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  1. Sorry to hear that. I'm hoping this mess clears up soon for everyone. I'm experimenting with you, Can you check and see if you've received the gift? I have no idea how this works but I think it's through private message or email. @Paul-Jahn just give me a minute, I want to make sure I'm doing this right before trying yours...
  2. Hello all! I'm celebrating the arrival of my baby girl this past Monday March 23rd. Tradition says that, as papa, I need to give out some cigars. Can't do that, social distancing and all, so I've decided to give away some campaigns (one of each) as a small gesture to ensure the skies stay angry while I take a break from this epic sim. I wish I could give back more as others in this great community have but, you know, had a kid . . . need to watch the money This is what's up for grabs: Campaign Ten Days of Autumn (ROTER_BART) Campaign Blazing Steppe (Ala13_UnopaUno_VR) Campaign Havoc Over The Kuban ([WOOF]GravyTrader) Campaign Fortress on the Volga (SCG_Gustav_Hagel) Campaign Achtung Spitfire! (Paul-Jahn) First come first serve, one each, just state which one you want in a reply . . . I'll log back in later and try to figure out how to actually give gifts and do my best to not cock it up. . . . no promises. One day soon I be back online just to show my little girl why the 109 is the best plane ever devised 😜 All sent. Thanks so much for all the good wishes and for helping me celebrate! Happy flying and safe days for all.
  3. That "armed" switch looks like a persistent toggle switch. Constant on our off signal. IL2 doesn't support that route of input does it? All of mine are momentary switches. Toggle up or down for on/off but spring return to neutral center. I'd much prefer to be able to use persistent inputs like the ones in the picture. More accurate.
  4. Hmm, we may need a breakaway thread just on wargaming. πŸ˜› I have one strike squad of 40k grey Knights that I bought just for the painting experience. More on subject I'm also building up a collection of plane miniatures for the Wings of Glory WW2 table top air combat game. They can be a bit spendy as the game is largely out of print but I have 2 spitfire mk1s, 2 109 Es, 2 109 K4s, a Beaufighter mk1, and coming in the mail 2 Stukas and a B17G 😁. It's a fun extension of what we do in this sim..... Just more social and you have to make your own sound effects. πŸ˜›
  5. Holding my baby girl (our first). Born yesterday, March 23rd. Hell of a thing, giving birth in a pandemic lock down. Amps the stress levels skyward to where the HE-111s should be flying instead of at tree top. The hospital here in Canaderp is doing an incredible job managing it though. Easy to find parking πŸ˜›. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be flying much even though it would be a welcome distraction. Once I get past my new dad vacation time, I'll likely be working from home for quite some time. My office has prepped up for the long haul. At least two months. Hoping to scratch out at least a few hours to get back to getting shot down. The pros need their canon fodder afterall. Happy flying friends and, above all else, stay safe.
  6. Maybe the incessant plinking gave him a headache πŸ˜›. All joking aside, completely agree. Had a perfectly healthy Tiger knocked out by a coax machine gun once 😣.
  7. Dead wrong. It's a simulator, not a game. Fair and balanced have to place where they impact simulation accuracy.
  8. 109E vs I-16 Flying either side of that match up is a hell of a good time.
  9. There are no collector tanks available at this time. The UI interface is shared with the airplane modules so the collector vs normal categories are built in by default.
  10. Hmm. Well I may only have six in my queue, but at 1:32 they take up almost as much space πŸ˜‹
  11. It's almost like this has been discussed before.....ad nauseum
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