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  1. While I agree, I don't want to see another bomber unless it comes with a proper bomb site interface. That one shortcut they've implemented stands starkly against the rest of this quality sim.
  2. In history, any variant of the 109. In game, umm, A20, maybe the spit mk9 at least until the P38 comes online.
  3. tupolev tb-3 ๐Ÿ˜ Complete with under wing I-16s
  4. Valve index will replace my Vive when the time comes. For gen 1, Vive was king but it's definitely long in the tooth these days. Can't bring myself to give money to Facebook so rift is permanently off the table. 100% agree with these statements too.
  5. Would love to see this restriction implemented
  6. Given my luck with release dates so far and the fact that I'm travelling for work, i can almost guaranty for you guys that you'll get an update next week . . . ๐Ÿ˜‘
  7. The P51 is sleek and purdy to be sure but for me, nothing come close to the aesthetic of the 109s. ๐Ÿ˜ They just allude finesse and power with a touch of industrial aesthetic. There's a reason I'm building a 109 G10 model right now. Just so gorgeous to look at.
  8. Your mind doesn't need changing! You are 100% correct.
  9. I dream of this coming true but am also (more) interested in the earlier war Italy/Northern Africa scenario . . . . . I know, I know
  10. With BOM you get Quick missions, Multiplayer, Career mode and one-off missions. Scripted campaigns are paid extras. Luckily they are not very expensive, especially if you pick them up on a sale.
  11. Italy, Italy, Italy . . Please . . . with the Me 323 Gigant ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Honestly, based on the not so quiet din of users on these forums, they really do need to try and tackle the Pacific soon. It's not a theater I'm personally interested in but it is a big deal for a large part of the community who, from what I've read, feel that they have been led along for far too long. for me, I'd much rather see an engine update to improve object density and allow heavy bombers.
  13. I'm glad someone is paying attention.
  14. To do the conflict justice, the Pacific needs more stuff on screen. Dozens of ships including carriers with decks loaded with dozens of planes each, dozens of planes in the air, smoke that doesn't disappear when you look away, flack and tracers filling the sky, burning ships that take hours not seconds to sink . . . . Can BoX engine handle that?
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