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  1. Just installed the 3800x....... ho ho ho-ly crap!!!! Anyone want to buy a lightly used 1700x 😁
  2. Hmm, perhaps Jason could use this week's DD to provide an update on the Pacific dilemma as he stated he would after the BoN announcement.
  3. Well, hey thanks for the explanation. So your request is specific to FC. That makes total sense.
  4. Awesome! I've always loved the giant balloon tire up front.
  5. That's what happens when you show up to a war late.
  6. fjacobsen makes a good point. Bombers in the QMB will try to turn fight you like a fighter . . . . .it's cute seeing them try 😈
  7. You're not alone. In the final stages of weathering my 109-G10, after months of careful work, I dropped it. Like you, twice. Busted the gear and all the thin delicate antennas off the bottom......twice. The Horton looks fantastic.
  8. To be certain, it is not perfect but the endless merry-go-round that we had before has been greatly mitigated. I always select ace AI when in the QMB. I just did a one-v-one QMB lastnight 109G14 (me) vs a Spit mk9. The spit was all over the place with vertical moves and trying to maintain energy advantage over me the whole time. You can entice the AI into long turns still but it's rarer and not as long as it used to be. Do an 8v8 mission in the QMB with Ace on both sides. You'll see some neat stuff going on.
  9. Kind of hard to believe you actually tried it. the AI is worlds different than it was even a year ago.
  10. Was going to enter into this fray but I've been drinking so best keep my mouth shut.........
  11. In general, what this sim needs is MORE STUFF. Not any new content, just the ability to put more of what we already have on the screen at the same time. It's incredibly sparce of there. Next module suggestion. Battle of More Stuff. I'd toss them $80 for that!
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