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  1. Exploding Camels in Flying Circus have busted the prop of my D7 on more than one occasion. What is up with those Camels? pew pew BOOM!
  2. JU87 and JU88 (I think) have an automated dive recovery system. Been there for a while now.
  3. I've answered my own question. This is the first time in the longest time that I've been hit in such an engagement (8v8 D7 vs ace camels). Unfortunately it was a wingman that shot me. The AI is definately more aggressive and shoots more readily but we're back to the old days when wing men will shoot through you at the enemy you're tailing. Still, was more exciting and fun.
  4. Oh wow, what a surprise. This is looking incredible!!
  5. I'm curious to see how well these improvement shave translated over to Flying Circus. My experience there, 8v8 in the QMB with reasonably matched crates and Ace pilots, is a one sided bloodbath with myself getting 5-8 kills. Has anyone tried such a match in FC since the patch?
  6. Any airfield that isn't set up as an active airfield in the mission is indistinguishable with random dirt, as far as mission assessment goes. Doesn't matter that you landed at a "friendly" airfield.
  7. I'm curious if such extra spectacular explosions will come with additional damage to nearby objects or if it's just a visual effect. I'm remembering the footage of a P-51 getting blown to bits by a ground ammunition explosion ignited by his following wingman's shots..
  8. Sure release it on a Tuesday...It's not like yesterday was a civic holiday for me or anything....I much prefer a new update on my first day back to work 🤪 Great work Devs, much appreciated!
  9. There's a reason planes like the P-47 had 8 BMG when everyone else was getting away with 4 or even 2 cannons.
  10. Just flew that mission this morning. Thanks for the tip. The search lights looking incredible in VR. Enjoyable mission too.
  11. Well if that Tante Ju isn't just lovely! Well done and great write up too. Snowed in today, made some more progress on my hobby table.
  12. It's kind of on topic and I'm tired of having no modeling progress to share so here's a shot of my new hobby table that I've been working on and is coming along nicely. This will be where I will be returning to building models once it's done. I need to let it cure for a couple weeks as the wood is quite wet (weighs in at around 150kg right now). Then I'll dress out down, counter sink the timber washers in and give it some finish. I have a gorgeous set of cast legs that I bought from a foundry down in the US that I plan to use.
  13. Very cool. Would love to see functionality like that in single player.
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