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  1. I'll throw in a guess based on my personal earliest memory of a combat flight sim.... "BoB Their Finest Hour", LucasFilm on PC, I was 11.
  2. Happy Birthday Jason and congratulations on your multiple milestones. My first question has already been answered (improved QMB) so I'll go with my follow up: Any chance that we will see official addition of pilot models in the cockpit? This is a prime wish for me but I know it's challenging to do well.
  3. @Oliver88 Just chiming it so say I'm pretty sure I selected "No" I would not be participating in the event. Sorry If I miss-clicked.
  4. I hope everyone is having a joyous and peace filled Easter celebration. Now, back to flying..
  5. Happy Easter!!!! And thank you for all your work!
  6. I believe it was being used as a spotting cheat so has been blocked/disabled.... It's been a while since that was the issue of the day so I can't clearly remember.
  7. I would say P-47 but I don't want to like it....it's ugly and it flies ugly......screw the P-47 Both versions The one plane that I REALLY want to like but can't is the HS-129. I fudging love that plane but I can't fly it to save my life so I relegate it to the dumpster pile with a broken heart 💔
  8. Queue those claiming 50cal can't even shoot these little guys down.
  9. Not gonna lie. I'd pay double for that.
  10. OMG the 410...the prime reason I bought BoN so quickly.....You've given me a happy Friday Jason Cheers to you and the team
  11. Ooo, which kit manufacturer is this? I have an ICM 1:32 kit in my queue.... Looking forward to your progress.
  12. Bah, brakes. Just drive it into a snow bank and start shooting.
  13. Not just when going faster, hills too. My dad tells stories of driving an old Austin Healey in the rain and everytime he climbed the super long hill to our neighborhood, the wipers would cut and he could see shite.
  14. I've built up plenty of electronic engines for race bikes, small race cars, hobby cars n such. Heck, I even built and programmed my own ECU (Mega-squirt) but now I have a '68 beetle with a flat four that has exactly 4 wires connected to it and I couldn't be happier. I intend to put the same powerplant in the Spyder. Computers ruined cars, (ruined combat aircraft too, just to keep it mildly on topic)
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