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  1. You're REALLY flogging that horse bro.
  2. These AAA trucks have me the most excited I've been for an update since the P-38. Can't wait
  3. Seriously....starting to get the shakes over here....
  4. I'm running maxed out settings, in VR with a 1080ti, 32gb pc3000 ram and a ryzen 3800x.... 60-90fps.... Not sure why OP can't up the quality settings with his impressive rig.
  5. OP specifically laid out their desire for an authentic, historical experience...and you suggest MP?....Really?
  6. I can't say enough about my I-16 career over Moscow. It's just such a blast to fly the little bird, in formation, open cockpit. It really makes me feel like I'm flying.
  7. ......if you care about multiplayer.......which most don't
  8. Not going to argue with that.
  9. <Checks calendar> .... guys, isn't it Monday?
  10. Yup it's completely modeled and affects pilot survivability.... You've likely just had bad luck.
  11. I would also love it if the trees would stop spinning when you fly by....not a deal breaker it's just a nice to have.
  12. The team is just coming out of holiday season. Perhaps that is the cause of their lack of response?
  13. There's........ There's a topic?
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