forward to it a lot. Cheers Jason, happy customer!
  10. All of those sound like bugs. Again, who would implement such a feature in that way?. The fact that some have found it useful doesn't change that. I'll compound it with the fact that the "Autopilot" as some call it, only engages in this manner 1-2% of the time for me and gets stuck only 1-2% of those instances. I hear you, it can be useful and my finger gets tired of holding down forward too but this is a bug that needs fixing and a proper throttle control needs to be implemented......imho , My key bindings are clean as a whistle. When this was happening more frequently a few releases ago I went through all options trying to fix it.
  11. I suppose you think I'm lieing for the fun of it? It's a either a big or an insanely stupid UI decision. Who in the their right mind would implement a control system like this? Set cruise control by opening a map... Give it more than a half second thought and it is clearly, 100% a bug and I sincerely hope they fix it.
  12. Possible and common...at least in my experience. In one carrer mission I fly I was in an 8-ship flight of P-38s...we entered a combat area with a 2nd 8 ship flight of of P-38s fighting D9s and K4s....at the end of it I was on the tail of the last K4 with no fewer that 12 P-38s lined up behind me. I was surrounded by a hail of bullets, several hitting me, so pulled off and let them have the poor bugger....
  13. I've reported this in the past. It is most definitely a bug. In my experience, no combination of reopening the map/chat/tab or re-selecting movement commands unsticks the command. The only solution is the quit the mission and restart.
  14. Maybe he legit thought it was Wednesday, it's happened to me . . . . anyone else wanna burst his bubble and let him know the weekend is still a long way off? I'm not gonna.
  15. Maybe he's already tired and just looking forward to the weekend?
  16. Man, honestly I don't think it's possible for us to disagree on this point... If the game had shipped with your desired career format, I'd be adamantly pushing for what we have now .. It is so much better and more historically accurate.
  17. I love that you two are having a civilised and constructive side-conversation in this thread full of muck
  18. Here is where you are sadly way off base...Warthunder is a game...this is a Simulation. It as close as is feasible to reality without being completely unplayable......There are hundreds if not thousands of games for every one proper sim. We'd appreciate it if let us who enjoy a more realistic experience have our one tiny corner of the industry please.
  19. If it's a sim as opposed to a game, i'm 100% in!.
  20. This is another example of hollywood expectations. One lone hero winning the war!! WW2 was a grind of millions of combatants....the results come out in the wash with no one individual having the slightest effect.
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