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  1. I have the same observation. Taxiing a twin with one dead engine is impossible in game though the twin planes at my local airport quite often will taxi around on one screw.
  2. LOL, well I was speaking specifically about ground handling/taxiing but I'll accept envy any day of the week 😛
  3. It doesn't have toe brakes but it does have differential braking linked to rudder position. so you can tease her back into straight using that.
  4. Well $4it . . . . . better cut myself of or I'll end up buying another collector plane . . . . .
  5. Not challenging your main complaint but just curious. A plane that is infamously bad at ground handling can be mastered in this sim with less than twenty minutes of practice. How is that over done?
  6. "She's a princess in the sky but a bitch on the ground"
  7. Every gold (and green) tag under my name and avatar was acquired in the presence of alcohol. Up late, enjoying some beer, credit-card within reach, wife in bed..... dangerous. Zero regrets though. Great dev team who show their customers immense respect.
  8. Agreed, we need much more detailed ground maps for tanking. On many many maps if you zoom in enough to plan you route it's a pixelated mess
  9. You can fly it in multiplayer, single player QMB flights and custom single player missions. Doesn't look like it is used in any career outside of Kuban Ninja'd by Wanderer
  10. On multi engine planes, it's always nice to have engine selection buttons and prop feather mapped somewhere on the HOTAS if you can.
  11. Yeh, I've been running 1.37 from the get go and gun fire consistently remains for a few seconds after releasing the trigger.
  12. Congratulations on an epic build buglord. I was so looking forward to seeing the two together and am not disappointed. Great piece of work.
  13. Maybe someone got to it before it could be retrieved Either way, it's a somewhat minor detail to be concerned about.
  14. I think that's intended for rudder pedals. I know, not an answer to your main question 🤪
  15. Based purely on this thread, I took her for another spin. She packs a mighty punch but I still can't keep her in the sky. 😣
  16. I've never NOT seen my load-out info in game. This is a curious behavior......realism settings maybe?
  17. Ah yes but it doesn't tell you what you DON'T own. 🤪 I was walking around all smug thinking I owned it all until I realized I didn't have the G6. . . .you can never have too many 109s but there's so many I never noticed the glaring gap!!!
  18. Yes, I have the same concern. Especially since, for some reason, the SW has asked me a second time to activate even though I already did and now says 3 more activations....It's a bit troubling.
  19. I don't think I'm qualified to offer any "pro tips" so I just add have fun, enjoy the ride and invest in peripherals. HOTAS, VR or track-IR, seat shaker. Those alone can take it from playing a game to swearing you're actually flying over Stalingrad.
  20. Well crap. Is that how I keep getting sniped while hiding in trees?!
  21. Yup, multiple keyboards, multiple ports, I've been trying to solve this for a while, always assuming it was on my end...... Regardless, it feels a bit pedantic to be discussing the finicky details when this is clearly a bug in the game. Who designs a UI where you set input-lock based on opening a map or a chat window? It is extremely hard to accept that this was an intentional design decision and I expect it will be rectified before final release.
  22. You can, I can't. If you read my post, I specifically state that what others are reporting is not happening on my computer. At best 1% of the time it gets stuck in forward, reverse, left, right . . . . then it is permanently stuck. Again. Not saying yours is doing that, but mine is.
  23. It really feels like a bug. Could be in Simshaker, could be in IL2. I'm not going to pretend to know 😛. I'll leave it up to the smart guys. I'm just glad it's not just me LoL
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