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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I could acquire a reasonably accurate solid model of a KB13B (or KG13A) flight stick. (BF109, FW190, me262 . . . . .) I have a Saitek X56 joystick for which I've already made a custom extension for using my lathe but now I've bought a 4-axis CNC mill and I'd love to use it recreate the more complex components for a proper KB13B replica out of aluminum to replace the Saitek grip and buttons. It will pair nicely with my in-transit Iron Mechanic RUD 4 throttle setup. ๐Ÿ˜„ (happy happy happy happy happy . . .) It's a long shot but I thought, if I don't ask what the hell do I expect to get? I work in Solidworks and could draw it myself but have nothing to reference.
  2. I'm running an Aorus MB and also experience this problem. Anecdotally it always happens to me during times of high CPU load like the feverish pitch of battle. The perfect time for my X56 to decide to hit the bail out button. ๐Ÿ˜• I'd try to fix it but have ordered a RUD 4 throttle from Iron Mechanic so screw the X56
  3. pfrances

    Tutorials for QMB Matches vs AI?

    I've found QMB matches that are 8v8 to much more valuable for training myself. In 1v1 matches I ultimately get stuck in the endless turn fights but during 8v8 matches it appears the chaos leads to the AI making a larger variety of maneuvering decisions.
  4. pfrances

    Sights of Kuban?

    The what now? Goes to Anapas. . . What barrage balloons?
  5. pfrances

    Bombs don't cause damage?

    Contact setting on bombs works if dropped from high enough altitude. the fuses used for contact type of detonation need sufficient time of flight to arm themselves. The types of fuses used for delayed detonation required less time of flight before arming. This was true for WW2 bombs at least. There's a thread about in the main forum.
  6. pfrances

    Bullets Deviating ?

    Does he shoot at horses @ the 1:20 mark? โ˜น๏ธ
  7. I'm running a utility on Windows 10 called OOSU10.exe It allows me to shut down all updates and telemetry data collection. I typically turn it off once a year to get caught up on critical updates AFTER I've read that MS hasn't cocked anything up for a while.
  8. Totally agree. It took me a while to take the plunge into engine management and it is totally worth it if you have the controls available. I'm still guessing at what the ideal settings are most of the time but it's far more immersive and worth it.
  9. pfrances

    In-cockpit pilot

    Agreed, also the mod is merely a stop-gap and isn't perfect (not a criticism). The pilot keeps wiping his nose obscuring your view and in some instances the pilot's goggles are rendered in front also blocking your view. Also your hands just float in space with most planes and don't follow the controls. In VR the absence of a pilot body is stark. I would love to see this officially supported.
  10. pfrances

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    THE P-38!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ Sorry for overreacting. I'm just so happy.
  11. Well there you go! You even got an early introduction to another great benefit of this sim. The community is epic. . . . Warthunder community, not so much. Enjoy your flying.
  12. I enjoy both titles for entirely different reasons. IL2 gets the majority of my time but when I want some easy, pick-up-and-play fun without the VR I really like Warthunder. Warthunder is like a Big-Mac while IL2 is a nice ribeye.