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  1. 1) take off 2) find baddie 3) die . . . 4) repeat
  2. Plane configuration is determined by the mission. You don't get to change it.
  3. Port - Starboard Left - Right Red - Green Shorter word - Longer word That's how I always remembered it....unfortunately "one" and "two" don't play along
  4. I've never had much issue feathering a single prop in VR. Practice makes perfect.....also thoughtful selection of keybindings so you can do it through muscle memory......I get shot down a lot.
  5. Nope. I would love a more fleshed out QMB in this sim. Something that let's us choose or configure beyond the 3-4 canned options we have now.
  6. So bright burns my delicate eyes Cheers
  7. Torpedoes, and their in-water physics, already exist in the game. All we need is the air drop part.
  8. IL-2 cockpit progress made over the holidays. 1:32 Hobbyboss kit. I had never seen a dashboard like this before as it is made of clear plastic. I'm told it's not uncommon but was new to me. Instructions said to stick the decal on the outside front cafe as usual but I opted to hand paint the front and apply the decal "backwards" on the back side. That gave me rather nice looking gauge lenses. The rest is stil just painted with based colours. waiting on some more clear coat so I can apply washes.
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