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  1. Could you please go back and retype this in English? 😋
  2. If all you want it for is gaming/sims then curved is great. When I was researching my monitor purchase I read that the curved screens are perfect for sims but suck if you want to do anything not gaming related specifically drafting and design which I do for poops and giggles on the side. Straight lines appear curved being the biggest drawback. I ended up getting a 43" 4k monitor from LG which suits me just fine for wide field of view in games and nice big straight lines when designing junk I'll never build.
  3. I'm going to chime in in support of historical accuracy for plane selection above all else. This isn't warthunder nor do I want it to be.
  4. My previous pick for two remains unchanged. Mossie and Me 410. I'll just be a bi more specific Me 410A-1/U4 with a BK 5 cannon and Mosquito Mk XVIII “Tsetse" with the big six pounder 😁 More boom boom!
  5. I've lost my prop/engine to a dislodged P47 canopy way too many times. You wouldn't expect acrylic to be tough or heavy enough to do that. I'd love to see prop damage revisited
  6. me-410 and mossie 😍 edit: Above is would I would love to get but what I think is most likely is B-25 and something else. Maybe a storch to balance out the U2. or possible the Yak 9 that everyone wants.
  7. Jimminey Cricket. Even with Jason's red circles I can't see a thing. Doesn't bode well for VR spotting. Will target icons in SP also extend out to the new draw distance?
  8. The sea dragons scripted campaign in the IL-2 always seems to want me to approach at 500m for what it's worth.
  9. The 110 was always my childhood favorite. Only recently being replaced by the 109 at the top of my list of favorite war birds. I've really enjoyed reading this thread about the old girl. Thanks
  10. This week for sure, I can feel it! 🤞
  11. Ryzen 7 1700x not overclocked, 16GB RAM, 1080ti Maxed out visuals, front activity heavy Play in VR, monitor mirroring my view running at 4k and experience the occasional slow down when things get dicey. Toying around with upgrading my CPU to the 3700x. Just have to convince the wife that I "need" to.
  12. 'Tis getting late. Sad disappointment is starting to set in . . . . . another week
  13. The word you are looking for in English is 'trunk". "root" is the part of the tree underground. I agree with you analysis though. Ground objects like trees and structures need a serious redoing in order to allow effective combat in cover situations. I will give the developers the benefit of the doubt and just expect that this will get addressed before final launch.
  14. By the gods I wish we could get proper, plane specific bomb sites ☹️
  15. You got my money! thanks for the continued great content. Looking forward to it, it should be fun.
  16. Didn't it tend to flip over when it lost an engine? Maybe that was just during take-off and landing but I remember reading about it.
  17. I do wish they would give the manual a solid refresh. Especially with the new mechanics that have been added with BoBP , nevermind Tank Crew.
  18. I can't see this ever becoming a reality and I would very much rather see a lot of other things first . . . . . . WW2 Flight sim related things
  19. Ha! love the terse, honest response, Shame though.
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