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  1. I struggle with the same restrictions on options. I want navigation markers but not target markers. I don't want the hud but I DO want the radio chatter messages because I don't speak German and can't understand them. I have been able to do what you're asking just by using the "I" (or was it "H") commands. I can't remember which ones they are because they are mapped to my HOTAS.
  2. totally agree, still likely to pass on the hurricane. They're just so ugly LOL, can't get past it. Maybe I'll hold my nose and grab it just to support these glorious devs.
  3. I'll likely get the yak but may be a hard pass on the hurricane for me. Was really going for an allied bomber in the collector planes.
  4. Same goes for flying circus. What's left apart from polish? There is no campaign as part of part one and all planes and the map are delivered. Oh, just remembered, ground units.
  5. Here's a progress update on my IL-2 single seater. I'm using the game as my primary reference except for feature such as open hatches and engine details which, of course, aren't shown in-game. It's a 1:32 Hobby Boss kit and has great detail but I'm experimenting with adding additional features. I'm start, as is standard with the cockpit. The main detail I wanted to add was the cables that wind around the trim crank and run up the left side of the cockpit, seen here, top middle: The kit includes the crank already with good detail: I used 0.2mm copper wire that I salvaged from an old toy DC motor, stretched some sprew to make small pegs to stand in for pulleys and ran the wire as close as possible to where it should be: Added some 0.5mm lead wire for the fuel lines: And here it is with some other parts dry fit. I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out but I couldn't quite get the red wire as taught as I would like it to be. I think I'll try to make it tighter now that all glue is fully cured but it's solidly in the good enough camp. Not everything is quite to scale but we're talking fractions of millimeters here so again, good enough. I'm no Feathered_IV. I can't work on atomic scales. 😜 I think it'll look great once it's all painted but for now I've started assembling the engine and researching where to add wires n' tubes.
  6. Throwing my hat into the no please camp. Except to all of the boobs, that's a yes please.
  7. The 38 is the stand out reason I bought the BoBP expansion. Was sitting on the couch late once evening, drunk, watching YouTube. Wife had settled in bed for the night, a nice doc on the 38 came up on my YouTube steam. Watched it, immediately drunk purchased BoBP. Pinnacle of allied design bar none. No sober regrets at all.
  8. Reading down the thread, I knew this would show up.
  9. Why are people still perpetuating the myth about smoke free WW2 fighters?
  10. Super pretty clouds guys. Great work, and from a Canadian, happy thanksgiving! 🍗
  11. How does one do this? I cannot find such a setting anywhere in SteamVR.
  12. Anecdotally, for me, it appears to occur if and when I am looking away from centre for an extended period of time. I always assumed it was the system automatically re-centering my view but I haven't done any controlled tests of this assumption.
  13. Can confirm, happens often for me in VR as well.
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