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  1. Been a long time since I've shed wings due to pulling too hard. I did shake hands with a passing Camel last night while flying a DR.1. The exchange took the portside half of my upper wing off and cracked the portside lower. I was able to complete the mission with 2.5 wings, another 25 minutes of flight, and land at base. Landing was epically bad but pilot survived. If you fly "calmly" and avoid sharp bank/yank maneuvers you should do just fine. Then, once your wings are damaged, dial it back even more and head for home. Continuing the fight is a recipe for dead.
  2. Ride of the Valkyries intensifies.
  3. OOOO, he adds to the intrigue!
  4. Yeh, well he still needed to fly all the way back to home base but I was just defending my airfield There, I made it narrative. Valid point though
  5. Flew an experiment last night based on this thread 1v1, a scenario I'm usually unsuccessful in. K4 Vs P51, 6000m, ~40% fuel in each, standard gun loadout, head to head. He managed to win the first two merges, taking head-on shots at me while I avoided for the most part. (he landed some hits in my left wing and stab.) After the second merge I went into the vertical with an Immelmann which seemed to through the AI as I was immediately able to dive on his 6 and take him down. Because of my bad gunnery that took all of my belts to empty though I don't think I would have survived a 1v2
  6. Not disagreeing with the wish...… just tempering expectations so the Devs don't get any undeserved backlash. Cheers
  7. Even the one map we have made for tanks (just a small subsection of one map) doesn't have that level of detail. It's a pretty safe bet that anyone expecting that will be very disappointed. I'm envisioning the BoN map will be similar to the BoBP map with hedgerows that resemble the tree rows in the farming areas of the Kuban map.....solidly good enough for air combat.
  8. Hey! Wrong thread....you take your intelligent answers elsewhere.
  9. if we don't receive closure soon we'll surely experience a Devolution of Voluminous Devotees to this community!
  10. I second that statement! It is glorious. @XQ_Lothar29 How did you get such a nice paint finish?
  11. IL-2 Sturmovik: MTB Crew. Battle for the Channel Boats Yo!
  12. 109.... Hands down.... You'll look utterly gorgeous as you burn to death.
  13. I hear what you're saying but the flak trucks announcement blew my mind. I bought them immediately. Almost gave myself a proctology exam from reaching for my wallet so fast
  14. Sees thread Posts in thread Doesn't bother to read thread
  15. Save it for a Spanish civil war module 😜
  16. Exploding Camels in Flying Circus have busted the prop of my D7 on more than one occasion. What is up with those Camels? pew pew BOOM!
  17. JU87 and JU88 (I think) have an automated dive recovery system. Been there for a while now.
  18. I've answered my own question. This is the first time in the longest time that I've been hit in such an engagement (8v8 D7 vs ace camels). Unfortunately it was a wingman that shot me. The AI is definately more aggressive and shoots more readily but we're back to the old days when wing men will shoot through you at the enemy you're tailing. Still, was more exciting and fun.
  19. Oh wow, what a surprise. This is looking incredible!!
  20. I'm curious to see how well these improvement shave translated over to Flying Circus. My experience there, 8v8 in the QMB with reasonably matched crates and Ace pilots, is a one sided bloodbath with myself getting 5-8 kills. Has anyone tried such a match in FC since the patch?
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