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  1. Site restored. Thanks to 72AG-Crusader. http://72ag-ded.ru:8080/en/
  2. How would you like to name the channels? It's takes only 5 min to create We have it, but removed because it's was not used
  3. At the moment no. Maybe in future. We trying, but have some troubles with our server commander. You need 5 points. Every target now brings to you only one. (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27405-72ag-ded-random-normal/ - server info)
  4. Fixed. But some sorties data is lost (due to experiment with bot's)
  5. mission changes: Returned 5 capture points needed to capture KP. Removed red train... Also removed red troops. So red side can hunt for trains, blue side can drop airborne troops. Supply trains reborns in 15-20 minutes (randomly) after being destroyed. Destroying of 5 trains gives +1 capture point to all enemy KPs.
  6. By supply flights you can earn only 1000 points. All above - only in combat flights.
  7. http://72ag-ded.xyz/en/info/ You need supply flight (any plane with "empty" payload). Supply – no points lost, 500 points gained for a fighter, 1000 for a bomber/attack plane, if successfully landed on a friendly active airfield. The distance covered in a supply flight between two friendly active airfields should be more than 5km.
  8. [21:06:00] KICK [310_Pepno] - squad takeoff restricted: available_credits 1189, credits 1189, price 1660 [21:17:27] KICK [310_Pepno] - squad takeoff restricted: available_credits 1189, credits 1189, price 1328
  9. It's a bug. Will be fixed ASAP. At the moment impossible. Still waiting for developers decision.
  10. It's really bug. But it's not so easy to fix....
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