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  1. At first I was going to give this a hard pass because P-47 . . . . . . . but the custom voice work sold it. This is the product quality I want to encourage with my monies! Kudos to all involved. Purchased!
  2. Multiplayer last night (Aug 9th) commanding a Panzer 3. I had an IL-2 coming in flat and straight (He made it really easy) I hit him twice with HE shells from the main gun Impacting his starboard fuselage and port wing. It brought him down but just barely, he still piloted it down into a belly landing, both wings attached. Doesn't seem right. . . . .but it WAS fun
  3. I would be happy just to have knees implemented in game.
  4. Mmmmmm Tiffy Mmmmmm new map Mmmmmm lady birds Also, the improvements to Tank Crew interfaces and control settings are much appreciated. Thank you Devs!!!
  5. I-16 over Moscow has been my most enjoyable so far. Such a janky little bird. So much fun.
  6. Confuses the poop out of me too and I'd love to have it explained.
  7. Personally, I lengthened mine. My wife is very impressed.
  8. Are you talking about objects disappearing when you look away only to pop back in a split second after you look in their direction again? Or do they disappear for extended periods of time? I've experienced the first and it's annoying.
  9. Bah! Can't just be carried over to the next day
  10. Is it too late for Danziger to say it's too late?
  11. Kuban map used to slow down for me quite a bit with my Ryzen 1700x. This was especially true when flying near boats and ships with the final mission in Sea Dragons crawling down to 24fps when attacking the retreating German fleet. I upgraded to a 3800x and the issue was resolved.
  12. This week for sure. I can smell it......
  13. 2 x Dayton Audio puck transducers. One in seat pad, one on stick ($25-$30 each) - Initially, I built my own transducer from a used car 6" speaker. Worked great for years but I want two channels so bought the Dayton Audio units. Used car audio amplifier I had sitting in the garage - free Used 600W PC power supply I got from a local shop - free Modify the PC power supply to route the signal wire back so it turns on, then tie all of the 12V rails together and connect them to the Car audio amplifier (in-line fuse). System started as completely free to me but with the DA transducers I'm now up to$60 😄 The great part about using the car audio equipment is you can really, and I mean REALLY, shake the crap out the seat if you use a big enough donor sub-woofer speaker to build your transducer. I used a 6" speaker and when my office was upstairs It shook so much my entire house rang like a bell. The Mrs and I negotiated and now my office is on the ground floor which is, mercifully, concrete.
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