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  1. Tis super pretty at times, agreed
  2. Hey guys, I...I don't think a DD is going to happen today....๐Ÿ˜ž still at work, still bored......
  3. Spitfire was the exception to the rule of fugly British war birds. Seriously consistent apart from the spitfire.
  4. mmmmm, the 410 ๐Ÿ˜ Well, it's a Typhoon, so ugly just comes by default.
  5. Some of us are bored at work and need a DD to pour over........
  6. I hope we get this option for a paint job. Those crafty Germans.
  7. Never in my observation. I've not been successful in unsticking a stuck motion command.
  8. Lots of info on Wikipedia: So I expect more power so I expect that the gondolas should be intact "Schrรคge-Musik" would also be a fun modification to play with
  9. For WW2 scenarios agreed. Not so much for WW1 with radios not being a thing yet.
  10. I asked my chicken what her entrails could tell me and she just shat on the floor...... am I doing this right?
  11. I run into this issue quite often. For me it occurs when I am holding down a movement command, such as forward, and then press "o" to view the map. When I come back, the tank is stuck moving forward. Sometimes it occurs if I simply switch views from internal to external (or vice versa) while holding a movement command. I've also been stuck in left or right turns for the same reason.
  12. And?...... What did the entrails tell you
  13. I'd settle for a WW1 scripted campaign at this point. Something for us single players to enjoy in FC. QMB is a joke.
  14. Agreed. Those indicators are quite inaccurate as is.
  15. Kinda, I mean, that's when I would start to get frustrated since I've got lots of other content to keep me distracted. . . . . I agree with you that FC vol 1 is thin. The thinnest product and the least bang for our buck yet, but it is exactly what they advertised so we can't pretend we weren't warned. We also don't know the sales numbers. If they were stellar then the team could commit right away. If they were utter crap then the team could declare full stop right away. Maybe sales were just so-so and the team is sitting there going hmmmmm...maybe? I'm willing to be patient but I gather I'm not as singularly passionate about WW1 as you are. . . . . never played RoF but am madly in love with flying the old girls in FC.
  16. FC volume 1 was officially released, what, a month ago? I'll give it at least a year to see how well it does before I start complaining about a lack of a decision on volume 2. That being said, hard no to plane specific input curve, which is apparently the topic of this thread.
  17. Service Arado's had no defensive armament (gunners) while the B-17 had, what, 13 50cals divided among 8 gunners or something like that.....Flight model isn't the biggest hurdle. It's the amount of AI that would be needed and the number of shells in the air that would all need to be calculated for a single B-17. We'd be lucky to get two to three on screen at a time without massive performance hits. I would love to see her in my gun sights but the Flying Fortress is a long way off I think.
  18. Just installed the 3800x....... ho ho ho-ly crap!!!! Anyone want to buy a lightly used 1700x ๐Ÿ˜
  19. Hmm, perhaps Jason could use this week's DD to provide an update on the Pacific dilemma as he stated he would after the BoN announcement.
  20. Well, hey thanks for the explanation. So your request is specific to FC. That makes total sense.
  21. Awesome! I've always loved the giant balloon tire up front.
  22. That's what happens when you show up to a war late.
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